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Puffs of sooty looking

cotton loom overhead in angry swirls.

Swirls that soon will bring

much needed moisture to man and land.

A fan of sunrays

peek their way through

to show that this darkness

is but temporary.

Soon the rain

will cleanse this earth

making a strange smell of newness

as it washes away the dust.

Spider webs will look

as if the heavens

have sprinkled tiny diamonds

on the fragile design.

Plants and trees will stand taller

as the moisture surges

from their roots to the

tiny veins of nourishment.

Watch the droplets fall and splash

into the streams and lakes,

making ripples of


Somewhere, a rainbow

gives hope and knowledge

of a promise once long ago made.

We are renewed,

a continuance of life.

Patty Bancroft Roberts


All photos, backgrounds, poems are COPYRIGHTED, and owned by: Patty Bancroft Roberts @1999....... Not to be used, linked, or sold without permission.