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Rebirth of Vic 31

Special thanks goes to Ron Donaldson from Garage Solutions Bendigo for the use of his workshop, equipment and time and Mark Weaver for the change from right to left.

This is how we started right hand drive and blue paint scheme. Over the next few weeks we will follow the change to left hand drive and the color of the car so please take a look as i will update this page as we go. The car has been stripped of all exterior panels and is a bare chassis. Motor is out . A series of cutting and replacing bars to change the driver side from right to left took many pain staking hours but the rebirth of Vic 31 is now heading in the right direction with her going back together. Hopefully her debut on the track is going to be at Wangaratta on January 11th 2003

After being stripped sandblasting the chassis was done by Central Vic Sandblasting undercoat black went on.

After drying for a few days 2 pak black goes on