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Nibiruan Physiology

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Date: Wednesday, September 23, 1998 11:29 PM
Subject: Nibiruan Physiology

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by Robertino Sol=E0rion =A91998


Some Basic Differences Between Nibiruans & Tiamatian-Neanderthals (with = N =3D Nibiru and T =3D Tiamat/Earth)

N: Third and Fourth Dimensional, with Access at the Highest Levels to = the Fifth
T: Third Dimensional Only (with certain exceptions)

N: Reptilian in Species, Advanced Lizard-like Appearance
T: Mammalian in Species, Advanced Ape-like Appearance

N: Larger Body Structure at about 15 feet (5 meters) tall
T: Smaller Body Structure, like most humans

N: Ageless (as adults), Long-Lived
T: Aging, Graying, Short-Lived

N: Red, Golden, Green, Blue, Brown Skin Pigmentations
T: Orange, White, Tan, Brown, Black Skin Pigmentations

N: Blue-Black, Petroleum-Based Blood
T: Bright-Red, Saltwater-Based Blood

N: Hairless Body Surfaces
T: Hairy Body Surfaces

N: Abundant Facial Hair on Males
T: Scant Facial Hair on Males

N: Baldness Gene from Female to Male
T: No Baldness Gene

N: Cool-Blooded with No Need for Sweating
T: Warm-Blooded with Sweat-Cooling Mechanism

N: Lack of Body Odors
T: Bacterial Body Odors

N: Periodic Hibernation at the Oort Cloud
T: Non-Hibernatory

N: Offspring Incubated in External Hardshell Eggs
T: Offspring Incubated Internally in Mother's Womb

N: Internal Genitalia on Males
T: External Genitalia on Males

N: No Pubic Hair
T: External Pubic Hair

N: Absence of Need for Urination
T: Frequent Urination

N: Hard, Dry Excrement
T: Soft, Moist Excrement

N: Presence of Tails, primarily on Males
T: Absence of Tails

N: Presence of Horns, primarily on Males
T: Absence of Horns

N: Presence of Wings, primarily on Females
T: Absence of Wings

N: Up to Seven Fingers and Toes
T: Five Fingers and Toes

N: Long, Claw-like Fingernails
T: Short, Smooth Fingernails

N: Gold Teeth & Silver Bones
T: Calcium/Phosphorous Teeth & Bones

N: Multiple Pupils in Each Eye
T: One Pupil in Each Eye

N: Primarily Vegetarian in Dietary Habits
T: Primarily Carnivorous in Dietary Habits

N: No Desire or Instinct to Wear Clothing (as "skin," only for = "adornment")
T: Instinct to Wear Clothing (for lack of other "outer skin")

N: Propensity to Sun Tan
T: Propensity to Sun Burn

N: Susceptibility to Frostbite
T: Resistance to Frostbite