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Usman Shuja. Does one need say more? Is not the name self explanatory in defining true excellence of a being? The unchallenged supermacy of his personality in all fields is surely adequate proof satisfying any argument to the contrary. The calling can be sports, like cricket and baseball ; or be it academics, like mathematics and philosophy ; there is only one true personality with the required abundance of knowledge, intelligence and strength to excel in all. Females chase him , young boys look upto him with reverence and respect while teachers cringe with fear when his presence is realised, and terrefied to allude to his mistakes , afraid to incur his demon like wrath. God has carved in USMAN , the image of perfection. A human that can be called a paragon in society, a summit of characters that all males want to clasp and the wonder boy prodigy that girls are dying to meet. And why not?? With the physique of a Greek God , a face befitting any hollywood star, the intelligence of a sharpest mind and a quick wit of a polished personality it is his fate to be a hero.