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Name; Mark McLean
Lives; Portland, Victoria
Age; 42
Car No; Vic 7
Chassis; Enforcer
Occupation; Police Officer
First Speedway race; Warrnambool (Premier) 1976
First Speedway car; EH Holden standard saloon
Biggest Accident; Knocked unconscious Melbourne Speedbowl 1978
Biggest win; Heat win 2001 SA title
Most respected competitor; Mark Weaver
Likes about speedway; Down to earth people, AMCA nationals class
Dislikes about speedway; dirty drivers, cheats, drivers who always blame everyone else for their misfortune
Advice to newcomers; Don't give up for 22 years like me
Your goals in racing; To be regarded as a hard but fair adversary
Achievements thus far; Heat win 2001 SA Title, 2nd Highest pointscorer 2001 SA Title, 1978 4 X 1 lap dash pointscore Melbourne Speedbowl.
Current Pitcrew; Wife Lorraine, Kristie, Andrew, Luke, Shonny, Doug and Dad Current Sponsors; AutoPro Racing, Action Auto Parts, Portland Auto wreckers, Betta Electrical. Barnes Furniture, South West Hire, Portland Brake & Clutch, IPTA Fibreglass, Portland Radiator Service