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In Memory of Koona

In Memory of Koona, Our Darling Kitten

(Rajah & Koona)

Born: 6/28/99

Died: 1/22/00

Dear sweet Koona. You were only with us such a short time. You were the sweetest baby kitty, and we miss you so much.

You were so pretty. We didn't know what you were at first, but then we found out that you were a seal tortie point Himalayan. You had one dark seal colored ear and one ear that was red. Your tail was seal with a patch of red. Your face was seal with a tiny orange button nose and a "kiss" of white on your forehead. Your eyes were like "crying" eyes because of their shape. I remember how they looked when we left you with the vet. You died silently alone. Many tears have been shed for you, and we miss you so much.

We hope that you are chasing many butterflies where you have come to rest.

Your family - Lenny, Linda, Alex, Boots, Saylor and Rajah


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