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Hope Island Ferry

Welcome to a small village on an isolated island near Seattle, home to a unique group of people. It's a place where a mother and daughter run a store together but haven't spoken in seventeen years, the tavern dart board is positioned so patrons at the bar have to duck, and the local "tycoon" schemes ways to build new and better tourist traps. Enter Daniel Cooper, a young minister who faces the challenge of rebuilding a dilapidated church, adjusting to a new way of life, and winning the locals' trust. And the course of twenty-two episodes, Daniel reaches the point where he can't keep a certain redhead out of his mind.

This is a fan page for Hope Island, a family drama presented by PAX-TV. All episode reruns on PAX ended in April of 2000. This site is not intended to infringe on the rights of PAX-TV or the cast, crew, or producers associated with Lions Gate Television.

PAX-TV opted to not renew Hope Island for a second season. You can find more information on the show at the links at the bottom of the page.

Group chats for Hope Island are linked through this site. The chatroom is also used for Little Men chats, to be held on a weekly basis on Friday evenings, 9:00 pm Eastern time.

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