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My Tennessee Memories

My Momma use to grow these flowers in our front yard,
she called them "Last Rows of Summer",
and they always bloomed in the last weeks of September.
I never see them without thinking of her.
Just one of my Tennessee Memories!

Welcome to my homepage!
My Tennessee Memories is a page in honor of my parents,
and my family who are the people who helped form all my wonderful Tennessee memories!

I was born August 20, 1956
in a little eastern Tennessee town called Oliver Spring.
My parents raised me and 13 other children on a little farm in Coalfield, Tennessee.
We never had a lot of money growing up ,
but they always made sure we had all we needed by way of materials things.
And they always provided each of us a large amount of love.

My parents James Oliver Gouge Sr. and Rena Liles Gouge with me when I was one year old,
little girl in the back ground is Penny Marsh,my cousin and best friend.


Sometimes I close my eyes and drift back to my childhood days,
And call to mind those old sweet times
then wander through the haze.
Back to a place of carefree life in happy yesteryear,
but as sweet memories flood my mind they sometimes bring a tear.
For in that world of memories, lost loved ones linger still,
their watching, waiting my return to the house upon the hill.
And as I walk the homeward path I feel a gentle breeze,
I smell the fragrant honeysuckle floating from the trees.
I know all things will not have changed as I walk through the door,
for in that world of childhood past all things stay as before.
I'll run the fields and play the games I played in days of yore,
But in my heart I know it's a dream
and I can't go home anymore!

My three sons ( left to right ) Daniel Oliver, Joshua Grover and Eddie Lee Daugherty.


Tiny footprints from on high walked from my life today,
In Gods wisdom, with his reasons the footprints walked away.
Leaving with me tears of sorrow and a lose inside,
Placed a scare upon my memory time can never hide.
Tiny wings now glide through heaven ore those little feet,
And one day I know Ill see them, and my child Ill greet.
How I wish I knew the reason why this had to be,
Yet I know that Jesus loves me and he cares for me.

In Memory of Baby Daugherty Jan.29,2000


Slow down old sifting hands of time, return my peaceful heart.
I see my life now rushing past, stand still, do not depart.
Where are my little sleeping babes, I once held to my breast?
The young lads laughing happily, with toys strewn round the chest.
Pray tell me who this woman is, that in my mirror I see?
How can it be this aging face, does now belong to me?
Turn back old fateful hands of time, to happy yesterday,
Once more, dear Lord if I could see my little boys at play!

In Loving Memory of my "Best Friend"

April 15, 1906 - April 5, 2000

[1Chr 22:12.6] Only the LORD give thee wisdom and understanding.


A very wise man gave me these words of wisdom,I thought I would share them with you. THE MOST INTELLIGENT MAN IS YET BUT A FOOL IF HE LACKS THE WISDOM TO EXAMINE HIS INNER SELF.
Jacob Neufeld age 93
I ask Jacob one day, " Why do you think God has let you live 93 long years?" He smiled and answered, I guess he must have forgotten me!"

"God never forgot you Jacob , and if I live to be 100 I never will forget you either!"


The snow flakes of winter,bright flowers of spring,
Glad songs in the forest that lovely birds sing.
The warm sun of summer, the colors of fall,
The beauty of mountains a joy to us all.
The waves of the ocean or calm of the sea,
All blessings of nature that God made for me.

The Little Stray

In a southern town on a dark back street she was born one summer day,
But her Mothers love she would never know for they gave the child away.
She was placed with kin, and they raised her well, but she never understood,
Just what she had done to be thrown away and it made her feel " no good".
Soon the years had flown and the girl was grown with a family of her own.
Now the love she yearned for all those years could be found within her home.
For the Lord had blessed her with three sons and a husband kind and strong,
Yet she never could forget the years she had felt so all alone.
So she spends her life as a Mom, and wife trying hard to guarantee,
That no one she loves ever feels her pain , and that little child was me.


Made in the fall of 1999.

My husband Eddie Dean Daugherty on top of Petros Mountain, Tennessee , a few miles from where he was born and raised.



If I could make a life for you I'd give you sunny days,
With happy moments strewn through out to cheer you on your way.
I'd give you wealth, enough to have the things you need in life,
I'd add respect, good health, good friends,a mind that's free from strife.
I'd give you wisdom,that you would know and love your God above,
And many long sweet happy years,and each one filled with love.
But these tasks must be done,dear ones by you and you alone,
For God has given us each the choice,
Which paths we travel on.

My husband Eddie Dean Daugherty and our grandsons, Robert Lee, age 6 years and Jonathan Dean, age 10 months.

He had a full and gainful life,
Not much he had not done.
His life was filled with wealth and fame,
But he never knew the son.
He traveled the world and saw it all with notoriety,
Revered by all who knew him, yet so blind he could not see.
He gained the world , but lost his soul,
what did his riches gain?
For to cast aside the son of God,
Is a life time lived in vain.

In sad memory of "Waldo".

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

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