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24th November2001 (Saturday)
Super Sedans - A Modified Sedans (series 2)- Standard Saloons - Junior Sedans

1st January 2002 (Tuesday)
Super Sedans - Hotrods - Standard Seadans - Junior Sedans

26th January 2002(Saturday)
AMCA'S - Street Stock (series rd 5) - Compact Speedcars - Junior Sedans

23rd February 2002 (Saturday)
Super Sedans - A Modified Sedans - G.P. Midgets - Junior Sedans

9th March 2002(Saturday)
Super Rod Hot Rod Challenge - Street Stock (series rd 7) - Compact Speedcars - Junior Sedans

30th March 2002(Saturday)
Super Sedans - Hotrods - Standard Sedans

1st April 2002(Monday)
Supers Sedans - Standard Sedans - Speedcars - Junior Sedans

20th April 2002(Saturday)
Mini Sprintcars - AMCA'S - 3 Litres Sedans

11th May 2002(Saturday)
Crash & Bash - Demolition Derby

Some Divisions are yet to be decided. Updates will be available when recieved.