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The following is from a post that was sent to the prophetic-revival e-mail list. First however I would like to make some introductory comments.

The following prophecy is remarkably similar to the vision shown to Gordon Michael Scallion, that of a great earthquake which would literally rip North America in half, running from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico [others have told of a similar quake that would run from the Grand Canyon up along the base of the western Rockies and devastate everything to the west]. This Great Lakes Quake would, he saw in the vision, essentially turn the entire Mississippi River valley into an ocean inlet, splitting the continent in two, and also breaking up the earth from Utah and west to California, as the Great Basin of Utah/Nevada once again becomes an inland sea [this area sits right on top of the widest segment of the Pacific Ring of Fire]. The melting or breaking off of the polar ice caps will contribute the mass flooding of the coasts.

Like Scallion who claimed to have had an angelic visitation from a woman of light [similar to the visitation experienced by General George Washington at Valley Forge], Edgar Cayce, the so-called "sleeping prophet", also had a similar vision of a "woman in a light". Cayce among other things was shown the massive break up of the western states, but following this the destruction of New York City and other coastal cities [nuclear weapons?]. He also saw massive quakes THAT WOULD EMPTY THE GREAT LAKES INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO! Basically the safest places to be during these times, geologically speaking, would be east of the western Rockies and west of the Mississippi. These regions however might not be entirely safe from drastic weather catastrophes, plagues, or military activity... the best suggestion is to remain CLEAR of major cities in a HIGH place where there is fresh water [a place where fruit trees, vegetable gardens, dairy farms, and so on could be easily supported]... along WITH others of like mind as people will need to stick together during these times, but most importantly is the safety found in the shadow of the CROSS...

From: "Bob Yaussy"
Subject: Earthquake Vision
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 00:33:45 -0700

Most think of major earthquake prone areas in California. The strongest quake in the United States did not occur in that state, however. Since it's settlement by Europeans, the greatest earthquakes recorded in the US occurred between December 16, 1811 through February 7, 1812. There were five of magnitude 8.0 or higher in that period that made the Mississippi River flow backwards and changed forever some areas of the river valley. This fault system is known as "New Madrid". Information about this fault line and the current measured activity I found on the Web.

Somewhere, there is another, or possibly many who have "seen" this vision. It was given initially to Cliff Collins and Chuck Youngbrandt of Chicago land area.

Earthquake vision:

It was a beautiful sunny, warm day at a around 10:30 am, and I was reading my bible in the lobby during my coffee break. I had a feeling of uneasiness all morning -- jittery with no apparent reason. The tenseness that plagued me made me eager to seek consolation in the Word, which I knew would relax me. I had been reading for a moment or so when an odd thing happened. The sunlight which lit up the room suddenly seemed brighter than normal, but I dismissed this and continued reading. I then glanced outside again, and noticed something strange. Although I could clearly see fluffy clouds in that morning sky, I also saw simultaneously a clear blue sky with no clouds and a much brighter sunlight. Then I heard a very sharp, loud, and terrible cracking noise, and was aware that the ground was moving under me. The building all around me was wavering; the wall split at some points, and I heard a deep rumbling sound. It was an earthquake!

I looked around, amazed, while the chandelier pulled out of the ceiling and crashed to the floor. As the walls swayed, the two-story high windows exploded into thousands of glass fragments as their frames twisted and bent. The outside pillars around the door fell almost immediately, and the walls themselves were breaking up with many loud, snapping, and crackling sounds. A piece of ceiling about four feel long fell to the floor, crushing a chair. Everything was weaving so violently that I couldn't move. I heard a woman screaming. I was surprised that the building was holding up so well; for the earth was moving suddenly, sharply, and fast.

Suddenly, it stopped! I shook my head in unbelief and looked, seeing the wreckage and clouds of dust super-imposed on that beautiful day. In the next moment, I saw only the lobby as it had been before, untouched, with no sign of the earthquake. Bewildered, I tried to dismiss it all as my imagination, because I didn't know what else to do with the experience. I left the lobby and returned to work.

This experience, it turned out, was just the opening revelation of many by the Holy Spirit. On that first day and for days to come, in various placed, at various times, the Lord continued to reveal to me the earthquake happening over and over again. Each time I saw that bright clear-blue sky with no clouds and the bright sunlight. I heard that same sharp cracking noise which sounded so fierce, so deadly, that one could almost taste it; then came the fast and sudden movement of \ the earth. At that time I did not know what was happening nor understand much, except tat I not only saw the earthquake and heard it, but I also felt it and was aware of what people were thinking of at that time. I could even smell a difference in the air. As the days passed and the revelation unfolded, I began to suffer from emotional shock and pure horror. As the revelations all happened over an extended period of time, I will share them with you as it was given to me by the Holy Spirit.

It was now lunch time that same day. Everyone else was eating and I was at my desk covering the phones. My desk sat next to a window that faced east, overlooking the southern end of a small lake (called O'Hara Lake), past sister buildings built around the lakefront. Just east of the office buildings was the Tri-State Tollway and east of the Tri-State Tollway stood the Xerox factory and what looks like a water tower with the Xerox name on it; beyond Xerox one could see woods. It all started again. That day was super-imposed on the day I was in, and the prelude of bright sunlight, a sky with no clouds, and the sharp crack of the earth. With that, the whole building began to move under me. I watched a crack start and spread from the other end of the office to my area in the twinkling of an eye. The plaster wallboards popped, crumbled, and came undone as the walls buckled. The floor on my end sagged down about five or six feet, sending file cabinets and furniture sliding. Again I heard the screams and felt the panic and terror of the quake in others. I heard a thunderous roar in the tumbling earth, and noted that the movement was east to northwest in direction. I looked out of my window, and saw the Xerox water tower swaying back and forth, then the base gave way and the tower fell. I then saw flames rise from the Xerox building itself as the huge crumbling water tower hit the roof. In a few moments, the earth stopped shaking and I was struck by the utter quiet now of this future day, for I saw no living being at all, not even birds. Smoke arose from the Xerox building like a black pillar. The water in O'Hara Lake sloshed out of the lake in massive waves and then ran back into the lake bed.

I knew this was once again a vision of some future event, a massive earthquake. By this time I was emotionally caught up by the experience, but who could I tell? Who would believe me? At this point, I was the only one who had seen it, and I had no understanding what the purpose of the vision was.

It was now 3:00 pm, that same day. Again the "prelude" of the bright sunlight. This time the vision began where the last one left off. The destruction lay on every hand. I could literally feel the deadly quiet of that future day. Then the silence was broken by a terrible and different roaring sound that sent shivers down my spine. I turned to look out my window, my eyes glanced over the ruined terrain and up toward the woods beyond the Xerox building. There, over the tree tops, I was in the far distance a massive wall of water, clear and blue, that was moving westerly. It did not seem to be coming at this place, but seemed to be moving west and south. Yes, the wall of water was definitely south of my location in Des Plaines, Illinois. A wall of water from Lake Michigan, the roar so thunderous, so ominous, that it made me tremble. It was at this point that I realized that I was witnessing the destruction of Chicago by a monstrous earthquake, followed by a huge, destructive wall of water.

In that vision of a future day, I also say a jet airliner coming in for a landing at O'Hare Airport just at the time this wall of water made its appearance. The pilot also noticed it and, from black smoke coming out of the exhausts, I knew he was accelerating to get up and out. I wondered where the aircraft could land and thought of Milwaukee, but then I saw that this city, too, was flooding and being destroyed. I thought of St. Louis and saw it also broadly flooded and drowned out of existence. It was then that I began to realize some of the real scope of this future destruction, and only later realized that there has been no parallel in history for what is apparently coming upon us here.

A period of time then passed in that same day; but how much time I do not know. From a vantage point at street level in the Loop where I watched, suddenly I heard this terrible roaring sound; the sunlight was totally blotted and everything was engulfed in suffocating darkness. Later I was to see an aerial view of Chicago's downtown area, when the returning wall of waver from Lake Michigan would crash into the Loop with unbelievable force, surrounding the great skyscrapers still standing. They would withstand the waters for a moment; then they would slowly twist around and fall and vanish forever in the churning waters. The next day... I was driving east on the Eisenhower Expressway. Again I saw the aftermath of the earthquake; autos were piled up bumper to bumper, exit ramps were either broken or blocked, bridges were down everywhere. Suddenly the wall of water appeared in the east. Some people just froze, most ran to the right or left to try to hide or escape. One man got out of his car and knelt down to pray. He was the only smart one, for he would meet his Maker on his knees. The water engulfed them all. Houses were pulverized into nothing in an instant; concrete and asphalt were peeled back, the road bed was swept away in a moment, and then I saw 10 to 20 feet of earth flushed away in the twinkling of an eye.

In a nearby cemetery I watched the headstones, the dirt, the concrete boxes, and the coffins, as well as the clay beneath them, be quickly and successively torn away with the force of the wall of water. Then the water moved over me, and my view then shifted to the top of the water. There was that man who had knelt to pray; he now bobbed to the surface like a cork, unharmed. The Lord saved him right out of the midst of destruction because the man trusted in Him.

During the first of the visions I was a stunned observer, hardly believing what I was seeing; but the reality of this future disaster reached my heart. I thought of all the people who would be destroyed, and I shuddered at the carnage. Then, I turned to the Lord God in my spirit and asked: "Oh Father, will it be? Must it be? Might it be avoided? In that very instant of prayer, I was swept into the Spirit and found myself overlooking the whole city of Chicago. An angel of the Lord had his hand on me; below I saw the massive-saving hand of God placed between the city and the Lake, and I heard this loud, strong voice say, "This will I do if my children turn back to me!"

Later, I remembered that throughout human history, no major natural disaster ever came upon man without man having first been warned by prophets of the Lord God. Now, by the Holy Spirit, I saw an old black man with a bell in his hand moving through the black neighborhoods, ringing the bell and calling the people to repentance. The man was cursed by many and spit upon. I saw him crying, crying for those hard-hearted people. At one point a band of young toughs with murderous intend circled him and closed in on him from every side. A band of angels appeared about him and the would-be killers fled in fear. Those who would kill him could not, for he was commissioned by God to warn many. At the time, my heart went out to him for his mission was do difficult but it was also rewarding; for I also saw many repenting of their sins.

After the wall of water had engulfed the city and swept it away, I observed what seemed to be an endless flow of water moving steadily westward. Because I had seen St. Louis swamped and drowned out of existence by a broad body of water, I assumed that the water would connect somewhere with the Mississippi River and move southward, causing the Mississippi River to swell GREATLY beyond its banks. Again, I watched the water roar westwardly for days; I lost track of how long it moved like this, but was aware that the larger part, if not the whole, of Lake Michigan was emptying out. Farther from the city, to the west, I did see areas that were above water and intact except for earthquake damage, and some years after these first visions I was able to identify the Chicago suburb of Woodridge as one of those areas that will be partly or wholly above the flooding waters. I did see ditches here and there, with water running over them, and in the ditches I observed massed of canned goods, stripped of labels, but largely intact in the water and mud of the ditches.

I also saw the bodies of the dead, human and animal, floating everywhere. Dismembered bodies covered the disaster area, although thankfully, most were buried in the churning tide of mud that moved beneath the water. When the water began to subside, I would see corpses caught in branches of uprooted trees, appearing all through the widespread wreckage. When the water actually subsides after the real earthquake, we will view a vast mud plain with islands of refuge here and there. The stench of rotting flesh, decomposing vegetation, and stinking stagnant water in the hot, humid weather will seem unbearable.

I looked over the Chicagoland area after the waters subsided and the mud had dried, and I was astonished. Lake Michigan was gone; only a hilly lake bed remained to be seen. Mud covered everything, dried mud stretched over a vast expanse of what was once a great city. Bleached bones of the long-dead protruded here and there. There were no trees, no grass, just a dead silence. To the north I saw the ruins of buildings and in the northwest there were whole areas of standing homes and buildings, but even these were only patches here and there. The toll of the dead was beyond estimation.

From what I was allowed to see in those days of July 1973, I arrived at some conclusions about this future disaster. The day of the earthquake would be bright, warm or hot, with no clouds. The earthquake would strike late in the morning or very near noon. I was sure that it would take place in the summer months. One impression hit me; one should watch for the birds, when they go, the quake is near. Though I was not sure, I thought or felt that the disaster may strike on a weekend, but of this I was not sure. Though the Lord did not give me a precise date at that time, I knew it was not yet. I noticed that after the flooding waters dried up, the entire area was swallowed up in a dead calm, for no wind blew, and in the heat mixed with the stench, the air almost seemed to turn blue-green. Some survivors hid in closed rooms in unbearable heat to escape the stench. The stillness was truly remarkable. It seemed as if the whole world were holding its breath.

Over the years since 1973, the Lord by His Holy Spirit has continued to give a deeper understanding of this disaster of disasters. Today, we know that Chicago will be the center of an earthquake that will have an approximate destructive radius of 300 miles. We believe it will be the worst earthquake ever recorded in human history, second to none in destructiveness. The cities that will be flattened by this earthquake will be Chicago, Illinois; St. Paul, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; Indianapolis, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; Toledo, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Cincinatti, Ohio; and Kansas City, Missouri. Southern Ontario and part of southwestern Quebec, Canada, will be obliterated by the waters of the Great Lakes as they "backwash" and just before they return as a wall over Chicago and other areas. The Lord, by the Holy Spirit, revealed that the sound of the cracking of the ground or fault will be so fierce that windows will be shattered in Des Moines, Iowa, some 316 miles from Chicago. When the the earthquake hits, people will be knocked off their feet in Detroit and trees will fall out of the ground in St. Louis, some 269 miles from Chicago --- literally, the whole continental mass will tremble.

This is the vision of the earthquake that swept me up from July 2, 1973 to July 5, 1973. I did not know why I had seen it. On July 5th, I could bear no more and cried unto the Lord to take it from my seeing.