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I finally updated again. Just added a request Brickwall by Snuff

My Punk Amp skin.

(click on image to download)
I know it doesn't have anything to do with punk except the name. But at least I tried.
If you don't know what skins are go to Skins Info

Some new stuff that I got from other peole so they are higher quality than my stuff.
If you haven't heard of any of them definately check them out.
VQF add .vqf Chuck - Ribbons gotta love Fearless stuff
MP3 add .mp3 Blount - World of Seclusion More Fearless stuff(I heard they broke up) :( 128/44
MP3 add .mp3 Trigger Happy - In Hate kinda hardcore 112/44
MP3 add .mp3 Stoned - Run Away Best skaish song I ever heard 64/44
MP3 add .mp3 Venerea - Peace Very worth the download 64/44

NEW STUFF Snuff - BrickwallSomeone's Request
Pulley - One Shot If you haven't heard it you should get it
Satanic Surfers - Sail Away My favorite Satanic Surfers song(you can get 666 Motor Inn from the link)
Pulley - No Defense My second favorite Pulley song. Pulley is really good.
Millencolin - Pain kinda rare stuff by them from Use Your Nose

I highly recommend GETRIGHT. You can get it I think by searching
All are 48kpbs/22kHz.(add .mp3 to what you save it as)
Pulley Hold On One of the best songs ever, 60 Cycle Hum 1997
Avail Simple Song My Favorite Avail song, 4 A.M. Friday 1995(I think)
Pennywise Go Away My favorite Pennywise song, Full Circle 1997
Unwritten Law Coffin Text Pretty Good UL song, Unwritten Law 1998

MP3 of the Month: none.

Mail me if you are looking for something. I can probably find

Travis Haws 1998