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Message in a Bottle

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Parable of the Fig

The cure for skin cancer:

Legal note: Check with your pertinent laws, and verify a person is applicably licensed in your state and ask them for their interpretation of the information provided herein, in order to meet legal requirements, as the information herein is posted as a sermon and is not to be construed as something else; and the logic provided herein may be different than legal reasoning such as legal advocacy.

Reference Bible Book of Matthew 21.19, Book of Luke Chapter 13, and 2 Kings 20.7.

When Jesus Christ loves, he does it for the purpose of giving love and thus sharing love, when Jesus Christ seems to hate, he does it for the purpose of giving love and thus sharing love.

In Matthew 21.19 Jesus Christ spoke to a fig tree, and now we know a little more as to why.

Here is a cure for skin cancer. Here is a reminder to always glorify God.

You might get a 10% reduction of surface skin cancer per application.

Eating a few fig bars per meal also has some worthwhile results if you have cancer.

Praise the Lord!

Laetrile tests were studied to some incomplete extent by Dr. Bob Benchoff, and according to those limited studies and general inferences, Dr. Bob Benchoff believes Laetrile has far greater benefit than much popular belief has held, and that important beneficial correlations do exist; Dr. Bob Benchoff has no affiliation with Laetrile unless otherwise stated.

Sermon by Bob Benchoff, June 1, 2001 (Revised January 8, 2004). For various healing and/or prevention, Bob also recommends much water for purification (such as baptism), and has also noticed great value in using hot or cold to cure ailments.

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Suggested reading: Bible Book of Micah, Chapter 4.