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June 9, 1997: Note #2 by Val Valerian: After some discussion with Alex Collier today, "there is direct intervention (ongoing) by three races", the following additional information and amplification came to light: (the material below constitute my thoughts in summation of what I have learned).

The three races involved are the Andromedans, a progressive group from the Pleaidian system and those from the Procyon system. The action and intervention is being done because the plantary situation is not being governed by humans, but alien and human-alien hybrids (the Nagas - see transcription of extracts from Alex Colliers June 8, 1997 Yelm lecture, pending). This action would not be taken if in fact the planetary power system was solely human controlled. The intervention will involve extremely large ships coming into Earths atmosphere for an extended period of time, in order to push the issue of the planetary power structure into self-responsibility, since the planetary power structure refuses to reveal what is really going on to the general population, and continues regressive and suppressive behavior patterns.

This general activity parallels other events that are going on in the time continuum. It appears that there are three (3) time streams that are involved with this whole process. The first one is the original timeline. The second derivative is the one that resulted from the technological interaction between several alien races in November of 1931 with the WWII Germans. The third timeline is one that started much earlier, wherein the groups from Sirius B were instrumental in the causation of biological warfare on the human population, and more than half of the Earths population dies. Now, what seems to be happening is that:

Interference with the timeline by the US government and other factions has been deliberately stopped by forces with an absolute mastery of time and space, as part of the general plan which will culminate on Aug 8, 2003.

Actions by those regressive groups from the Pleiadian system (Teygetta) and others who interacted with the Nazis, creating a parallel dimension with social implications even worse than those depicted in Philadelphia Experiment II, are being taken back through time in an effort to change events to that when this time track is imploding back into the original time line, the effect will be minimal.

The same actions are being done on the Sirian B biowarfare timeline, and the net effect relative to all these matters seems to be timed to coincide with the August 8, 2003 interval, wherein at least 78 different races have agreed to enforce the mandate against all alien contact with the Earth, on the surface, under the surface or in space, in order to allow a general situation where the population will be given a chance to press on without interference from suppressive, regressive and manipulative groups with the intent of ego-aggrandizement. So, the timeline is undergoing a forced change in order to accelerate the process beyond the rate it would go if it were left alone. Again, this is underway because earth humans do not ultimately pull the strings on this planet. The Non-Interference concept, at least on this level, no longer applies.
John Winston.

Note: Believe it or not, I've had personal run-ins [of a sort] with this 'Nazi' timeline. As for the biowar timeline I don't know. Whether we are all living simultaneously on all three timelines I do not know either, but I do know that we are multi-dimensional beings. The thing is that the other two timelines are slightly out-of-phase with the 3rd dimension on which THIS timeline exists. SO those two timelines are NOT as stable as this timeline, and can only survive by siphoning electromagnetic and ectoplasmic energy from the MAIN timeline. Also, because of potential paradoxes, objects and events in these 'alternate' timelines may not be as 'concrete' as those within the 'TerraPrime' 3D timeline. Also you may find that if you pose a potential threat to these other quasi time-branches, you may KNOW it, since those who established them may also know it. However since they are slighty phased-out of our dimension they cannot harm one physically, but they MAY attempt to affect one emotionally and psychically if they are allowed to do so. I hear it on 'good authority' that these other two timebranches are in the process of degeneration. "If the Lord build not the house, those who build it do so in vain"... "The foolish man built his house upon the sand, and the rain came, and washed it away." What I'm trying to say is that these 'realities' were constructed on false foundations outside of the 3rd dimensional mainstream, and therefore they have no SOLID foundation and will therefore disintegrate and those inhabiting those quasi-realities -- unless they have a counterpart body in our 'dimension' -- will dematerialize into beings of energy and thought form. The Creator established the universe with certain laws which must be followed, or else. I tend to digress from referring to the 'artificial' parallel realities as 'timelines'. I believe there is only ONE time-line, the others I would refer to as time-branches. Also, even as the Nazi and Sirian timelines are imploding, there are strong suggestions that yet another time-branch was created around November of 1997, essentially a New World Order takeover scenario facilitated by Montauk time-space manipulation technology. IF such a timebranch was established, then it is reasonable to assume that the Andromes, Pleiadeans, and Procyons are busy doing battle with the regressive forces of interventionism who were responsible for its creation. The imploding of these timelines, according to Morenay, who hails from the star Zenatae in the Andromeda constellation [not galaxy], has caused the time-flow in the MAIN timeline to speed up considerably. The 'future' should be interesting to say the least. However, as suggested by the above revelations, it would seem that alien implants, alien hybrids, other-dimensional alien parasites, and even non-humans masquerading in human form, play an integral part within these agendas of multi-dimensional manipulation and control.



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Dear Colonel Steve,
I have a question for you and the other subscribers, please don't find it too far fetched. My friend and I were discussing facial features the other day, and she commented that both she and her mother have seen people who have eyes like a cat (or a lizard?). She said her mom waited on someone whose eyes had large golden irises, and pupils that were like an elongated diamond. She was so shaken that she became physically ill, and had to vomit in the back restroom. My friend encountered the same situation, only the woman's eyes were brown. I asked the usual questions, as I have a friend with irregular pupils and I realize that this a totally human trait. But this type, with only a small amount of white showing? I don't know, don't want to be paranoid. If anybody has an answer, please email me, privately if necessary. I told her I'd ask for her. Thanks Caroline ------

From: the REVIEW JOURNAL, Las Vegas, NV 18 Feb. 1995

[Note: Perhaps from now on we should re-name them the Reptipublicans and Demonocrats!? You've got to wonder just WHY this comment struck such a "nerve" in Pentagram City. As you can see, I don't align myself to either of the only two machievellian "political parties" that are authorized by the Media monopoly... if anything I'm a Libertarian. - Branton]

WASHINGTON -- Eighty-two Republican members of the House are calling for the immediate resignation of the American Bar Association's president for referring to some members of Congress as "reptilian bastards."

In a letter to ABA President George Bushnell, a Detroit lawyer, the GOP members called his phrase "a reprehensible and unforgivable insult" to House Speaker Newt Gingrich and other Republicans.

At the ABA's national convention in Miami, Bushnell last week labeled as "reptilian bastards" those in Congress seeking to slash funding for the Legal Services Corp., which helps the poor with some legal problems.

Asked for comment Friday, Bushnell gave no indication that he would resign. he called the controversy regrettable, but said his "strong and passionate" remarks "were aimed only at those who would blithely eliminate or restrict funding for the Legal Services Corp., thereby denying millions of Americans the dignity of justice."

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REPTILIANS control the
David Icke, in his new book (out in Feb. 1999), "THE BIGGEST SECRET" (500 - 600 pages long) will reveal that Rh-Neg BLOOD LINES (hybrids) created by Reptilians, who live Underground within the Earth, are part of the genetic stream ruling the British (House of Windsor) and the Eastern Establishment of the USA. He reports that Princess DIANA knew, and called the House of Windsor, "The LIZARDS".

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Subject: IUFO: Reptiles for a Change :) by Arizona Wylder

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(It's true, unfortunately. --SW)

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-Caveat Lector-

The Scales of Justice - by Andrew Hennessey. TS Group. Edinburgh

I've watched a video from a lady who escaped MK-Ultra Satanic rituals, called: Arizona Wylder that she has seen the worlds elite including the British Royal Family, turn before her eyes at a satanic bloodfest into tall lizards brown speckled, with beige underbelly, scaly with lumps and protrusions, long lumpy covered toungue, yellow slitted eyes which protrude, and a tail which can be whipped about when agitated, arms and legs having claws. These ancient long lived 'Dragons' having pursued their 'Aryan' livestock species between the stars before they got to earth 4000 years ago in Sumeria. need this aryan species as food and masters of magical ceremony. The 'Aryans' having red hair and blue eyes.

Apparently these people make the tastiest of snacks, but are also useful for summoning, much like the HP Lovecraft scenario 'the old ones' Yog Sothoth etc from beyond the threshold - a feat which our long lived Reptilian predators apparently cannot manage. When the 'daemons' turn up - they have a sort of Barbeque - where the Aryans are turned into a sort of raw BK Flamer and consumed with relish .... whilst an exchange of news between the long lost bretheren lizard species occurs.

The same 'Global' names mentioned in Trance Formation turn up - plus that 'extra bit' - the 'Satanic Shape Changing Lizard Stuff'. The Roman name for this phenomena of shape changing is 'Versae Pellis', yes they had a word for it .... in Hindu mythology and in Tibet - the Naga were Lizards who appeared as Man, The link of the Fish species of the Dogon tribe to the nazi/sumeria stuff and sirius, stands out. From Mayans to the Picts of Scotland, and the serpent men Pictish carvings near Balmoral castle summer seat of the British Royal House.

I checked out the organisations mentioned from descriptions on video and trance formation and the common factor between all is the worship of a shape shifting being who originally came from Libya - later medusa, athene, then the greek athena.

The main modern link is the worship of the OWL. The Owl, is the silent night Stalker [Delta force name], the predatory aspect of the Goddess. It is present in strange rituals in London, it is mentioned by Cathy O'Brien in Trance Formation as a 20 foot concrete Owl in Bohemian Grove 'perversion cabin', it is also connected with the Order of the Dragon a neo Templar order for the Aryan bloodline set up by one of the people Wylder 'fingers' as an 'evil' reptile - 'Lawrence Gardiner' - behind various pretenders to the Scottish Throne.- she also 'fingers' Z. Sitchin as a Lizard

Other stuff spoken of by Wylder ties up Cthulu mythos with the Isis/ Osiris story and the rebirth of the Aeon of Horus. The symbol of the will of Horus is the swastika - [Crowley/Thelema] Wylder says that Diana was sacrificed by the Reptilians by an elaborate scheme which had the car crash into the 13th pillar on an ancient sacrificial site to the Goddess Diana, and other such stuff.

You may be happy to know that according to Wylder, when Prince Charles changes under his volumous red robes with the fleur de lys he grows really big, but in place of his 2 human ears are two big knobbly bits on his lizards head ... :) and the Queen isn't a lizard of the beige species - she's a darker colour with much smoother transition in the speckling !!

The smell of blood tends to make the lizards lose shape too easily these days, but soon they're going to be above this masquerade - and they're going to 'come out' - by that time 'the scales of justice' will be in their favour, and Good Queen Liz will rule the planet. We're going to have to get a Claws in their contract - and thereby hangs a tail ???

With my bullsh*t detectors operating at Full Power, I sit and watch another video by my mate dave, who went and filmed a lady in England called Brenda Butler who had the most troublesome lodger who kept reading her mind, and answering questions before they were asked, slept beside radiators, added syrup to the sunday lunch, and took Brenda into the bedroom one day saying 'I've got something to show you' [do you mind - this is serious research !] .... well before her eyes, he apparently transformed into a Lizard.

Her boyfriend - a bit miffed at this wierd stuff - asked him to leave because he was sick of this guy called David Daniels, teleporting between rooms. He claimed to come from Sirius - [which ties in with the 'eye of Horus' and such stuff], before then he had been wanted by the FBI in the States on what he said were 'trumped up charges'.

Well that's about all I can take just now - if anyone knows if this stuff is even vaguely true could you let us know asap ... thanx.

Andrew Hennessey
Transformation Studies Group
Edinburgh Scotland

[Note: Aside from the claims made by Alex Collier's "Zenatae Andromedan" contacts that there are very few actual "human" leaders on earth in these times -- most of them having been "replaced" -- other sources have also confirmed these reptilian "bloodfests". One source, J.B., insisted that based on reports he had heard from inside military-intelligence informants, U.S. Navy ships are used by these reptilian elite in order to carry out their vampirial practices whereby the reptilians, having no soul, aquire the "life force" that they crave second hand by drinking the life-blood of innocent victims. And who was one of the elite reptilians that these sources have stated has been observed "transforming" during these bloodfests? None other than the entity that goes by the name of George Herbert Walker Bush. Perhaps Bush and other elite were once human, that is until they were either replaced by alien shape- shifters [who allegedly use laser-holograms and technotic projection to maintain their human-like illusions], or they have been taken over by fifth density reptilian parasites to the extent that the parasite has assimilated the host into its own being, similar to the reptilian parasite depicted in the movie STARGATE which assimilated the being of an Egyptian boy. However, according to many, this scenario is FAR FROM mere science fiction. So disbelieve it at your own risk. - Branton]

From: Andrew Hennessey
Sent: Sunday, February 21, 1999 8:40 PM
Subject: [CTRL] Reptiles, Aryans and Horror

-Caveat Lector-

There follows a fuller exposition of the Arizona Wylder video which I hope to God isn't true.

Some people on this list have said that this is all real - I make record of it here for the benefit of all concerned.

This account is based on notes that I took from the 3 hour video.

This video was made by David Ike and Bridge of Love publications
po box 43 Ryde Isle of Wight
PO33 2 YL
ENGLAND tel 00 44 1159 129000

It is called 'Revelations of a Mother Goddess' [a title given to this lady - one of 3 in the world] And also accompanies David Ikes detailed exposition of this subject called 'THE BIGGEST SECRET'

According to the Mothers of Darkness, the satanic cult based in Brussels who train and educate the MK child slaves as they are 'born to the blood' - the Aryan bloodline is Alien to this planet - they were a Race fleeing the Reptiles and got here 4000BC - then started mixing with the locals. Red hair, Blonde hair, blue eyes they may have been of great stature as recent excavations of the 8 foot tall Firbolg Knights in Eire suggest. Then, the Reptilian species - who have according to Giza plain mathematics have come from the Serpens star cluster [serpens caput and serpens cauda both of 7 stars] arrived in 2000BC and as record would have it - infiltrated the Human race and its social structure and began the hybridisation experimentation.

One of which was the foundation of the Merovingian Dynasty [born out of half man and half 'fish']. There are 13 bloodlines from this kind of stock, and all of them have to a greater or lesser degree the capacity to play host to the Shape Changer Reptiles. The known shape shifting in human mythology goes back to north africa, tibet, maya, Rome [called versae pellis effect].

The Reptile species is apparently on a loser because it had been brought into being in a very tenuous way. Its mission is to bring its ancestors [thought of as daemons] out of an abyss from which they cannot escape [Cthulu mythos etc] and seek to open up a gate or portal Yog Sothoth to enable them to do so. For this, they need lots of pure aryans. The occult ritual and ceremony [satanic/druidic etc] they perform on aryan sacrifices serves several purposes.

Because the Reptiles allegedly cannot call up their lost mates from the abyss, they need the magical/spiritual properties of the aryans to do the ceremony for them. They turn up - after ritual has been rigourously followed, and give their special team of shape changers in this dimension encouragement to carry on looking for the way to go with the escape of the 'demons' from their abyss.

Various MK-slaves are there, some get eaten some get 'orgied' - flesh and blood is devoured especially that of the sacrifice - a female whose combination of blood; preferred menstrual [thats why satanic/druidic ritual goes with the full moon] - and with the secretion from the pineal gland stimulated by intense fear, the sacrifice drives the Reptiles wild with carnage.

The pineal gland or third eye in human terms is an alien piece of biochemistry in the human race - as any biochemistry text book will tell of its reptilian biochemistry - so it leads us to wonder whether or not the Aryan Race was a phase 2 hybrid created by the Shape Changing reptiles so that they could colonise this sector of the '3' dimensional cosmos.

Reptiles could do with a pineal gland - because they want its mystical powers, but it looks like they have been unable to integrate this organ into their own being - as it gives access to dimensions of incredible energy and spiritual purity that would be a bit off-putting to a species hell bent on slaughter. The Reptiles are trying to bring through the 'Old Ones' in fact as characterised by HP Lovecraft in 'the Dunwich Horror'.

They have a hypnotic gaze which fixes the victim - in a trance of terror - which promotes secretion of the pineal gland - at that point, they cannot hold human form any longer and shape shift in anticipation of supper. They have a pecking order at bloodfest ceremonies, and seem to need more and more blood these days as the planetary food supply is deteriorating in quality. [Shades of the movie "BLADE"!? - Branton] Must be the additives etc.

They have therefore capitalised on every Druidic and Magical date to try to get as much use out of the effect of the lunar cycle on female menstrual blood. [Note: I was told by one abductee of an experience she had wherein she was taken to an underground facility in which there was a dark skinned Black Ops military man and a tall reptilian humanoid... there was also a chamber with deep purple lighting in which she sensed several other reptilian humanoids. She saw a "cage" descend from the cieling and a young blond girl just on the verge of the age of puberty. She was terrified as the tall reptilian took her from the cage and put her into the chamber with the other reptilians. This abductee could just stand there and watch as she was apparently in some kind of mind-paralizing trance. One must wonder just what horrors exist right beneath out feet!? That is, if these people are telling the truth. - Alan]

They call this aspect of the menstrual blood Starfire, and indeed, one of the people in the UK Arizona Wylder 'fingers' as a Shape Shifter called Lawrence Gardiner has written an article about 'Starfire and menstrual blood' in Nexus magazine. He is also behind the 'Order of the Dragon', an attempt to assemble and register the pure bloodstock of the UK in London.

A list of other people Arizona Wylder says that she has seen shapeshift into Reptiles at these rituals; USA: Bush and 2 sons, Albright, Kissinger, Reagan and Nancy, J ROCKEFELLER, Ford, Carter and LB Johnson. EUROPE: Queen Mum, Queen Liz II, Princess margaret, Charles, Tony Blair, and prince Philip, Zacharia Sitchin, Lawrence Gardiner. The big International and Interstellar leader she says is a chap called the Marquis de Libero - aka Pindar [phallus of the Dragon] who provides superior seed to impregnate the specially bred Aryan and Bloodline Children with - including - Princess Diana - who brought forth Prince William - Pindars son. [Woa! I've seen several documents in the newsgroups about Prince Charles' connection to the number 666, some suggesting that he will be the Antichrist, but others suggesting that Charles is too old and that Prince William "Arthur" may be another possibility... King "Author", the "Once and Future King" returned, son of the "goddess" Diana? This is of course all speculation as William AND MANY OTHERS who have been linked with certain "signs" of a possible Antichrist connection still have free agency. Lucifer may "groom" a person to be his "annointed" on earth, but unless that person is WILLING it will not come to pass. We all have free choice. Myself and other "Montauk hybrids" were also groomed for this very purpose, but we CHOSE to decline the offer! I certainly have no desire to be the Antichrist... the "Anti-Beast" perhaps, but forget the A.C. thing! The true "beast" will be known according to holy scripture when he is assassinated and rises 3 days later incarnated by Lucifer himself. But Isaiah 14 may be seen in a new light in context with the above: "Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent." The Antichrist may very well be a reptilian or a hybrid. - Branton]

In the underground vaults of his castle in the Alsace Region of France, green glowing flourescent rocks turn stored menstrual blood black to be used at that special ritual - whilst in the great heat, clutches of Reptile Eggs incubate. { this looks like a job for Sigourney Weaver - ;-) }

The Queen Mother is second to Pindar/Libero and she is carried on a rich ornate chair before she changes into something much bigger and stronger.

At the ceremonies, volumous robes of red or purple richly decorated with gold, sewn jewels, and embroidered fleur de Lys are worn, not any human clothes for these would tear during the shift. All the British House apparently have jewel encrusted goblets to drink the blood from the symbolic female 'grail' and a symbolic dagger to give it a bit of a stir.

Arizona Wylder then went on to describe the appearance of the British Royal family when they have underwent the shape shift. The Queen mum is 8 feet tall, with a snout, and fangs. All have a long tongue with hair-like protrusions - with claws for hands and feet. They have scales and these seem to disappear into one another, this, more pronounced on the back. Some have vestigial wings, all have a tail usually kept curled which is whipped about when agitated. The Queen Mum has a beige belly and more darkly speckled and mottled brown from the head and spine. The body has protrusions running down the spine. The eyes are large and round, protruding, varying in colour from beige to yellow to yellow green - with a black vertical slit for a pupil - the eyes can be hooded.

Charles apprently has two large protrusions just above where his human ears are. The Queen [Liz II] is much darker, all over much more homogenous in marking, where the colours gradually and smoothly change to the head, tail and back.

Arizona Wylder says that the princess Diana death was a ritual public sacrifice to usher in the Age of Horus [egyptian magical tradition - rebirth of the dead god Osiris]. Because the magicians like to mirror dates, the dark goddess Hecates number is 13, which was why the 31st august was chosen. It was a mirror of a Isis, Osiris, Horus ritual because 3 people died and the unborn baby Diana was carrying was the very special 3 months old. Apparently baron Rothschild had to be in the tunnel at the 13th pillar where the accident happened to take the soul of Diana - and indeed an ambulance did arrive on the scene a minute after the crash.

The driver henri paul was Mind Controlled and trained for the crash. Bits of Diana were then eaten by the hierarchy. Arizona Wylder has said that some Spencers were there at these Rituals, but that Diana would not attend - and that symptoms of Bolemia and Anorexia were mind control techniques used on her.

Wylder also said that the smell of Dianas periods would have caused Charles to shape shift - especially whilst sleeping because the Reptiles cannot retain their human form without concentration.

Arizona Wylder came across as sincere with this disturbing account and spoke of the hideous abuse to which herself and her children had been subject. I can only reiterate that I hope to God the obscenities mentioned here are not true.

Andrew Hennessey
Transformation Studies Group
Edinburgh Scotland