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Name: Jim Knight

LivesByron Bay N.S.W

Age: 43

Car Number: N.S.W 1/7

Chassis Make: SSS ( Shirley Street Special)

Occupation: Panel Beater

First Speedway Race: Yandina QLD 1987 (borrowed my little brothers EH)

First Speedway Car: TC Cortina

Biggest Accident: Can't remember any big ones (might have something to do with that bump on my head)

Biggest Win: Aus 1 Newcastle 1999

Most Respected Competitor: Many

Likes about Speedway: The competition, racing and winning in cars i built myself. Meeting new people, travelling, beating Queenslanders

Dislikes about Speedway: Wingers that cry over trivial matters, if you can't hack the pace, go play lawn bowls

Advice to Newcomers: Have fun! Race hard but fair

Your Goals in Racing: Still be racing in 2o years

Achievements thus far: N.S.W 1, VIC 2, QLD 3, AUS 1 in same season

Current Pitcrew: My dog called Bob, the occasional overseas visitor

Current Sponsors: Lismore CV Joint, Everingham Engines, AGIP Oil, Billinundel Exhaust