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I'd have to admit that on this movie, perhaps I did go a bit overboard. I think it was perfectly reasonable to see this movie 14 times in the theatre. My friends disagreed. So eventually I began taking siblings, my mother, and finally, in desperation I took to going by myself. The slightly over-the-top part might come when I bought the video, the soundtrack, the score, the movie poster, and watched it 4 days in a row. But I say, at least it has more merit than a certain phenomenally popular movie of this year, not to name any names (Titanic).
And besides, this was the movie that started my deep admiration for Val Kilmer. He is not only extremely attractive, but he's also a very talented actor. I really think that he is one of today's great overlooked actors. He can play a huge variety of characters (as evidenced by this movie) and he is very believable in all his roles. But I'm starting again on my Switch the Star game. If you've already read it, you probably don't want to hear it again. If you haven't, think of the joys awaiting you!

Anyway. Here are some of my favorite pics from the Saint. Enjoy!

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Val Kilmer

The Flying Porqupine