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Removals From James City-To Northern Neck-to Irish Tract Colony

Many of our forefathers (founding fathers) who came with the first colonists (1608-1700) to James City, had descendants who removed to the area between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers. One of the first Colonies into the area was lead by THOMAS LEE. The following abstract from (insert) ...... gives us insite into the locations and activities of this colony. Strangely, these same people are also seen in the records of Old Chester Co., Pennsylvania. The Welsh Colony of Pennsylvania and the William Penn Colony of Pennsylvania settled from about 1680 to 1700 (give or take a few years individually). The Northern Neck Colonists were basically merchants with Richmond and James City Virginia being their main Ports. As new colonies were formed in Virginia & Pennsylvania, these interprising individuals moved on into Pennsylvania, adding another port to sail into. They then qualified for land in the Welsh Colony and/or the WM PENN colony, taking country estates and city lots in Philadelphia. The "Westward Movement" into Southwest Pensylvania and down the Irish tract was an extension of their activities as land investors and merchants.

About The Settlement of PENNSYLVANIA

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