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Medical Transcriptionist Links - Linny's Mountain Home Page.
Medical Transcriptionist Links


Getting Started in the field of Medical Transcription/Training

Medical Transcription FAQ. Frequently asked questions regarding medical transcription. Great resource link for starting out.

Starting Home MT. An article by Cynthia Lewis on getting started in home medical transcription. Recommended reading for anyone considering a career in medical transcription.

Questions for Researching Schools. These are important questions to ask when researching prospective MT schools.

Samples. Samples of transcribed medical documents.

Home MT. Medical Transcription information on training, books, etc. Fantastic start-up guide for the home-based medical transcription business!

Vanka's Medical Links For MTs. Links for every kind of medical speciality and more. A great resource for all MTs.

Quail Haven Medical Transcription Links. More links for the MT professional. Also recommended for anyone considering starting a career in medical transcription.

Joy's Medical Transcription Links. The medical transcriptionist can never have enough medical links!

Medical Terminology. This site has medical abbreviations, prefixes/suffixes, and an alphabetical medical word list.

Career Step. A great home study course in Medical Transcription.

CAI Medical Transcription Training Program. An affordable MT home study course that offers a mentoring program.

Health Professions Institute. The SUM Program for Medical Transcription Training. You can also find the updates for new medical terminology and new drugs on this web site.

AAMT Information on medical transcription and what to look for in an MT training program.

JEBCO Independent MT Home Study Program. Excellent course with mentoring.

M-TEC. Medical Transcription Education Center, Inc.

Anatomy and Medical Terminology Educational Games

Study Guides. An online medical study guide.

Quia. Medical terminology learning games created by a Career Step student. Test your skill!

Medical Transcription Networking Web Sites

MT Daily. This is a medical transcriptionist networking center for both MT related topics and non-MT related topics. Highly recommended.

MT Universe. Cyberspace MT Resources.

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