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In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful.

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days left for my 17th birthday!

I know that the ad-popup which opens when this site loads is very irritating, but unfortunately I cannot do anything about it. The best thing to do is to minimise it and forget about it until you have finished browsing through my site. Also, I have no control over what the ad-popup is advertising!

  • Name:- Faizan Ahmad

  • Where I'm From:- Karachi, Pakistan (Never heard of it? Buy a map! :P)

  • What this site's supposed to be about:-I have no idea!

  • Content of this site:- Anything I find of interest is dumped here.

  • How I differ from the pic on the left:- Hmm... my mouth is visible, you can see both my pupils, my hair is dark brown, I have only one chin, I don't have any wrinkles, and I look considerably younger.

  • Instructions:- Sign the guestbook, and have a good time.


I no longer update this site, but for reasons unknown, the "Time of Last Update" date at the bottom of this page always shows the present date. The date right now is 12th Jan 2002, most of this site was made in the year 2000.

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Note: This favourite sayings thing (just above here) will change every time you reload the page. You can add your own quote or saying by clicking on the link 'One of my Favourite Sayings'. It isn't very obvious so I thought that I'd let you know.
Pakistan RuLz Th3 W0rLd!
I am proud to be a Pakistani!!

Come to this site, type in some words on the page and hear a computer generated voice say them back to you! WOW!

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A monkey having a bad hair day!!

When waxing goes wrong...

How Things Work - Have you ever wanted to know how chocolate is made, how toilets work, how silencers work, what mp3s are, and the answers to other important questions? - A web site full of cool images to keep you amazed and entertained. Try the flight simulator, watch virtual fireworks, see the birth of a galaxy, play with fractals, and more.
Application for the Post of Pakistani PM - This won't make complete sense to you unless you are a Pakistani.
Amazing Facts - An incredible archive of surprising, amazing and stunning facts.

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Andrew realized he was a complete nobody. Even automatic doors refused to recognize him as a human being!
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