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Abstracts from "Early Land Records Of Pennsylvania" by Egles


(Pedigree to Welsh Quakers of Montgomeryshire (above)

Wm Penn Land Warrants, Grants and Resurveys for "Welsh Settlers" & "Penn Quakers".

Ref: Book "C" , page 31

At a meeting of the Commissioners in the Council Room at Philada ye 25th of ye 8 Mo., 1687. Present: William Markham, Thomas Ellis, John Goodson. According to Notice given ye last sitting of ye Commissioners there appeared of ye Inhabitants of ye Caves on the Bank (of the Delaware River):

John Otter. Thos. Prichard, Benj 'n Chambers, Edward Morgan, Hen. Furnish. Alse Guest.

Anth. Weston. Morris Morgan, Nath. Allen. Heny Hughes, Hugh Marsh. Tho. Roberts.

Samuel Hersent appeared in the behalf of John Swift and Jere Elfrith.

John Otter, Benj. Chambers, Nathaniel Allen and Alse Guest (Gist?), their Caves were esteemed to be worth the Building, thirty pounds, and the Commissioners treated with them accordingly .

Ref: Book "E" , page 92

At a Meeting of the Commlssrs the 12th of 9ber, 1692. Present, Capt. Win. Markham, Robt Turner, John Goodson.

James Moore having purchased 100 acres of land for 5~ did this day satisfy the Commissrs for the said 5~ in manner fob lowing, Vizt: 2~ 19s 8d being due to him for work done to the Proprietors Mill and 2~ is 6d paid in cash unto Capt. Win. Markham in part of the Ballance of Oliver Dunkly's account.

Examined, Compared and Corrected p.


Ref: Book "F" , page 184

Robert SHELTON Consents. [seal]

Alice SHELTON, A her Mark; Consents. [seal]

Received this twenty-first Day of November, 1698, from the within Phillip Richards the within written s~m of Two Hundred forty-seven pounds, Consideration Money, within exprest by us , Richard Basnet, Eliza. Basnet. Witnesses, John Stout, Wm. Salway. John Test. Sealed and Delivered by Richard Basnet and Robert Skelton in presence of us, John Stout, Win. Salway, John Test. Sealed and delivered by Elizabeth Basnet in Presence of us, James Marshall, Cha. Reade, John Stout. Sealed and delivered by Alice Skelton in Presence of us, John Stout, Moses Lipet Acknowledged in open Court held at Philada the 4th day of Xber, 1898, as witness my Hand.

John CLAYPOOLE, Clerk.

Recorded 10th Xber, 1898. ~, ~

Examined and Corrected p. Jon Hughes. Clerk

Signed a Wart for 25 Acres Lib. Land to Jno. Ball, Ordd 7th Ult.

Signed a Wart to Nehem. Allen for 300 As, Ordered 12th Utl

Signed a War't of resurvey to Jno. Kinsey on 300 As, Ordd 12th Utl.

Signed a War't of resurvey to Wm. Cloud on 500 A's ord'd today

Signed a Wart to Abrah. Beaks, &c., for the tract of 500 As, Ordd today.

[n pursuance of an Order of ye 22d of 10br. Last, pa. 36, made for the Regulation and Settlem t of the Welch Tract, the following Warrts of Resurvey were this day Signed:

To Lewis David a Resurvey on 190 Acres, in Duffeirn Mawr, in Right of his Own Purchase.

To Griffith Owen 156 j in right of John Thomas, &c. and 145 in right of John ap John and Richd Davies.

To David Hugh 220 acres in Haverfd in right of L. David. To David Rees 260 Acres in Haverfd in right of L. David.

To Nathan Thomas 81 acres in Haverfd and 100 Acres in the upper end of the tract, both in right of Lewis David.

The Propry, by Deeds of Lease and Release, dated ...

Granted to William Sharlow 2,500 acres, in part of which by a Warrant dated 2d 5th Moth, 1688, there was Surveyed to him 30th 7 mo., 1684, 500 acres within the bounds of the Welch Tract. William Sharlow, by the name of W. S., of London, Mercht, by an Instrumt 30th 7br., 1691, appointed John Blunston his attorney to dispose of the said Land, who by a Deed dated 5th 10 mo., 1692, surveyed d 150 as, part of the 500 tp Thomas Potts, who by a Deed dated 2d 2 mo., 1 5, c conveyed the 150 acres to David Hugh, who sold it to Robert Jones, of Meirion, Labourer, who again sold it Robert Jones, of Meirion, Yeoman, and the Said David Hughs not having Conveyd it before and the said Robert Jones, Labourer, by a Joynt Deed dated 20th 4 mo., conveyed the said 150 as with all appurtenances to the said Robert Jones, Yeoman, who being Now in Possession thereof craves a Resurvey in Order to a Patent.

Ref: Book "G" , page 212

Granted as Requested.

Peter Yocom having obtained of the Proprietary (as in pa. 84,) 500 As of Land which were laid out on pt of Laetitia Dunns Manor by a Deed poll duly executed, bearing date 23d August, 1697, conveyd 250 Acres thereof to John Hew who requests a Warrant of Resurvey in Order to a Patent.

Ref: Book "G" , page 294

The Propry having, by his Warrt dated 22d 9br. 1683, Granted to Roger Hughs, Purchaser of 250 Acres, David Meredith of 100 As, John Lloyd of 100 Acres, Rd Cook of 100 As, each of them a Lott in the City proportionable to their Several Purchases, which were in pursuance of the said Warrant laid out in Chestnut Street; David Meredith, in behalf of himself and the others, Requests a Resurvey in Order to a Patent. Ordered a Warrt and Patent.

Signed a Warrant to Jere. ColIet for 375 Acres, Ordd Yesterday.

Signed a Warrant to George Maris (Marrs?) for a Resurvey in Springfield, Ordered Yesterday.

Signed a Warrant to Tho. Withers for 500 As in right of Ja. Wallace, Ord d Yesterday.

Signed a Warrant of Resurvey to Mordecai Maddock Ordered Yesterday.

Ref: Book "G" , page 302

At a Session of the Commissioner at Philadelphia the 4th of the 3rd Month.

Present, Edward Shippen, Griffith Owen, Thomas Story, James Logan.

The Propry, by Lease and Release, dated 21st and 22 10br., 1681, Granted 500 acres to John Hughs, in wright whereof and by Virtue of a Warrant from (Captn Markham, &c., dated 17th 6 mo., 1682, there was laid out to the said John Hughs 95 acres in Oxford Township, which was confirmed by Patt from the Propry, dated 18th 5 mo., 1684, to said Hughs, his Heirs and assigns for ever. The said Hughes, by Lease and Release,

Ref: Book "G" , page 314

John ap Hugh having for some years past (about 4, 'tis said) been Settled on the Manor of Springfield, in which 'tis affirmed, by some Evidence, he had encouragement to proceed in his Improvemts from the Propry, requests to know on what terms he shall hold it and a Confirmation. Agreed and Ordered that one hundred acres be granted to the said John in the place where he is now Settled in Consideration of forty pounds, to be paid by him with Interest to the time of Paymt, and a Warrant thereon.

Ref: Book "G" , page ???

Wm. John and Tho. Evan, by Several deeds dated 5, 4 mo., 1699, Granted to:

or DAVID PUGH 220 Acres now found to Cont. 281 Over-plus.

Acres. Overplus.

Evan Hugh 100, 110,

John Hugh, 500, 648, 98, 19.12

John Humphrey, 450, 561, 66, 13.4

Robert ap Evan 5,005; 1,034; 484, 96, 16

Edward Faulk 400, 712, 272, 54, 08

Robert Jones

Robert Evan

Evan ap Hugh,*

Dad Pugh,*

Edwd Pugh,*

Cadwalldr ap Evan ,

Owen ap Evan

Robt ap HUGH

Wm. John

Tho. Evan

Willm John

Evan Robt

Hugh Griffith insert

*Brothers; ye 2 Lattr dead; Evan holds all and is found.

tAlld 9 As for Ellis Dad.

Recorded In anothr place.

Ref: Book "G" , page ???

Bound. Oblig. Condition (a list of figures not abstracted after the names below)

Wm. John, Robt John. Edwd Faulk,

Bobt John, Win. John, Edwd Faulk,

Edwd Faulk, Robt John, Wm. John,

Tho. Evan, Cadw. ap Evan, Robt ap Hugh

Cadw. ap Evan, Tho. Evan, Robt ap Hugh

Robt ap Hugh, 0. E., T. E

Owen ap Evan, Robert Evan

Robert Evan, Owen ap Evan

Robt Evan, Evan ap Hugh

Evan ap Hugh, Robert Evan

John Humphrey, John Hugh

John Hugh, Jno Humphrey

Hugh Griffith & Son

Robt John

Owen ap Evan

Wm. John,*

Tho. Evan*

Robt Evan

Jno. Hugh

Edwd Faulk

Evan Pugh


Ref: Book "G" , page ???

At a Session of the Commissioners at Philadelphia 10th 5 mo., 1702 . Present, Edward Shippen. Griffith Owen, James Logan, sec' ry.

John Burradale produces a Return of 500 as Resurveyd by Vertue of the Govrs Warrant, dated 25th 1 mo., 1701, on Brandywine, for which he craves a Patent. Granted. Edward Griffith , servgant to Hugh Roberts; Kath. Griffith, formerly wife, to H. Roberts; Jno. Hugh to Rees, Jno., Wm., Hughs, Samuel to Tho. Ellis; Mary Hughs to Jno. ap Edwd, Jno. Roberts and William Roberts to Robert David; Wm. David to John Bevan, Eliz. Owen to Widow Thomas Tho. David and Ann Davis to, James Pugh to Steven Bevan, Thos. Rees to Evan Thomas, Susannah Griffith to Jno. Richards, Alexder Edwds to Griffith Owen, all Coming into this Province in 1683 or soon after by a deed dated 8, 6 mo., Instant, sold all their to John Roberts who requests Warrants, the said Rights being 750 acres, 3 Warrants. -

Ref: Book "G" , page ???

The Propry, by Warrant, dated 22, 9br., '83, granted to Hugh Roberts, David Meridith, Richd Cook and John Lloyd, and to each a Lott proportionable to their purchase under Rd Davies, which being Surveyd between 4th and 5th in Chesn., the present Commrs, by Warrt dated 28th 2d mo. last, granted a Resurvey upon the said Lotts together with one other to David Price, Purchaser also Under Rd Davies by his Brother .James . Roger Hughes. as recited in following Deed, Granted his Lott to David Meredith; Rd Cook and John Lloyd, theirs to Da. Meredith and Stephen Evans, who, by a Deed dated 20, 9 mo., 1702, Granted all the aforesaid 4 Lotts to David Lloyd. Rent of Each 12d, Sterl.

Ref: Book "G" , page ???

The Prop'rs, by L., and Rel. dated 22 and 23 March, 1681, granted to Robt Turner 5,000 acres of Land at the yearly Rent of 1sp. 100, and Indr. dated 15 August, '82, Released to the said R. T. 45s of the said Rent to the end that 5 shillings only should be paid for the whole 5,000 as, and by like Indentures dated 3 and 4 July, '82, granted to John Gee, of Kings C., in Ireland, Tanner, 2,500 as at is p. 100. his Heirs and assigns, and Jno. Gee by like Indres, dat. 8 and 9 Septr, 1685, granted the said 2,500 as to the sd Robt Turner, and by like Indres, dated 8 and 4 July, '82, the Propry granted to Jos. Fuller, of Kings Cty, in Ireland, his Heirs, &c., 1,250 as at is p. 100, and the said Jos. Fuller by like Indres, dated 29 and 30 7br., '85, granted the sd 1,250 as to Robert Turner, and by like Indres dated 3 and 4 July, '81, the Propry granted to Jacob Fuller, of the said County, his Heirs, &c., 1,250 as, who by like Indres, dated 8 and 9 Mar., 1685, Granted to Robt Turner, his Heirs, &c.. who became Interested by the said Several Deeds in 10,000 as, part whereof was granted to the sd Robert Turner by 4 Several Warrts from the Propry, 1st dated 17, 5 mo., '83, for 1,000s, the 2d 14, l2mo., '83, for 5,600 as, the 3d 16, 3mo., '84, for 720 as, the 4th 16, 3 mo., '84, for 500 as, in all 7,820 as, all which was Laid out in one Tract in Philadelphia County.

Robert 'Turner being so Seized of the said 7,820 acres of Land aforesd, by Deed Poll dated 10, 1 mo., '98-9, granted the same to Wm. John and Thomas Evan, both of the County of Philadelphia, Yeomen, to hold to them, their Heirs and assigns for Ever under the yearly Quittrent accruing.

Ref: Book "G" , page ???

20th, 8 mo., 1701.

James Logan: These are to require thee to draw up a Warrant for two hundred Acres of Land for George Brown, of the County of Bucks, as a Purchaser and prepare a Patent for me to Execute if possible before I goe, else to be done by the Commrs when gone. Also lett Edmund Lovett his Patt including his Overplus having Satisfied me for the same. Requests a Patent and the Warrt for Brown. Both granted. Daniel Williamson and Evan Lewis, Exors of Tho. Norburys Estate, have, by Deed to be drawn, dated this Instant. Convevd to Ellis Hughes the said Tho's whole Tract found on resurvey to contain 200 Acres of which there is 190 Acres due to the said Tho., the other 10 cutt off on the Creek.

Whereas the Land agreed to be given to J. Grubb between his Laud and Is. and Dads Run is found to be part of the Land purchased of Wm. Stocdale, wch we have not power to grant.

Ordered that the sd agreemt be Void.

Ordered that the grant of Prud. West, page 93, be declared Void, she not having Complyed with the agreement and is since deceased.

Agreed with John Lea for 10 for his Overplus, viz: 30 Acres above the 100 granted to him in Concord.

Joel Baily applying for 200 As at the Back of Peter Dix, South of Brandywine. Ordered that it be not Sold til Is, Few

Ref: Book "G" , page 468

The Propry, by his Warrant, dat.. 4, 6 mo.1 1684, Granted To Peter 'Yocom 500 acres Of Land at d pr Acre, whom Thoms Holme, Survd Genl, Ordered to be laid out On the Wt side Skuylkill above all the Welch Townships, not Interfereing With the 12 miles square belonging to Ralph Fretwell, and Accordingly was Suvd by Davd Powell, but fell within Part of that Tract appropriated To Laetitia Penn in right of her Original Purchase of 5,000 as, which tract including divers Other Lesser Quantities before Suvd to Other Persons. The Propry Ordered that the sd Lesser Quantities should be Confirmed to these persons, and accordingly Samuel Carpenter and Jams Logan, Attorneys for the Trustees of Wm. Aubry, Are to Confirm the said Land, 250 as thereof to Jno. Hughs, To whom Peter Yocom (SEE William Clayton Liberty Grants), in his lifetime, Sold the Same, and the Other 250 as to the said Peters Children to whom, by will, he left the Same.

Ref: Book "G" , page 648

The following Warrants were signed at Sundry Times as they were laid before the Commissioners.

To William Hews for 400 acres near Conestogo, at 10 p. C't dated ye .... day of All in Sussex county. At Penny Sterling p acre. All below dated ye 11th of 1st mo 1717-18

To John Morris for 200 acres dated ye 18th of the 1st mo.. 1717-18.

To William AREY for 200 acre

To Robert Davis for 200 acres

To William Dyre for 200 acres,

To Timothy Donovan for 200 acres,

To John Smith for 200 acres,

To Abrin Parsly for 200 acres

Warrants signed to:

Abrm Brooks for 120 acres.

Nichs Nickson for 200 acres

John Townsend for 200 acres.

John Townsend, Junr, for 200 acres.

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