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Humax has recently developed a new main force model F1-VACI which has incorporated the existing models F1-VA and F1-CI by adopting the key function from the two existing models.

The F1-VACI is the first model launched in 1999.
This new model has all the advantages of the 1998 models:
        * F1-VA with Viaccess Embedded
        * F1-CI Common Interface
This product is the first of it's kind in the world to be developed in this way.
The user will have a variety of choice, due to the 2 CI CAM slot and 1 Viaccess Smart Card slot.

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The priority CA(Viaccess) is embedded to avoid having to cope with the high costs of buying new PCMCIA Module,with the F1-VACI, on can watch the scrambled broadcasting of pay-TV operators such as ABSAT,TPS,SRG and NTV using the embedded Viaccess CAS without needing an extra Viaccess PCMCIA CAM only with Smart Card.

Of course, the CI slot support the various kind of conditional access module such as Conax,Cryptoworks,Nagravision and Irdeto(Coming soon). The user can enjoy all this with only one product - The F1-VACI. additionally,the receiver can cope with different kinds of CA technology, as long as CI modules are available. This product is a future proof receiver, which allows the maximum degree of freedom to operators and end-users,providing the opportunity to adapt new-concepts for developing the economic digital set-top-box.