Dien Dan 12B4

From Tai: 22/8/01 Hello Lo+.i Sorry to disturb you if you are not my old friend!!!! I am Tha'i Phu+o+'c Ta`i from Chu Van An High school and study Chemical Enginerring at Dai Hoc Phu Tho. Can you return my email to say whether or not we were old friend. Bye for now TPT
From Loi: Hi Tai My family and I are OK. Right now, I am state employee. Therefore, don't know what will happen in the future. Hope that everything OK. I will email Bach and let him know about you. His email address is: bbui4@excite.com Have a nice day! Loi
From Tai: On Thu, 20 Sep 2001 15:15:07 +0930, Tai Thai wrote: Ba'ch. I am Tha'i Phu+o+'c Ta`i, if you were my old friend then please reply my message. Thank TPT
From Bach Hi Tai Very happy to hear from you.Where are you now?If you've moved to the US or somewhere else in North America,we'll meet again.How about your family?I'm still living in Montreal Canada..much more older with those years passed by,but still the same as before.I guess that Loi gave you my email.Did you visit our website 12B4? Talk to you later B
From Tai: On Fri, 21 Sep 2001 09:05:53 +0930, Tai Thai wrote: Bach. I am at Down Under and too old to go North. How do you know Loi. I did not know him at CVA but he studied Mechanical Engineering at Phu Tho while I was at Chemical Engineering and we went out a lot during those five years. I am now working in Computing Industry, writing computer program for a compnay which lists in Canadian Stock Exchange called GEAC, married with 3 boys age 17, 13, 11. I left VN in 1980 and came to Australia in June, stay here all the time. I came back to VN once in 85, talked to parent of Dinh Ngoc Ninh, but can not contact him. I think I have changed a lot because my son can't recognise me in the old picture. You mention about Web site 12B4. Give me full address then I will have a look. Do you have any contact with old friends. See you next time. My address is: Thai Phuoc Tai 10 Glengarry Drive Woodforde, South Australia Australia, 5072.
From Bach: Tai, Come on Tai!Nguyen Van Loi was with us till 72,the year we finished our 12th grade at CVA ,don't you remember those happy days?I was in Los Angeles and San Jose 2 years ago,met Loi and Cao Lo and Sang Pho and more.If you visit our webpage,you will see some of them.I thought you were in the US recently.Glad that we found you at last.I tried hard to find Pham Tat Thang,Dinh Ngoc Ninh and Tran Doan Trang but couldn't.Where are they?Our wbpage address is: www.angelfire.com/ut/cva12b4/ If you can't access to our site,let me know.It was designed by Tran Lam Son,alias Su Ho Mang. Bach
From Loi: Hi Tai What a memory do you have. I had the three last years at CVA. I sat between Tam and Tinh in the mid of our class. Tam who is Math teacher is still in VN. Tinh is somewhere in California but I did not see him yet. I already met Cao, Hinh (violin), Si, Sang, Son (living in Canada) several time. Next time when we have a meeting, will sent you our pictures. Best wishes Loi
From Tai: Son. It is Tha'i Phu+o+'c Ta`i. You went away from OZ and landed in Canada? Reply to me and I will send you my details.
From Son: He, Long time no see!!! May dang o dau vay? Tao roi Uc sang Canada tu 1981. BAy gio con gai tao moi vao dai hoc va con trai da 16 tuoi roi. May co lien lac duoc voi ai khong? tui minh bay gio con lai cung nhieu lam, hon ca chuc thang o nuoc ngoai va ca chuc thang nua o VN. May co vo may con roi? Lam gi nho ke tao nghe nhe? So'n
From Tai: Son. I have been in Australia since 80 and stay in Adelaide. I ask Hiep & Vi, they came to Adelaide under Comlombo plan a year after you, about you but theysaid you worked for Shell in Melbourne and they thought you went away to USA with a beautifull girl in the Vietnamese scholar. I am now working in Computing Industry, writing computer program for a compnay which lists in Canadian Stock Exchange called GEAC, married with 3 boys age 17, 13, 11. My frist boy finished highschool last year, got a scholarship to study Business in Japan. I came back to VN once in 85, talked to parent of Dinh Ngoc Ninh, but can not contact him. I think I have changed a lot because my son can't recognise me in the old picture. My address is: Thai Phuoc Tai 10 Glengarry Drive Woodforde, South Australia Australia, 5072. Phone: Home:(08-83365300) Work:(08-8372-6177) What are you doing now? Loi mentions about next meeting. I think we are old and most of us has family (Do you know any single uncle in our class). When our childern get married, just send an invitation around and we use that as an occasion for gathering. How do you think. It is a good feeling to have some news from all of you. Feel free to give my email address for our friends and send my hello to them. I have another email address on Yahoo and hope it is easy for you to remember Thai_Phuoc_Tai@yahoo.com Keep in touch. TPT (You web page is very good. Can you place a Home button and Nex button on each page so I don't have to click return arrow avery time to come in the picture page.)
From Son: Hi. Now that we have a true computer literate, may be you can make some changes. I have tried to get our friends to send me things to post on our web page, but they are all quiet lately. I used to work for BHP in Melbourne. Left for Canada in 1981. Have been in Canada ever since working for Bombardier (making rapid transit trains). During the last 2 years, I travelled and did some assignments in Malaysia so I could travel to VN quite a bit. I really enjoy it. Oh, I know Geac, I biought a bunch of their stocks but the value has sunk badly. Do you think the company will boiunce back one day? Take care, So'n
From Tai: Nha^n. Ta`i dday. Ban luc nay ra sao? Tra loi cho Tai roi minh se noi chuyen nhieu hon sau nay.
From Nhan: Chao Ban, Luc nay minh cung binh thuong, da chuyen ve Cong Ty moi hon 6 thang nay, Cong ty Eden o 104 Nguyen Hue, tinh hinh bay gio kho noi duoc gi truoc qua phai khong ban...Con ban thi the nao, viet them vai hang cho minh biet nhe... Hen mail sau.... HOHONGNHAN
From Tai: Son. I am working in Local Government and not using web page development. If you are busy then let me know then I will give you a hand but I have to learn. Starting by now, just send message around to ask all of us sending a good current picture of each family, story to tell and ... for this year annual report. All of us will have 3 months to do. How do you think?
From Son: It's a good idea. I tried once but did not get good response. But now it's so easy to sacn a photo (even in VN) so we should try again.. Watch for more news about this soon. Ciao. Son.
From Tai: I can see bit by bit on the web page but haven't got a full pictures of our friends. Tell me who you have seen or contact or news, where are they now and can we contact them (don't want to interfere with their political viewpoint as well as their life in VN). I can tell you a little bit about Ninh, he is still in Italy, wife and 2 daughters. I believe Trang is still in Italy as well. I just have email from Ho Hong Nhan. Hope can see all of you one day.
From Son: do you have email of Ninh cui va Trang? I copy this to Bach, so you can contact him.
From Tai: Nhan. Ke cho Tai nghe ve tin tuc cua ban be minh ma Nhan biet o VN cung nhu o nuoc ngoai. Neu duoc thi cho Tai dia chi de Tai lien lac voi cac ban do. Keep in touch.
From Nhan: Tai than men, Moi goi dien bao tin cho thang "Tam ghien", no bay gio dang la Thay giao day Toan lop 12 va Du bi Dai Hoc, nha no o Tran van Dang Q.3 so dien thoai (84)(8)8438181, Lau lam hon 2 nam truoc Nhan co gap thang Nguyen Ninh o nha thang Tuan (Di) ban con nho thang "Tuan Di" Pho truong lop hay khong ? Bay gio no dang lam PHo Phong Ke Toan Casumina, Dien thoai Di Dong cua no (84)903634707. Noi chung la minh chi thuong gap mat may thang sau day: - Thang Nguyen Manh Quyet (Quyet Cao hay choi bong chuyen) - Thang Van "Dau Hoi" (Tai o the thay hinh no tren trang Web CVA12B4)bay gio la chu Co So In Ao Thun tai Nha o duong Tran Binh TRong Q.5, gan nha thang "Phuoc Tau Hu" (Thang Phuoc nay da qua My lam cong nhan tho tien va nam 1998 co ve VN mot lan, minh khong co dia chi hay e-mail cua no) - Thang "Tam ghien" (Hinh tren trang Web chup chung voi minh va "Su Ho Mang Tran Lam Son - Thang Son dang o Canada chung voi Bach Suc voi co dia chi e-mail goi CC kem theo mail nay) - Thang "Tuan Di" Con may thang sau day thi lau lau cung co dip gap : - Thang "Tuan noir" dang lam Y ta cho mot truong hoc o Q.6 (chung cho lam voi thang "Va^n den" - Tai co nho thang "Va^n den" hoi do di tam ao bun o Hung A ngoai An Lac voi tui minh ma hom do Tai phai dung xe Suzuki keo chiec SS66 cua Nhan ve nha o PetrusKy Ben xe hay khong? That toi nghiep la thang "Van den" nay da ra di ve mien am canh 2 nam ve truoc, no bi cao huyet ap trong chuyen di choi voi Co Quan cua no o Vung Tau, tui nay co den chia buon, phung dieu gia dinh no...) - Thang Thinh Bo Cap lam Lop Truong nam hoc de Ngu De Tu gi do minh cung hoi quen mat...Bay gio no o gan nha thang "Tuan Di", hien dang lam viec cho mot cong ty VN, khong thay no phan khoi lam... - Thang "Thao Ngong" Truong ban van Nghe Bao chi nam hoc de ngu bay gio no hoi "bet bat" dang sx quat ban o nha va thay gia canh no co ve hoi kho khan. - Thang "Sang Pho" dang o My co ve VN may lan va deu co di choi voi nhom tui nay. That tiec la minh khong biet dia chi e-mail cua may thang nay vi hoac la tui no khong xai e-mail hoac la it khi lien lac duoc voi tui no, noi chung chi co thang "Tam ghien" la co du dia chi cua may thang nay... Minh se co lien lac voi thang "Tam Ghien" de biet them thong tin ve thang Nguyen NInh, Dinh ngoc Ninh.... Bay gio to xin ke so quang doi cua to hon 30 nam truoc tu khi xa roi mai truong Chu van An... Truoc ngay 30/04 to da di lam viec cho Hang thuoc la Mic roi vat doi sao doi, bay gio da lap gia dinh lan thu 2 va co duoc 4 dua con, 1 trai va 1 gai cua "Ba Truoc" + 1 trai va 1 gai cua "Ba Sau" .Minh hien nay dang lam Ke Toan Truong Cong Ty Eden (dia chi trang Web la http://www.eden-vn.com ) cuoc song cung tam on, a trang Web cua minh la http://www.geocities.com/hohongnhan . Vai hang tham nhau hen co dip noi chuyen nhieu hon.... Bach than men, may va thang Son co the theo dia chi e-mail nay de lien lac voi thang Thai Phuoc Tai nhe... HOHONGNHAN
From Bach: How can we?He studied with CVA P2 and we were with P1 Class.It's good to track down another friend though...Will send him an email.How is your impression when you surfed our 12B4 webpage?For this new year 2002,should ask Tran Lam Son for a new Bich Bao and ask contributiom from all our buddies!!!
From Tai: Hi. Tai co lien lac voi Nhan de hoi ve tin tuc cua ban be o VN va nhan duoc tin tra loi cua Nhan. Tai kem theo day de cac ban doc choi. Voi tinh hinh nhu the thi lop chung ta chia lam hai, nua trong nuoc va nua o ngoai nuoc. Cac ban trong nuoc thi cung do anh huong chung nen cung co phan kho khan. Neu cac ban trong nuoc co dip gap lai nhau moi nam chi mot lan thoi, de tham hoi nhau, de nhac nho lai ky niem xa xua, de tam su va de ket them tinh dong ngu~ (am I right to use this word?) thi lop chung minh se co' co+ hoi lien lac voi nhau nhieu hon. De tao moi truong cho viec tren, chung minh giup dieu kien ve ta`i cha'nh cho cac ban o trong nuoc bang cach do'ng go'p tuy theo kha nang moi nguoi, $20 toi $50 hay tuy y, roi chuyen ve cho mot ban nao do trong nuoc chiu dung ra to chuc buoi hop mat. Tu`y theo so^' tie^`n co' duoc, it thi mot chau ca` phe^ (Nguye^~n Du co' la' me bay?), hon nua thi mot cha^`u Ba'nh cuo^'n Nga~ Sa'u) hay mo^.t cha^`u pho+? (Cha('c kho^ng duoc Nhu+ Y' dau), nhieu hon nua thi la Bo` Ba?y Mo'n (A'nh Ho^`ng?) cho ca'c gia di'nh hoac chi cho ca'c tha`nh vie^n thoi. Neu cac ban dong y thi minh chia lam 3 nhom, My, Uc va Canada. Moi nhom tu lo gop nhat roi goi ve cho mot ban trong nuoc, (? Ta^m, Nha^n hay ai do chiu lo lien lac va to chuc). Day la y kien rieng cua Tai, mong cac ban cho y kien va ban thao. Xmas is 3 months or new year is 5 months away.
From Bach: Hi Tai, Chuyen dong gop tien de cac ban o VN co dip hop mat thi tao va cu li Son da lam roi,cach dau vai nam.Dung hon la tao dua tien cho thang Son mang ve VN dua cho Tam Ghien de1)Giup do dua nao con gap kho khan2) To chuc an uong voi cac ban va gia dinh.Nam 96 da co mot buoi hop mat kha day du may dua con o vn o nha hang Pagolac.Sau do tien con du thi Tam Ghien co giup mot dua (thang Chieu),nhung no tieu het tien roi don nha di cho khac.Sau do may lan ve VN choi,tao cung co ru mot nhom ban,chung 8 nguoi di an va ban chuyen tam tinh.Sau do thi ngung toi bay gio.Nam 1999 tao co gui tien ve ($600 ) de dua cho thang Nhan giup do Thao Ngong lam an.Truoc do tao cung cho Thao Ngong $600 dollars,cho Tam Ghien (chac cung khoang $1,000 dollars),nhung o Vn tien nay chang an thua gi het.Tom lai,tao nghi minh co dip ve VN choi chung va gap cac ban la quy lam roi,emails tham hoi nhau...va lam Bich bao de song lai khong khi ngay xua o CVA.Nhu vay don gian hon va de thuc hien.How do you think?
From Son: Hello Tai, What a coincidence, this November my son will participate in the international model solar car race in Adelaide and you live there!!. If I am free of work, I might go there to see it and then we can meet. Regarding money for meeting in VN, it's a good idea but probably can be done simply by us chipping in money to pay for the event wherever it will be (usually the guys from overseas pay). We have done that all the times that we went there. As to sending money for the guys in VN get together, it's not really necessary because they do get together quite regularly. If you think we should meet at Xmas or New Year, then let's set a date and see how many can make it. It's certainly nice to see old friends again. Ciao
From Tai: Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 13:05:31 +0930 Son. 13.00pm Is the solar car race travels from North (Darwin) and ends up in South (Adelaide)? Have you ever been in Adelaide? If not then try to get here with your family for holidays or you can follow your son along his trip. It seems your son is trying your step. What class is he in this year and does he show any special interest? You are very welcome to stay with my family when you are in Adelaide. There is no problem if I take a few days off with you to revive our memory. We have public holiday on Monday, we intend to go catching crabs and it should be fun. Go ahead with your advertisement for 2002 annual report. My address is about 7km away from GPO. 10 Glengarry Drive Woodforde, SA. 5072 Tel. Home (08-83365300) Work (08-8372-6177) So you should work hard to clear your desks and come to OZ. Keep in touch.
From Son: Ba cua Bach moi mat hom qua. May co email cua may dua ban trong lop khong? May nhan tin cho tui no dum tao nhe?
From Son: Wonder how you look like these days, have a recent photo? Here is my latest. And also a pic of my son and his solar car (model).
From Tai: Bach. Nhan duoc email cua Son bao rang "Ba cua Bach vua moi qua doi", tuy chu khong co dau nhung Tai nghi do la O^ng Tha^n Sinh cua Ba'ch chu khong phai la Ba`, khi co dip thi tra loi cho Tai. Tai thanh that chia buon cung Bach ve su mat mat nay cua gia dinh. Tai tin chac su ra di nay tao nen mot khoang trong to lon cho gia dinh Bach cung nhung nguoi than yeu. Tai khong biet noi gi hon trong luc nay, va neu Bach can noi ra su thuong nho cua Bach thi cu viec viet ra va goi cho Tai voi hy vong la giam di noi buon trong long. Tai cung xin cau on tren rong tay, tha thu nhung loi lam ma Ba ban, vi la con nguoi, da pham va don linh hon Ba cua Bach ve ben kia the gioi. Ban cua Bach. Thai Phuoc Tai
From Bach: tai than men Dung vay,ba cua tao qua doi ngay 29-09.Tuan le vua qua doi voi tao la ca mot noi buon.Dau oc khong du tap trung de lam viec.Cac ban gui email chia buon rat nhieu,thang Son la nguoi dau tien va duy nhat tao cho no biet,sau do no bao tin cho tat ca cac ban o VN va ngoai quoc biet.Tao rat cam dong duoc cac ban chia xe noi buon.Time will heal the wound,slowly but surely. Cam on may
From Nhan: E Tai, May co le du thoi gian thi cu tham gia vo cai hoi nay di roi truyen kinh nghiem lai cho tui tao... Hom qua tao moi gap thang Nguyen Ninh nhung chua co dip noi chuyen voi no ve may... Hen thu sau
From Tai: Nhan. Tai luc nay rat thu dong va an phan. Voi mot muc dich chinh la tao cho con cai co duoc mot tuong lai, nen ngoai gio lam viec, tat ca thi gio con lai thi de huong dan con cai trong viec hoc hanh, sinh hoat cua tui no. Tai lam o day da kha lau nen cong viec cung de dang va neu biet sap xep thi cung chang kho khan gi. Bay gio tim duoc tin tuc cua ban hoc xua, nen co lien lac de noi chuyen nhau cho vui. Tien goi dien thoai ve VN rat mac, muon lien lac voi cac ban nhung rat tiec la khong tra noi tien chi phi. Bay gio nho co email, nen lien lac duoc nhieu hon. O VN, Nhan dung email bang cach nao? ke cho Tai biet, tien phi ton la bao nhieu va cach thuc xu dung ra sao? co de dang khong? Bao cac ban trong lop ve trang Web cua lop minh de cac ban tham du cho dong vui hon. Doc duoc bai bao noi ve tinh ban, thay hay hay nen goi cho Nhan doc choi vay thoi. Cuoc song cua Nhan chac de chiu lam chu gi? Doc bai viet cua Nhan ma phat them, tuy ban ron nhung van con yeu doi. Lan sau, Nhan co gap cac ban thi pho bien gium tin tuc cua Tai de tui minh co the lien lac voi nhau chac che hon. Nahn hoi thu Tam co email khong vi minh can lien lac voi Tam. Keep in touch.
From Nhan Tai than men, O VN su dung e-mail cung de va khong ton kem lam, nhung ma cac "cu gia" ban cua tui minh rat lam bieng, neu "em" nao lam cong viec co lien quan den nuoc ngoai hay "e mail" thi con xai chu phan dong tui ban minh khong co account, Nhan da nhieu lan mach bao tui no nhung hau nhu dua nao cung khong chiu nghe theo, biet lam sao bay gio... Se lein lac voi Tam Ghien, Nguyen Ninh va cho tui no dia chi e-mail cua Tai... Hen gap lai... Tai than men, Hinh ban goi kem minh khong "open" duoc chu biet ly do...neu co roi ranh xem hinh minh va hai dua con tai http://www.goecities/hohongnhan Hen gap lai sau...
From Tai: Nhan. Xem chung ra Nhan chiu kho xem email du. Vi Tai lam viec ca ngay tren may vi tinh, do do lien lac bang email rat tien loi. Ba xa cua Nhan co lam chung mot co quan khong? Nhan chac duoc di ra nuoc ngoai thuong xuyen chu gi? Bye for now.
From Nhan: Tai than men, Truoc day minh lam viec cho cong ty NN hon 6 nam, hien nay tro ve doanh nghiep nha nuoc, ba xa lam khac co quan, da noi dia chi e-mail cua Tai cho Tam ghien, no noi se lien lac voi Tai...Tinh hinh ben do co chuyen bien gi lam hay khong, thoi buoi nay sao kho khan khong the noi truoc ngay mai... Hen mail sau.. Nhan TB Chung nao ve VN tui minh di tam "Ho bun" lan nua nhe...
From Ninh: 19/10/01 Chao tat ca Ninh Cui viet cho bon may day Vo^ ti'nh di lang thang tren internet, bong nhien nho lai Chu Van An, sau khi vao "chuvanan.com" thay lai may thang ban cu sau gan 30 nam roi. Mung lam. Tao va' Trang va^~n o tai Italy tu 29 nam roi, lap gia dinh va song tai Torino, mien Bac Y. Ca hai dua ra truong Ky su Co Khi, Trang lam cho hang xe FIAT, con tao moi doi viec sau khi lam cho OLIVETTI sau 18 nam. Gia dinh tao hien tai, gom co vo (nguoi Y) ten la Anna, va 2 dua con Stefano (14 tuoi) va Francesco (10 tuoi) Trang co vo (Patrizia) va van chua quyet dinh co con hay khong. Doc lai Bich Bao 2000, 2001, nhung bai ghi cua Ba'ch, phu.c ma^'y qua', la'm sao co' tri' nho' de viet tat ca nhung hoi ky nay, ngay ca ten cua nhung ban cu~,tha^'y cu~, sau 30 nam. Nhung ky niem ay nhu dong tro tan, bay gio moi suo'?i am ra. Bon minh it nhat ra, nen lien lac thuong xuyen qua e-mail nay, va yeu cau Bach, Son, them vao ten cua tao va Trang vao mailing list cua lop 12B4. Khong biet dua nao con tin tuc cua Tran van Viet (Duc), cua Pham tat Thang, ... Tiec qua di, thang 7 nam 2000, Trang co qua California, thang 7 nam na'y, 2001, tao cung co qua California, neu ma bon tao biet truoc thi chac chan the nao se tim gap bon may. Co dua nao co the ke lai cho bon tao biet, bon minh 12B4 hien tai song chet nhu the nao ? vo con ra sao ? Son, tao van cu tuong la may dang song tai Uc ? Bach, tao nghi nhieu toi may khi ra phi truong qua day, 29 nam xua, voi cai chan bang bot. Hinh, con keo dan nua khong ? eh, co'n Ho hong Nhan, may nho' den B58 na'y kho^ng ? may ngay nay nhung ky niem cu hien dang song lai trong tao.Vui qua di. con' Tai', tao co gap gia dinh may nhung lan ve VN, va hy vong se gap may trong tuong lai toi. con' nhung thang khac, Sang pho, Cao, Tam,Sy, Loi, ... bon no co mail khong de trao doi tin ? Hy vong bon minh viet nhau thuong xuyen Cho' tin bon may Ninh
From Bach: Hi Tai, Dang tim kiem 2 dua nay thi tu nhien thay Ninh Cui gui email,kem theo hinh nua!Chac Tai cung da nhan duoc cai email nay.Hinh nhu Ninh Cui tim thay Webpage cua 12B4(khong hieu ai cho no address),Internet that la huu dung ha Tai! Tuong la Tai da biet ve gia canh va cuoc song hien tai cua B nen khong ke cho Tai nghe.Thi nam 76 B tot nghiep Civil Engineering,luc do da lap gia dinh roi(da song chung voi vo tu nam 20 tuoi,luc con hoc 1st year o Uni!).Sau do thi B di lam ve xay dung cho den nam 1987 thi mo cong ty xay dung tu hoi do den gio.Ba xa thi hoc ve Accountant,nam 1989 thi join cong ty cua B lam tu hoi do den gio..chac cung de kiem soat luon mot the!B co 4 nguoi con,2 trai va 2 gai:dua lon nhat (trai) 19tuoi,dua nho nhat (gai) 10 tuoi..cung tam goi la da qua thoi ky vat va luc con cai con nho.Nhung con lon cung co problems rieng cua no...Tom lai thi luc nao minh cung co chuyen de lo va suy nghi...vay ma chop mat,blink of eyes,minh da sap sua toi tuoi ve vuon,Tai thay co nhanh khong?B thay nhanh qua,va duong nhu den cai tuoi ve gia,hay la sua soan gia(tuoi chom gia) minh co khuynh huong tim lai ban be cu de tam su voi nhau.Bay gio co email thi khoi vien co la luoi viet tho,email viet rat mau va effective,right? B khong co muon lam giau o Australia dau.Chi la tim noi de song sau nay.Tiec la o Uc khong co nhieu cac ban 12B4 (chi co minh Tai thoi ha?)..Nhung khong sao,khi ve huu thi co nhieu thoi gio ranh roi se ngao du tu hai gap cac ban cu. Cam on info Tai cho.B co linh cam la minh se gap nhau,next year I guess! Ciao!
From Son: Hello Ninh Cui va Trang!!!! Tao moi vua den hongKong, mo may len thi duoc thu may....te ra la tu do den gio tui may van tron o Italy....Tao roi Uc sang Canada tu lau roi (1981) bay gio thi con da lon roi, gai ten Mianh 18t, hoc nam thu nhat dai hoc o McGill MOntreal (gan bac Bach), con trai ten Kien 16t, con o nha hoc trung hoc. Bay gio co them 2 dua may va thang Tai, nhu vay chac minh se lam duoc mot to bich bao moi duoc, de it hom ranh tao se to chuc. Tam thoi tui may goi cho tao vai tam hinh nhe? tao se bo len Webpage cua lop minh cho moi nguoi coi. Take care,
From Tai: Son. May co du dinh ghe Uc khong? Cho tin may. Day la tat ca tai san ma tao co gin giu khi ra khoi nuoc. Tat ca cu viet bai truoc roi tinh sao
From Son: Cool!!!! very clear memory!!! will put in our webpage asap...Chua biet chac vu di Uc, se thong bao sau. Hien dang o Malai, 2 tuan nua moi ve la Canada... chao,
From Tai: Nhan. Co quan cua Nhan co nga(n ca^'m viec dung email cho viec rieng tu khong?
From Nhan: Tai than men, Viec cam lam viec rieng trong gio lam viec cong la di nhien, nhung lau lau moi co viec rieng mot chut thi khong ai cam can, hom qua goi dien thoai cho Nguyen Ninh nhung no khong co o Co Quan, con thang Tam Ghien thi noi no se e-mail cho Tai (co le no se dung account e-mail cua con gai no)
From Tai: Nhan. Nhan co mo duoc nhung hinh duoi dang jpg khong? Co kho khan gi voi co quan neu Tai lien lac qua email nay khong?
From Nhan: Hinh nay minh xem duoc roi Coi dzay ma ban khong thay doi nao nhieu.. No problem, Ban cu goi khong co viec gi... Khong biet Tai con giu duoc tam hinh hon 30 nam qua that khong biet noi lam sao nua... Hen co dip gap
From Ninh: Tot lam, bon minh da lien lac duoc nhau, bay gio cu them day nhung thang nao co e-mail vao danh sach nay. Bach, tao biet duoc webpage cua Son va may la' qua dia chi cua "chuvanan.com"-forums-noi vong tay lon. Do la su tinh co thoi, neu minh co the lien lac voi bon "chuvanan.com" de^? dia chi cua bon minh 12B4 va mot link de dang hon thi tao hy vong con co nhieu ban be khac nua. Nhin lai hinh cua anh em, that ra tao khong con nhat ra nua, phan thi quen sau 30 nam, phan thi anh em doi nhieu. Neu co the viet ten cua moi dua trong moi hinh thi co the nhan ra de dang hon. Dia chi cua tao: Dinh Ngoc Ninh - Anna Via Crotta 160 10010 Cascinette d'Ivrea (TO) - Italy dt ##39-0125-616189 cua Trang: Tran doan Trang - Patrizia Via F.lli Macario 64/1 10090 Cascina Vica (TO) - Italy dt ##39-011-9575033 Gui cho bon may hinh cua gia dinh tao chup luc he nay Hen thu sau Ninh
From Son: Tai, Memory cleared last night. Send me some pics soon buddy!! want to see how U look! Ninh Cui does look like Italian!! Thanks for the offer to look after my son. Here is a pic of him and the car.
From Nhan: Hello cac ban gia. Thai Phuoc Tai co nho to hoi dia chi e-mail cua Nguyen Ninh, to vua hoi duoc do la: chinh7502@saigonnet.vn vay to mail thu cho cac cu, cu nao muon lien lac voi no thi "mai do" Chao cac cu, Truoc het xin tam su mot chut voi Ninh Cui B58, vay la may lay vo NN nhu thang Su Ho Mang thi cung hay lam day vi thuc ra o VN chi co may "Em" ngon lanh moi vo duoc chong "Tay" con may thang VN ngheo kiet xac thi dung co mong ....Noi choi cho vui chu tao cho do la "duyen so" neu may tin thi cu xem so tu vi o trang Web cong ty tao dang giup viec (part-time) http://www.vietshare.com/ con khong tin thi thoi, chu o tuoi bon minh ngam nghi su doi qua gan 1/2 the ky cung thay nhieu viec lam nhu co su sap xep cua "Ong Troi" chu khong phai ai muon gi la duoc nay ca, phai khong B58. Ve tin tuc thang Viet thi cach day 2 nam no co ve VN, gap bon tao an nhau mot buoi roi di ve Duc tu ay den nay tao chua duoc tin tuc gi cua no, thang Pham tat Thang nghe noi co ve VN nhung tui tao khong duoc nao gap ca, thang Sang pho o My cung co ve gap tui tao di choi chung, an nhau may bua roi lai ve My...no lai khong xai e-mail nen tao cung khong biet lien lac ra sao.... Bay gio cho tao noi chuyen voi Trang "Dong De", e Trang may co ve VN di tham lai dat "Dong De" o Nha Trang noi ma co luc tao voi may di tam bien o gan nha may do, may co nho khong??? Neu bay gio ve cho cu may se thay khac han, nhung tao luc di du lich ve Dong De tao van con nhan ra bai tam ngay xua, vi sao may biet khong ? Vi tao thay hinh may day nui nho ra bien nhu la mot nang tien dang tam tua dau ra bien, hoi do tao khong dam noi y nghi nay cho may nghe vi so se lam "o nhiem" dau oc rat gioi toan cua may...Bay gio tao co dip ke lai cho may day...OK khong? Bay gio la Tai lun Suzuki, e Tai, tao khong biet lam sao ma may con giu duoc tam hinh chup hoi di choi nui Chau Thoi Bien Hoa, tiec la hoi di "tam bun" o Hung A Binh Chanh khong co may chup hinh nen bay gio nho lai tao van rat buon cuoi.....khi nho lai may lay xe suzuki keo chiec ss66 cua tao ve nha....sao ma ngay tho va hon nhien den the, biet chung nao co lai duoc nhung ky niem cua tuoi tho... Noi chung la bon minh bay gio deu da 2 thu toc ca roi, chi con co ky niem em dem la qui gia ma thoi...Tao mong se co dip tro chuyen voi tui may vao mail sao ? Nhan
From Trang: Nh* Ninh lang thang tren "net" m tao mo'i co' the lien lac vo'i tui my. Tha^.t mu*'ng. Cha^.m cn ho*n kho^ng. Bao nhieu nam da qua, tri' nho' cua tao ke'm ha?n so vo'i bon my (nha't l Ba'ch vo'i bi vie't tren bi'ch ba'o 2000). Hy vo.ng t* gi v sau, qua email ba.n b gi'up tao nho' lai thi "oanh liet" cua bon mnh (H H Nha^n). Do* so'ng cua tao ra't bnh thung. Sau khi da cho.n Torino lm que huong thu*' hai, tao co^' gang xay mot cuoc so'ng on dinh nhu moi nguoi Y' kha'c. Thinh thoang nghi la.i khong bie't l lu*a cho.n ny co' phai l lu*a cho.n to^'i u*u khong? Chiu. (Day co' the l mo.t d ti de bon mnh thao luan vo'i nhau. Son, my nghi the' no? Co' nen ga'n chu? d ny cho bi'ch ba'o khong? De thu'c ma'y thang lui phai suy nghi). Bay gio th "sa'ng sa'ch o di, to'i sa'ch o v" lm cong cho hang FIAT. (Xin loi ma'y ba'c gioi tho*. Cha'u cha da'm). Mot vo*. v chu*a co' con. Thinh thoang co' v tham VN nhung bay v ra Dng De' chu*' khong lang thang da^u do' (mot phn o SG chua tm lai duoc nhung ban cu). Hon nua vo*. ngui Y' l mot ga'nh nang o VN. Lm thong dich vien met la'm, cn lm lo* th ba? la mnh. Vi hng tham ta't ca. Trang.
From Ninh: Truoc het chao' Nguyen Ninh, hy vong may' khoe?, vo con the nao ? may chuc na(m khong lien lac duoc, khong biet ma(c mui~ ma'y ra sao ? Tha('ng na'o co'n hi'nh anh? cu? cua? anh em, ne^'u du'ng scanner ra va gui cho anh em thi rat hoan nghinh. ( lu'c di ta('m bu'n o Hung A- Binh Chanh, luc di Vung Tau,... va nen nho ghi ten cua? mo^?i dua phia' duoi dde^? tao co' the^? nho' duoc, gia' ca? ro^'i ) tao o day chi? tiec la cha(?ng con hi'nh a?nh gi' ca?, lu'c nam 72 chang dem theo, bay gio ve VN thi cha(?ng gi' co'n lai. Nhu' Trang dde^' nghi., minh nen dua mot de tai tren email hoac Web de co the ban luan lan nhau, tha('ng na'o co y' kie^'n gi' thi' cu'' dua ra, ra^'t hoan nghinh. So'n va Ba'ch cuoi na(m to^?ng ke^'t lai, va' du'a len Bich Bao'. tao nghi? mi'nh lien lac nhau qua email nhu vay thi' tie^.n ho'n, va' cu' the^m dia chi? email cua? anh em va'o danh sa'ch na'y Tai', ma^'y lien lac voi Chuvanan.com de^? bon no' link duoc vo'i web cua minh', tao cha('c cha('n la' se~ co' kho^'i tha('ng ban cu? lien lac voi minh trong tuong lai. Ninh
From Tai: De nghi cung cac ban la: Kiem soat lai chi tiet cua moi nguoi va goi ve cho Son de chuan bi cap nhat hoa danh sach. Tai de nghi la goi hinh moi chup nua. Lien lac voi cac ban cu chua co dia chi, email va gioi thieu mang tin cua bon minh cho cac ban do. Neu chi nghe tin thoi, thi du nhu Viet ve VN 2 nam truoc va hien dang o Duc, thi cung bao cho biet de Son len danh sach, mong rang se co luc minh duoc tin cua nhau. Keep in touch.
From Son: Hinh cua may khong thay thay doi so voi ngay xua bao nhieu. Tao nhan ra ngay. Co 2 dua con trai do ha? Con ba xa? Nguoi VN? Gio nao dua may den Uc vay? It hom nua ranh roi tao se soan ra mot so cau hoi va de tai de bon minh viet ra dang len bich bao de an Tet nam nay nhe? Tao nghi nhom minh lien lac duoc cung toi 40 dua roi do. From Tai: Nhan. Neu Nhan muon xem thi cho coi het do.
From Nhan: Tai than men, OK, coi hinh cu rat da, co deu la rat tiec chua nho het vao luc nao dip nao... chi con nho mot vai noi, neu ban nho het, lam on phu dinh cho minh, Hinh 1 la thang nao thang nao, tu trai sang phai... vao dip nao o dau.... Minh se in ra va cho may thang o VN cung xem... Nhan
From Tai: Nhan. Tu tu roi nho ra het chu gi. It is a good fun. Ba Xa Tai co coi web page cua Nhan nhung Tai noi la dung co tin, chet rang chiu. Keep in touch.
From Nhan: Tai, Ban voi minh bay gio rat giong nhau o cho, lo cho lop sau va nho ve ky niem nhieu hon cuoc song hien tai.. Hen mail sau,
From Ninh: Tao thu'? ddie^'n te^n cu?a anh em vao hinh na'y ma' Ta'i gui cho. Yeu cau anh em tiep tuc ddie^'n va'o, Dde^? xem dua nao con' tri' nho' dai ???
From Tai: Gutten Tag. Tai muon ho?i ve chi tiet, cung hinh anh cua cuoc di choi Vung Tau. Ai nho hoac co hinh thi cho anh em cung coi: Tai chi nho la bon minh khoang 13 dua, lai xe gan may di Vung Tau. Tai chi nho la co Thinh, Ninh?, (Ai nho nua thi them vao di), Minh muon mot phong ngu kho^ng sao, ra^'t ro^.ng du cho chu+'a cho ca bo.n. Voi mot cai giuong rat lon ? chua duoc 6 dua?, ngu rat thoai mai nen chang can dung tam nem. May dua con lai thi dung tam nem ma ngu tren san nha. Tai nho mang man la minh bi mua mot dem. Ai co the noi ve cuoc leo nui khi minh di vong tu bai sau ra bai truoc khong? Chac Nhan nho nhieu nhat vi bay gio no o gan Vung Tau hon dua nao het. Phan thuong la mot chau Pizza co' Hut (all you can eat), chu khong nhu Ninh do vui co thuong ma khong thay noi la phan thuong gi. Bye, Au revoir, ciao, Auf Wiedersehen
From Nhan: Tai than men, Rat tiec la chuyen di Vung Tau ngay ay khong co Nhan... Nhung minh nho nhat la chac co Cu Viet va cac cu khac... Hello cac ban gia, Nhan xin loi da cho nham dia chi e-mail cua Nguyen Ninh. Dia chi dung la chinh7502@saigonnet.vn Thanh that xin loi cac cu... Nhan
From Tai: Nhan. E Nhan bo tinh tru cho bon nay chet som ha? Tai nghi la chua co ai trong bon minh la ong noi ca, neu co ai thi xin gio tay len cho anh em thay, toc chi moi co muoi tieu thoi, con yeu doi lam chu bo, khong tin thi tim bai bao cua Nhan ma doc va bai do chi danh rieng cho nhung dua co`n ga^n nhu tui minh thoi, do do minh khong duoc goi la ban gia ma phai goi la ban xua. Viet toi day, nho lai cau tho luc hoi minh hoc: 24 nam xua, mot dem vua gio lai vua mua, ben anh den dau, trong can nha nho, 60 cai dau xanh, ke nhau thu thi, duyen chung ta chang tron, .... thoi thi email cho nhau vay. Dung ngai ngung khi tam su voi nhau. Neu ai thi cong trong cuoc doi thi minh mung, con ai khong may man lam thi don't worry, tieng phap cua Tai tra lai cho thay roi, 30 nam roi chang xai, chi con lai chu Je t'aime ma thoi, a con them mot chu nua cho Son (Ich liebe dich). Bye for now. TPT (May dua o Bac ban cau, thuc day ma viet cho nhau di, dung lam bieng nua. Chi co Tai & Nhan noi chuyen voi nhau thoi)
From Son: E, Tai noi dung do, chi co thang Nhan la ong ngoai thoi, con lai tui minh toan la trai to het. Rieng tao thi ngay ngay tao cung co gang luyen tap de giu tieng la Su Ho Mang. Tao nghi da den luc tui minh lam BB nua roi. Tao de nghi minh lam don gian nhu vay nhe?: MOi dua dong gop truoc thang 12 nhung dieu nay: Hinh moi nhat (co chup voi gia dinh hay khong cung duoc) Hien gio lam gi , o dau? Nam 1972 den 1975 lam gi? Nam 1975 den bay gio lam gi? Gap Ba xa va cuoi vo o dau? (chuyen tinh cua ban ay ma!!!) Bay gio thi cam nghi cuoc doi nhu the nao? Co thich viec lam, cho o cua minh hay khong? Neu khong thi sau nay ve huu thich lam gi o dau? Luc nay vui thu dien vien nhu the nao? (cuoi tuan di cau ca hay cau em?, di nhau hay choi bay ba? Con bay buom hay vinh biet mong mo roi? Tra loi cau hoi suc khoe nay cho vui nhe?; Ban co suc lam moi ngay may lan? (hay moi lan may ngay!!!!), Lam lau nhat la bao lau? (hay bao lau moi co suc lam mot lan!!!!). Ky luc cua ban la bao nhieu lan mot ngay+dem? ....Bao dam la ban toa soan se giu bi mat ten nguoi goi, chi dung du kien de lam thong ke xem suc khoe cua lua tuoi cua minh ra sao thoi nhe. Moi dua viet 1 bai tho ngan, it nhat la 4 cau , moi cau it nhat 4 chu nhe? Moi dua viet cam nghi cuoc doi/hay triet ly gi do...it nhat la 40 chu nhe? Goi ve emai cua tao le le nhe? tao se soan BB cho Tat Nien sap toi. A Ky Tat nien nay minh se lo hop mat 2 hai noi: SG va LA, ai co den cho nao duoc thi cu den, noi chuyen chup hinh roi goi len web page choi nhe? May ban o VN co muon moi may "em" Gialong hay Trung vuong thi cu tu nhien nhe? So'n E Tai, Hinh cua may tre mang ha, tao nhan ra ngay.
From Tai: Nhan. Khong co gi, t.a to^.i voi no mot chau caphe la du. Chi co noi chuyen voi Nhan la duoc thoi, con may anh chang khac, o VN thi khong co email con o My, Canada hay Y thi gio nay may dua no con dang hu hi voi vo con chang chiu day. Ngu gi ma lam the? day di cac ong ban. Muon xem email cua tui no phai doi toi ngay hom sau.
From Son: Co phai ky di VT an com xa hoi, an het do an roi ma van con xin them com nua do khong? Tao con nho leo nui, luc len thi de, ma luc xuong thi so teo chim luon!!. VT bay gio dep lam, co dua nao chua ve xem lai VT khong? Mai mot minh co dip hop mat p VT , an Ghe va ngam "Ghe" cung vui lam do...
From Bach: Hi tat ca cac ban Tao khong dong y de nghi cua Su Ho Mang.Thang nay vua "de" vua "dzam",neu tat ca viet chuyen "tham cung bi su" chac chan se thua no.Thi du:su ho mang "co kha nang make love 5 lan mot ngay,7 ngay mot tuan thi tao se cam thay "mac cam toi loi".Ai chu Su Ho Mang la nguoi tu xuat thanh ra de so lam!Nhu vay unfair.Du rang toa soan co dau ten,nhung nguoi trong cuoc van cam thay mac cam!Hon nua,webpage minh "link" voi chuvanan.com,lo may nguoi khac doc thi minh se bi mang tieng la be boi hon nua!Bay gio nhu vay:gui hinh moi nhat,dang song o dau va lam gi de cho cac ban trong lop cung biet.Chuyen tinh cam rieng tu (vo con... phai dau thiet ky!Top secret!Vi cac cu oi,phai de cho tui nay lam an rieng nua chu! Cac ban viet mot bai van ngan,tho cung duoc...viet de tai nao cung duoc,mien sao co hung de viet la duoc roi. Bay gio con hinh bia Bich Bao.Hai nam nay Su Ho Mang "xao di xao lai" cai hinh bia,bay gio co ai design duoc hinh nao moi la khong?Sau do scan qua format .jpeg gui email de Su Ho mang lua chon. Phan tao se viet mot hay 2 bai de Su Ho Mang dang Bich Bao.Cac ban nghi sao? Bach
From Tai: Bach. Khong biet la Bach co email on Yahoo nua, dau ba xa chu gi? Bach thuong xem email o dia chi nao. Coi chung het memory do.
From Bach: Oh,Tai dung co lo!Khi nao gan het memory o Hotmail.B se chuyen qua yahoo.com.excite.com dia chi cua yahoo (duoc 6 meg) cua B la: bbui4@yahoo.com con cua excite la: bbui4@excite.com B it khi check yahoo.com.Thuong la check hotmail va excite.com Cam on Tai da nhac.Tai rang viet 1 hay 2 bai gui bao.Sau do minh se gop y de lam bia bich bao. Ho hong Nhan con cai email address nua o hotmail: hohongnhan@hotmail.com.Co the la giua chu ho,hong ,nhan con co dot nua..IM not sure May cai hinh Tai gui 12B4 thiet la het xay!Tai lieu qui gia lam do! Ciao
From Nhan: Hello Tai, Gio nay o VN la 8.30 sang thu ba 23/10/01, ban co biet la minh da co 1 chau noi gai nam nay 6 tuoi roi (minh lay vo nam 1973 va co con trai dau long vao nam ay - den nay no da co con 6 tuoi, co le no cung giong minh, lay vo som....ba xa hien tai la chuyen xe thu hai..) No dzay chu thang nao trong bon minh cung con lam an duoc, chua co cup binh thiet, aa con thang Thao "ngong" da la Ong Ngoai hoi nam ngoai thi phai.... Minh se co gang lien lac voi thang Thinh "bo cap" hoi truoc lam truong lop , de no dong gop them vao ky niem Vung Tau cua 13 chang luc binh CVA.... Chuc ban 1 ngay tot lanh.. Nhan
From Nhan: Hello cac thang ban gia Chet Vi An... To de nghi minh se "chat" dai dai cac mail nay cho nhau va dua nao nho them dia chi e-mail cua nhung ten khac thi nho them vao day, cuoi cung thi Bach Suc Voi va Su Ho Mang co the tong hop de dua nhung y hay, nhung dia chi, nhung thong tin moi len Bich Bao 2002... Bay gio la tin moi nhan cua VN : "theo mot nguon tin than can va dang tin cay thi Van Dau Hoi chuan bi tro lai thoi ky doc than, co le Van nha ta se can hoc hoi nhieu kinh nghiem cua cac ban...." Thang Tuan Dieu vua cho tao dia chi e-mail no muon duoc cua ai khong biet do la : annie14383@yahoo.com tao co goi chung trong mail nay, con e-amail cua thang Do Duc Hung o Anh thi vai hom tao kiem duoc se them vao... E Tuan Dieu ! Tao nghi la de tai cua Su Ho Mang dua ra rat phu hop voi may lam day....Nho doc ky roi lam bai day nhe...Neu co bi ket lam thi tao se "type" ho de gui di cho... E Su Ho Mang ! May nho lon la tao chi moi lam Ong Noi thoi, chua co chau ngoai cung nhu chua con con re... Thang Ninh (Nguyen) thi may moc dang truc trac chua doc duoc e-mail qua computer, tao bao no ra tiem internet va tao cung in mail ra goi den cho no roi, hy vong vai hom nua no se co tieng noi tren "kenh nay". Vai hang roi se tiep tuc...Nhan
From Tai: Bach. Viet bao khong phai la nghe cua Tai, va cau "Tu tuong thi phong phu nhungngon ngu thi ngheo nan" rat la phu hop voi Tai lam. Tuy the Tai se co viet, nhung chac la phai nho Bach hay ai do chinh don lai gium va cho y kien. Bach co thi giio de lam gium viec do khong.
From Bach: OK Tai,chac chan la se lam duoc chuyen reedit bai Tai se viet.Thuc ra quan trong la minh viet nhung suy nghi cua minh,con van de chinh don lai thi dau co kho.Se gui cho tai hinh gia dinh cua B sau,phai scan tam hinh do moi gui duoc cho Tai,maybe this weekend,whe I From Tai: Nhan. Goi cho Tai hinh gia dinh cua Nhan di, dau gi ma du den the, khong trinh ra cho cac ban biet. The la Nhan da la Ong noi roi chu gi, the ma Son noi la ong ngoai. O VN co khac, Ong Noi van con phong do va duoc nhieu chau thuong chu o day thi dan ong khong co gia dau. Phuc vu may ba bao nhieu cung khong du, phim chieu du cach, du kieu, lam xong bon phan roi ma may ba ay cu doi them. Nhan co nghe chuyen nhieu ong phai uong thuoc Viagra khong, chu may ba thi dau can phai dung thu do. Mot lan nua, dung tin nhung gi tui no noi, bieu tui no goi bang co ve di roi hay tin. See you later.
From Nhan: Tai, Se soan hinh family cua minh roi goi cho Tai xem... Theo minh thi khong nen xai Viagra, co dip minh se chung minh cho ban biet.... Co viec phai phuc vu may ba...thi Tai co nghe cac thay cu cua tui minh da noi : "manh dung suc, yeu dung muu" OK????
From Tai: Bach. Tai co goi email cua Hung dua vao dia chi no cho o tren trang cua minh. Chac la no quen chia khoa roi nen khong mo ra duoc. No dut lon thi chi co chet. Doc than thi cang khoe (hay met) chu gi. Hung len tieng cho anh em nghe di. Bye for now.
From Son: E Nhan, may co con gai lon thi phai co chau ngoai chu? Hay la may lai co them con rieng khac? Van dau hoi co email khong? Neu no ma doc than thi tao se truyen het cuu am chan kinh cho no, bao dam di den dau co em thuong den do!!!! Bach noi dung, chuyen cua tui minh la bi mat 100%. Tao se kiem cach mo webpage co password, chi co tui minh co password moi vao coi duoc (khong thoi thi phai dua so cua the tin dung...credit card number). Tui bay co viet gi thi viet nhng phai co hap dan nhu bai du ky (hay la Du Hi) cua Nhan TD moi dang dong tien bat gao nhe? Hoi nho be boi ra sao thi bay gio phai tiep tuc moi la truyen thong cho. Vo con tao khong doc tieng viet duoc nen tao se viet tha gian, tui may thi rang dau ten lam sao duoc thi dau nhe? So'n
From Trang: Toi go*i ma'y ba'c danh sa'ch ny. Cha'c cha'n l khong gio'ng vo'i danh sa'ch 12B4 m toi khong co'. Nha'c nho?: thi?nh thoa?ng ma'y ba'c chiu kho' bo? da'u len nhu*ng chu* ho*i kho' hie?u de^? to^i khong pha?i hie^?u nhm. Ca'm on nhiu.
From Ninh: De nghi doi ten cua thang Son , tu Su ho mang qua "So'n ma('c di.ch", no' viet thu ma cu tuong nhu con cua? no viet, 5 lan mot ngay, 7 ngay 1 tuan thi tao bai' , ngay ca? thoi ky xuan xanh cua? tao chi toi 5 ngay 1 lan va phai doi toi 7 tuan sau moi lay lai suc. gui cho bon may danh sach cua 11B4, diem danh lai xem con thieu dua nao ? dua nao co danh sach 12B4 thi cu dua len. Hom chua nhat vua roi, tao va Trang co gap nhau voi ca? gia dinh, nhac den bon may vui lam. Bach, neu may dung Corel de viet ten (text) vao hinh chup chung, va nhat la nhung hinh cua anh em chup chung tren web, nhu vay moi biet "ddoi' da~ re^u xanh" nhu the nao. (thi du thay hinh cua Va(n hien tai ma tao khong nho mat mui? cua no' nhu the nao luc 18 tuoi) Con BB, moi thang minh bat buoc phai viet cho mot bai, hay do'~ khong thanh van de. Bach va Son, nhung bai viet trao doi tren mail nay ( loc lai, bo? bot pha^'n thu'a')cung co the la mot bai cho BB. Ninh cui