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(for girls twelve and thirteen years of age)

Mission Statement:

A Beehive becomes a Young Woman of Truth as
she follows the promptings of the Holy Ghost,
seeks truth, and strives to live and share it.

A young woman seeks to know the truth through prayer.

Scripture References:

"And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."--Moroni 10:5

"If ye will enter in by the way, and recieve the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do."

--2 Nephi 32:5

Where does the name BEEHIVE come from?

The term Beehive came about because of the word "Deseret", which means honey bee.

Beehive Requirements for 1916

(Note: At this time, all young women were called Beehive Girls)

Requirements for advancement included such interesting choices as:

1. Play from memory five piano pieces of the difficulty of Bach two-part inventions or Chopin Waltz, Opus 69, #2.

2. Have a party with from 8 to 12 persons, with refreshments that cost no more than $1.00--and keep acounts.

3. Learn to float in the Great Salt Lake. Propel yourself 50 feet. Learn to get on your feet unassisted.

4. Without help or advice, care for and harness a team of horses at least five times. Drive 50 miles in one season.

5. Care successfully for a hive of bees for one season, and know their habits.

6. By pouring gasoline on standing water, control the mosquitos on one-acre of land all summer.

7. Build a tree house sufficiently large for two girls to sleep in.

8. Pack a horse successfully.

9. Pack 800 pounds of cherries or their equivalent in any six days.

10. Clear sagebrush, etc., off half-an-acre of land.

11. Identify twelve kinds of lace and tell the reasonable price and appropriate use of each.

12. Know the pieces, widths, and uses of six common cotton, four common linen, four common woolen, and four common silk materials.

13. Rear three trees that bear food which attracts birds in winter.

14. Bunch 1,800 bunches of vegetables in any six days, not necessarily consecutively.

--excerpts from Hand Book for the Bee-Hive Girls of the Y.L.M.I.A. (1916) by Martha A. Tingey, pages 36-46