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Letting it grow... again...
Watch my hair grow...

My Hair Growth Progress
Assuming you've stumbled upon this part of the site and also wish to browse it, I suppose I should let you know what this is all about.
Basically, last summer on July 15, 2002, I decided that I was going stop getting hair cuts until my hair was a longer length. I was tired of having short hair, and wanted to try something new. My personal goal as of now is to go for shoulder blade length hair. And you guessed it... Here I will be posting pics every month (if I can) so you and I can see the changes that happen slowly. Enjoy!

Hair Length Goal: Slightly past eyes.
Hair length when experiment started: Started over again (Dunno, couple inches?)
Length of time since last haircut: June '05
Current hair length: Couple inches

Commentary and Notes
New cut, new look. I like it but I think I'm going to be letting it grow longer and then so do some cool things with it.

I think my hair's been growing long enough again, don't you? It doesn't look really all that bad, but I'm ready for a change, yet again. Next time I post, I'll most likely have a different look.

New pic.

Ahhhh, obsession's back. I don't know how long I'll let it grow, but this is fun for me again. I look better with hair, in my opinion.
School's goin' good so far, work is a seemingly necessary drag as well. I'll try to update this thing at least once every few weeks (or once a month). Ciao.

New pictures up for the end of '04. I've let it grow out since I got my second haircut sometime in August or something. Just when I was about to go get it cut again I tried straightening my hair again, and VOILA!, I'm letting it grow out again. It looks a lot better straight, so I figured what the hell. Hope you enjoy!

June '05

(Late) May '05

February '05

January '05

December '04

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