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and this only the beginning....

I know that you are all wondering why I haven't 
done anything with this page for so long. The
 reason is that I think it is time to set this webpage
on the shelf, metophorically speaking, and create
a new endeavor. If you'll look, right after the guest-
book link is a link to "Groupie Page". That's kind of
my senior year's page, while this is in honor of my
junior year. So, if you simply can't get enough of
me, check out this other page and the fun will
continue. (Though the groupie page is not my own,
personal page, I put time into it.)  

Oh, and if you'll notice, there's a little devil icon
below this. When you see this on my site, it'll
take you back to this page. Just another helpful
service we offer to make your stay more 


The Main Attractions