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Khawaja Usman Shuja's Affiliations


Over the period of my life, I have developed affiliations to a lot of organizations, people, thoughts and events. I wanted to enumerate some that have had an impounding effect on me and my personality.

During my childhood, I restricted my interest to only sports. Cricket, Field Hockey, Baseball and Squash turned out to be the games that took the chunk of my childhood. At the same time, my parents made conscious effort to ensure my academic and extra curricular growth. I went to a Catholic school, St. Paul, and graduated in 1995. Time had clicked fast and before I realized I was taking my A-level exams from the University of Cambridge. I cherish my school moments, especially at Karachi Grammar School.

Anyways, life moved on. Cricket still remained the # 1 Passion for me and it still is. Sports as a whole have been an inspirational aspect in my life. Nothing in my life that i have accomplished has seen contribution from sports directly or indirectly.

At the University of Texas at Austin, I have had formed the most significant affilitions. In terms of people organizations and interests. My ideas about myself began to mature here. Looking back at my curriculum, I think I have exploited enough opportunities to look in to a mirror a better me -- spiritually, socially, mentally and also physically.

At UT, I pursued a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. although this is not the ideal field for me I managed to extract topics that interested me. Especailly my work at LASR with Mike Dahlin will hold a specail value to me. I am really proud to have a diversified curriculum and set of friends. To all the friends that I made here at UT and before I really acknowledge them and respect them. At college I tried to explore my qualities and things that I am best at. I discovered passions that I knew were there but never surfaced. Marketing, Psychology and Foreign Policy issues are of great interest to me. Being the V.P of the biggest honors society NSCS and modelling for UT holds an important meaning to me. Although I had a hard time in pursuing journalism I liked writing for the 'Daily Texan'.

This university has underlined the significance of research and diversity to me.

Apart from pursuing academic, I continued to look for corporate opportunities. I would have loved to work in a company that would give me a flavor of Marketing as well beef up my technical skills. I was bestowed with that opportunity at IBM Austin. Although, my previous experience as a Software Developer at AIS was not the best one it provided me with handy experience in the field.

Along with finding new options and friends, I continued to discover myself better, but I think I have a long way to go.