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Dave Donaldson

Name: Dave Donaldson

Lives: Wonthaggi Vic

Age: 40

Car Number: Vic 2

Chassis Make: Enforcer

Occupation: Motor Wrecker

First Speedway race: Parramatta Speedway

First Speedway Car: Fender Bender

Biggest Accident: Roll-over Parramatta

Biggest Win: Street Stock N.S.W

Most Respected Competitor: Les Feltham

Likes About Speedway: Good clean racing

Dislikes About Speedway: Stewards who think they are god

Advice to Newcomers: Go out and have fun

Your Goals in Racing: To race sprintcars

Achievements thus far: 3rd Modified Productions Pointscore

Current Pitcrew: Jim Crompton, Debbie Donaldson

Current Sponsors: Wonthaggi Wreckers, Steve's Auot Elecs, Wonthaggi Tyre Mart, Arundel St Radiators, Top Gun Garages