Dangers in the Night
(taken from Strangers in the Night sung By FRANK SINATRA)

Dangers in the night
Jumping fences,
running through the night,
what were the chances,
we'd be sick with fright,
before our time was do.

Something in your cries,
was so damn frightening,
that thing up in the sky,
was sending lightning,
something in my mind,
told me I must save you...

Dangers in the night,
those damn ABH's.
Dangers in the night,
Oh, how I hate this-
I thought that moment when
 you saw that UFO,
you were gonna go-
screaming into the phone receiver,
"Damn you Mulder, now I'm a believer..."

And, ever since that night,
we had together,
you've been getting fat,
and I'm under the weather,
My cell phone bill was hiked
By Dangers in the Night...

(Boogey-boogey boo...scaredy Muldy...Byers is a chump...Skinners
baldy...yadda yadda yadda)

By SHAH-SuperHumanAlienHunter
from the 'SHIPPERS IN eXile' Board

Author: SHAH

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