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Email: Humphries

Here is what I have on the line.

Humphrey ap Hugh b about 1600-1610 (1592?) at Llwyn du. Llwyngwril township, Llangelynin Parish died about 1664/5. Married Elizabeth vch John ap Powel about 1625. Gentleman, also called Esquire. She was born 1600-10 and was the daughter of John ap Howel (John Powel) of Gadfa, Llanwddyn, Montgomeryshire and Sibill Gwyn daughter of Hugh Gwyn of Penarth, High Sheriff of Anglesey, female lineage via Powel back to Edward I, the Magnificent, c 920.

Hello everyone, Is there anyone who has researched John POWELL from the parish of Llanwddyn, Montgomeryshire Wales, late 1500's- early 1600's? He is reported to be the the maternal grandfather of John HUMPHRES and Benjamin HUMPHRES. Both of these brothers emigrated to the Welsh Tract of PA ca 1680's. Rolan ELLIS, an early settler of Philadelpia PA is reported to be the nephew of John HUMPHRES. There is also a Roland ELLIS Jr. who came to Philadelphia with his father.

To Powell/Humphries researcher.

Your quiery for Powell intrests me. I have been into the research area that includes the POWELLS since I do HUMPHRIES research. I have not researched POWELL but have information that might help if you have not "been there, done that", yet.

First:Please see my URL at Second: Have you looked at the following sources, by Thomas Allen Green? These books reflect the lineages brought by Rowland ELLIS to PA from Wales when he came. The POWELLS on page 202, one Evan Powell(other wise Evan Williams) of parish of Llanvachreth, Co. Merion, gentleman; William POWELL (otherwisw William ap Howell) of same place, gentleman, . Died at sea on voyage to PA 1684. (Ped ix. Wife Gwen)

Same page is listed David Powel, Deputy surveyor of the Province oa PA. Next entry: David POWEL, of par of Nantmell, co Radnor, rem to PA 1698. Wife Gwen_____. Had several children. You need to see these pages since they give the lineage back to ancient times.