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"My Family Tree"

Trees have many meanings

to folks both near and far.

From raking colored leaves each fall

to swinging high to reach a star.

Trees mean a comforting rustle

when a slight breeze blows through,

To making you hid your head

as it bangs against the roof.

As you sit beneath its out stretched branches

and secretly carve your initials there,

You show the whole world that you have a love

and that you really care.

Family trees mean tracing genealogy from you

to 'way back when life started,

And giving an eternal opportunity to those

who have already parted.

My family tree has many memories

of funny and sad life's events;

But I choose to remember my hugs

and the beautiful tender moments.

From my children, all grown to adults now;

to my grandchildren numbering eleven,

That someday (I pray so fervently)

that we'll all be together in heaven.

I treasure so dear my sweetie,

who is the trunk of my Family Tree;

Even tho' we waited so very long

for him to be a part of you and me.

So when I look out my window

and gaze at my tall green tree,

I think of all these things,

but especially of you with me.

Patty Bancroft Roberts

All photos, backgrounds , are COPYRIGHTED, and owned by: Patty Bancroft Roberts @1999....... Not to be used, linked, or sold without permission.

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