DELAWARE, DELAWARE BAY - Richard S. Shaver created a stir in AMAZING STORIES Magazine from 1945-1950 after sending a ms. to editor Ray Palmer. Shaver's ms. was originally titled A WARNING TO FUTURE MAN, until it was embellished and "occultized" by Palmer to accommodate his metaphysical and science-fiction oriented readership, and re-named I REMEMBER LEMURIA. Shaver told of his experiences where he would "hear peoples thoughts" while working on a certain arc welding machine at an auto plant in Detroit. The "machine", he claimed, made him sensitive to the thought-waves of others in the factory. However he claimed that many of the "voices" or thought-waves that he intercepted did not come from the factory but emanated from caverns BELOW Detroit. Many of the thought-transmissions involved two warring subterranean factions known as the dero and the tero, and also thought-transmissions regarding star-ships, strange machines (capable of transmitting electronically-enhanced focuced encephalographic or telepathic beams or rays), and other bizarre and horrific realities. Shaver also told of how his first visit to "the caves" occurred when a "hologram" of a young woman led him to a cavern entrance; he also described his second and last physical visit to a hidden cave entrance in a secluded sea-side cliff on the east coast of Delaware [Bay], via a boat by which he navigated the water-filled passage for a few miles until reaching a "Tero" city. While there the "Deros", he claimed, attacked and killed all of his Tero "friends", but for some reason they left Shaver alive. Shaver left the cave and never returned to the inner world physically, however he continued to recieve "thought beams" which claimed to originate from other "Teros", yet these transmissions became increasingly occultic and confusing, suggesting, according to some, that the "Deros" were manipulating Shaver in order to bring disinformation and ridicule to the subject of an underground reality that was on the verge of becoming public knowledge on the surface. The "Shaver Mystery" DID however provoke much feedback from others who recounted similar experiences with the underground realm, however the highly occultic "messages" that Shaver continued to receive for years afterwards led many to become entangled deeply in occultic practices and belief systems, and also paranoid schizophrenic behaviors. This suggests that if the 'Deros' are real, that they at least in part fed Shaver with some disinformation concerning the reality of the underworld. Also, Shaver admits that his stories were 'Science Faction' (science fact - science fiction), so this tended to remove some of the focus from the actual concrete realities taking place in the cavern world. Who or whatever was manipulating Shaver's mind apparently succeeded in dragging many people under their occultic influence. According to Ray Palmer, who stayed overnight at Shaver's house on one occasion, he heard five separate and distinct voices one night coming out of Shaver, who was apparently linked to some sort of a collective-mind (similar to that which the reptilian-gray aliens -- that many UFO abductees describe -- are said to be linked with) via electro-telepathic waves. The "group" of voices which were being channeled through Shaver were matter-of-factly discussing the murder and dismemberment of a woman within "the caves", and one of the "voices" was stating -- according to Palmer -- that such things should not be taking place. source: AMAZING STORIES Magazine; THE HIDDEN WORLD; SHAVER MYSTERY Magazine; CAVEAT EMPTOR; SHAVERTRON magazine; Richard Shaver, the founder of Ufology?
EGYPT: GENERAL - Miniature robots have been created to explore hidden passages under the pyramids ... MORE: -1-
EGYPT, ALEXANDRIA - An ancient Underground City has been discovered beneath Alexandria.
EGYPT, EL TRINA GABEL[?] - Bill Cox described his visit to the ruins at Trina Gambel [or the ruins of El Tuna Gabel in the temple of Edfu between Luxor and Cairo, according to another source], where he observed a large horizontal shaft in the wall 8 feet above the floor. One of the guides told him that expeditionary forces several decades before had explored the passage and had followed the tunnel for several days without finding the end, having run out of candles, torches and markers, fearing that they would become lost if they proceeded any further. Some allege that below the Gizeh plateau is an immense cavern in which the "Black Monks" of the NSA, Aryan humanoids from Sirius-B, Reptiloids from Alpha Draco, and Greys from Rigel Orion collaborate as part of the ancient "Kamagol-II Empire" which was driven underground following their loss of an ancient war between Orion and Sirius-A over who would control the Egyptian ruling elite. This cult is not only the one that is supposed to have backed the Nazi's but has also infiltrated and controls behind the scenes much of the psionic electromagnetic "Ashtar" network which links the minds of an untold number of beings throughout the galaxy and beneath the earth into a single collective mind. The massive Gizeh facility reportedly has operative connections with the Dulce New Mexico and Pine Gap Australia bases. source: THE HOLLOW HASSLE Newsletter, Aug. 1, 1981 [Vol.2, No.4]; THE LEADING EDGE magazine; The Temple at Edfu; Astara Report
EGYPT, GIZEH - 500 feet below the base of the great pyramid, a secret team reportedly discovered a metallic door operated via sonic code, behind which was a room with over 30,000 recording discs and "alien" equipment. The discs were deciphered and reveal the rise and fall of alien civilizations. Over 2700 record discs were photographed with infrared film [the Egyptian government would not allow the discs to be taken from the chamber], as well as photographs of other strange equipment stored in three levels. According to an Air Force contact, the photo plates are sitting in a safe at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. source: ORION TECHNOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, AND OTHER SECRET PROJECTS, by Val Valerian. Also, report of an unexplored tunnel system near Zozer's Step Pyramid at Memphis-Saqqarah, within the tomb of the Bull, called "Serapium", which was reportedly sealed by the Egyptian government in order to keep explorers from being lost in its confusing labyrinth. source: "Odyssey Into Egypt", by Dr. Earlyne Chaney & Bill Cox, VOICE OF ASTARA, May 1982 issue. source: Tomb of Serapium; Astara Report; The Great Pyramid & the Ark of the Covenant; Ground-Penetrating Radar Studies; More: - -1- - -2- - -3- - -4- - -5- -
ENGLAND, CHESHIRE - Over Hundred Miles of underground caverns and tunnels have been excavated from the Salt Mines.
ENGLAND, CORSHAM - A massive underground city created during the 'Cold War' to house government officials in the event of a nuclear war with Russia, is now up for sale in the United Kingdom.
ENGLAND, HERTFORD - a Labyrinth of old Templar tunnels discovered by researchers.
ENGLAND, KENT - Many ancient underground structures exist beneath Kent.
ENGLAND, LIVERPOOL - A complex maze of underground tunnels underneath the city. source: WILLIAMSON'S TUNNELS
ENGLAND, LONDON - A dark 7 foot tall creature was observed by workers in London's New Victoria tube line. source: Article in THE PEOPLE [British], Dec. 1, 1968; London tube-line maps
ENGLAND, LONDON - An "underground city" created by centuries of occupation of the city, can be "seen" in this search
ENGLAND, ORKNEY - Discovery of a vast underground pagan temple
ENGLAND, STAFFORDSHIRE - In 1770 a laborer moved a large flat stone he encountered in a field while digging a trench, beneath which he discovered a descending stone staircase which he followed deep into the earth, finding that the staircase switch-backed now and then until he emerged into a large underground chamber several hundred feel below that was filled with strange objects and large machines and illuminated by a strange ever-luminous sphere which revealed a man on a throne like chair, dressed in a hooded robe. The man in the chair saw the intruder and stood up with a baton like object in his hand as he went over to the luminous sphere and smashed it, plunging the cavern into darkness, as the laborer stumbled back up to the surface in surprise and terror. The story spread that one of the secret chambers where the Rosicrucians hoarded their scientific secrets had been discovered, i.e. the "Rosicrucius Sepulchre". source: THE ROSICRUCIANS - THEIR RITES AND MYSTERIES, by Hargrave Jennings
ENGLAND, WESTMINSTER - Betty Andreasson speaks of a grey alien which emerged from a "hole in a mountain" near Westminster, when she was 12 years old. Since that time she had experienced several abductions to an alien cavern realm beneath the earth, by grey aliens that used manipulation and deception to get their way. source: THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR - PHASE II, by Raymond A. Fowler
EQUADOR - Reports of a vast subterranean complex discovered by Juan Moricz in Equador, near the area attributed to 77 47' 34" west and 1 56' 00" south; based on infornmation from Eric Van Danniken's book, the gold of the gods... Also new discoveries in the 'Cave of Tayos' which is apparently the same cavern mentioned by Juan Moricz in Eric Van Daniken's book
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