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Katie's Creative Ways

These are some creative ways to ask someone to go to a dance, ask someone out on a date, or answer when someone asks you..


----Cover his/her room with circles of construction paper and Hershey kisses. Leave a note that says, "Now that I've SPOTTED you and KISSED the ground you walk on, will you go to the _______ with me?"

----Get a whole bunch of blue balloons and fill their room with them, then leave a huge poster that says, "will you go to the ________ with me? If you will, then pop a blue balloon and send it to me. If you won't, then pop a yellow balloon and send it to me." Make sure you don't leave any yellow ones for them.

----Make a formal-looking invitation (like a wedding invitation) on a computer and send it to them. Have inside a reply card for them to send back saying whether or not they can go. This has to be done a while in advance.

----Get a toilet plunger (unused) and fill it with almond joy candy bars, then have a note attached to it that says "I would OVERFLOW with JOY if you would go to the dance with me!"

----First you and your friends have a popcron popping party. Pop all the popcorn you can and take it to the person's house you want to ask. Dump all the popcorn on there porch or where ever you think would be a good place for it (not in there room, that would be mean). Then in the middle of all this have a popcorn ball, or a rose with your message on it.

----Put 200 gold fish in their tub and have some corny poem to it. Maybe put a tiny treasure chest in the bottom with the question or answer in it. (please find homes for these fish however!).. If this is sounding too hard or costly, buy some stuffed animal fish and hang them around the persons room. Preferably eels. "I'd be dEELighted if you went to the ______ with me!"

----Make a nose out of clay and say "nobody 'nose' how bad I want you to 'pick' me for prom". and then fill the nostrils with peanut butter or some other gross sticky substance and put your answer in one of the nostrils.

----Go to the salvage yard and buy an old beat up wheel. Then get a Yugo emblem, you come up with the rest. Wheel Yugo...(will you go...)

----Give the askee an untampered-with bag of flour with a note that says "Look in the flour." The next day, after he/she has searched the bag of flour with no luck, give him/her a rose (or other kind of flower) with a rolled up note in the middle: "Oops! Wrong flower! Will you go out with me anyway?"

----Open a box of Alphabits cereal carefully. Take out the letters of your message. Dye/paint each word of the message a different color. Put the letters back in the box. Reseal (and wrap if you wish) the box.

----Tie a message to a kite and fly it in his/her yard. When they come out to see what you're doing, silently hand them the string and run.

----Kidnap a personal item (like a teddy bear or basketball shoes) and leave a ransom note made from cut up newspapers & magazines saying: "Your [whatever] has been kidnapped. If you ever wish to see it again, go to [dance/date] with me or leave $2,500,000,000.00 in small bills [in a designated area]."

----If you have a cooperative teacher, ask them to do a class activity. Find out about your potential date and make a list of of questions. The teacher should have all the students stand up at the beginning of the game The questions should narrow out the askee: e.i. Sit down if you are a boy; remain standing if you were born in the summer; sit down if you have a dog; etc. When she's the only one standing, have the teacher give her your message.

----Serenade under his/her window. He/She'll melt!

----If it is snowy out, write you message in the snow, and sign your name to it. Call and have them look outside.

----Copy a ton of boring songs onto a tape and in the middle of it somewhere, ask them. Make sure they have to listen to a lot of music before they find your message.

----Get a raisin and put it into water until it fills out. Take it out of the water and cut a hole in it. Then put your message or whatever your doing inside and let it dry out again. Put it with a bunch of other raisins and make them find the message.

----Go to the store and buy a puzzle (not too big) and put it together and on the back you write the big question and take the puzzle apart then put it back in the box and take it to them to put together.

----Fill a bucket full of mud and put the question somewhere inside make them find it.

----To ask someone out buy three different colored balloons and write yes on the first, maybe on the second, and no on the third; or yes and no; or yes and yes if you must date them. Set them by the door with a note telling them you want to go on a date please send up the yes balloon, ding dong ditch and wait nearby where they can't see you and see what happens.

----Mission Impossible: Record the mission impossible theme song then say what their mission(date) will be . Put the tape and /or something to play it back on by the door or in the mailbox or something.

----you tie banana's to a tree and attach a note saying i'd go banana's if you would go to the dance with me.

----Get a friend in the Police to arrest the person you want to ask. Have the police person act like a real arrest complete with handcuffs until they tell them that they are charged with stealing your heart.

----Get a foreign language book(french, german, spanish, etc.)of a language the person you are asking doesn't know. Find words that you want to use to ask with in the other language and write them on a piece of paper. Then give the paper and a dictionary in the foreign language and then tell them that they have to look through the whole dictionary to find the message. :)

----Get a pumpkin. Laminate the message and put in the middle of the pumpkin guts. The person has to clean the pumpkin out and carve a smile for "yes" and a frown for "no".

----If you happen to have a lot of money, rent a billboard for a day and drive them past it. OR If you are short on money, get the local school to put your question on their marquee.

----Put it in a plastic easter egg and hide easter eggs all over their yard.

----If you have a BIG field or lawn, and a way to get them above it, mow it into the lawn.

----Stick plastic forks in their lawn in the shapes of letters instead of mowing the message.

----Make a scavenger hunt and have them end up where you are waiting with a nice candlelight dinner.

----Write your message on toilet paper and toilet paper their house.

----Leave a box of chocolates on their doorstep with a note:"Will you go to the prom with me? If yes, eat all of the chocolates and give me the box. If no, give me the chocolates and keep the box.

----Scavenger hunt

----Get a bag of skittles and on one side of the Skittles write a message like Will you go to the dance. On the other side put numbers so that when the numbers are in order the message is spelled. Put all the Skittles in a jar with note of how to arrange the Skittles. They then have to sort all the Skittles to find the ones with letters.

----Put the words of: Will you go to the prom with me? on seperate pieces of paper. Then put them into a bag of kitty litter and have them find the words!!!!

----If you have ever watched the game (kinda old) Classic Concentration, it is a game with a bunch of squares on top of a puzzle that spells out a phrase. Create one for yourself, and make up your own puzzle for what you want to say or ask!

----Get a bunch of balloons, and then type up what you want to ask on paper. Cut each word individually and place it in a balloon. Then the person who is getting asked has to put the sentence back together.


----Answer them by putting cute out paper hearts all over their house and tell them that their house had a heart attack. One of the hearts might have an answer on the back and the person would have to find it!

----Make popcorn balls and stick your answer in one of them. Hang all the popcorn balls on trees.

----Unwrap one tootsie roll and put your answer in it. Wrap it back up, and give the person a BIG BAG of tootsie rolls in their pillowcase or under their mattress.

----Shred 5 garbage bags full of newspaper. Take out one shredded piece of newspaper and write your answer on it. Go to their house and cover their bedroom with all the newspaper.

----Get a small cake pan and fill it with water. Laminate your answer, and when the water is partly frozen, put the answer in the middle. When it is frozen, frost it to look like a cake. They will try to eat it and will have to wait for it to melt. :)

Well, there are several variations to these, but you get the basic point.. Happy Hunting!

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