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Name: Peter Murley


Age: 44

Car Number: Vic 99

Chassis Make: Stevens

Occupation: Spray Painter

First Speedway Race: Redline Speedway 1987

First Speedway Car: A Modified

Biggest Accident: Being wiped out at Hamilton

Biggest Win: Winning B Main from rear at Hamilton

Most Respected Competitor: Max Carlin

Likes about Speedway: Good Competition

Dislikes about Speedway: Cheats and Knowalls

Advice to Newcomers: Do your homework because you can't win from the infield

Your Goals in Racing: Be successful in A.M.C.A

Achievements thus far: Winning heats at Bacchus Marsh in AMCA

Current Pitcrew: Col Stevens, Tony Rogers, Damian Murley, Justin Murley

Current Sponsors: Murley's Paint & Panels Dog Racing Engines