The letter we quote here appeared in the Winter, 1962 issue of THE HIDDEN WORLD, one of several publications which grew out of the "Shaver Mystery" controversy of the late 1940's:

"Mr. Richard Shaver: Hoping this letter finds you in the best of health. My name is Frank J. Mezta. I live in the County of Imperial Valley, City of Calexico, California.

"Through accident I happened to stumble into your book HIDDEN WORLD issue No. A-1 and just recently A-2. I sometimes wonder if it was luck or deliberate action on the part of a tero. All my life, I have been looking and asking for certain, unsolved and unanswered questions regarding civilization, our ancestors and the beginning of time. I believe your book gave me the best answers. Let me tell you a few of my expeditions.

"Two years ago, we went treasure hunting in the interior of Mexico, which turned out to be a flop. But in that excursion some strange things happened to us, which at the time we wrote off as superstition. We went to this place where we were supposed to enter; but suddenly a fright with chills came over me, something I had never felt before. Something like a sixth sense, like if I knew something was going to happen to me. I didn't go in and neither did anybody else. Next day we approached the cave again, only this time I wasn't afraid and I let the group inside. This cave was tremendous in size, and leading passages everywhere. Some of these passages or chambers, sometimes being 30 ft. high and 100 ft. long (contained) connecting tunnels. We finally gave up, but in retrieving we found two leading passages instead of the one we had entered. This startled us, and we set to investigate the second tunnel. It just kept winding and going down so we finally gave up and got out of there.

"When we got back to the village we struck a conversation with two Mexican Indians, and they told us that whatever we did, not to go into the enchanted caves. We got curious and asked them where these so called enchanted caves were. They gave us directions and that was exactly where we had entered a few days ago. We asked them what happened in these caves. They told us that people that went in there, never came out, that while in there, the entrances and tunnels would change, which happened to us, and we didn't know about this till after we had been in there. Then they told us the strangest thing, which at the time we said these people are superstitious, they said that they went with an expedition with 20 or 30 men hired by an American man to look into this cave. This happened about 10 or 15 years ago they said. Four or five of the men had revolvers, they were well equipped with lights and tools. While they were working there all of a sudden in the far end there appeared a half man and bull head like a bull upright. This description fits the one you have on your front cover on issue A-1. And next to him was a naked midget or little boy. They pulled out their revolvers but they wouldn't fire, and their lights went out. There was confusion, and several men were killed in the scramble and nobody returned after that - Frank J. Mezta, 939 Genge, Calexico, Calif."

In his book 'ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS' (Souvenir Press), Andrew Tomas, in his chapter "Labyrinths and Serpents", states: "...According to legend, King Minos of Crete ordered his architect Daedalus to construct the labyrinth, a maze of passages so ingeniously devised that even the builder himself could not find his way without a plan. In the center lived the Minotaur, half bull, half human, to whom the Greeks sent seven youths and seven maidens as a tribute every nine years. The Minotaur was slain by Theseus who was able to find his way out of the labyrinth thanks to a ball of thread given to him by Ariadne. This myth has been interpreted as an historical record of the construction of the palace of Minos in Knossos which contains innumerable galleries and rooms. On the other hand, this myth may have an entirely different interpretation, similar to a cryptogram, which conceals the existence of a secret repository of underground chambers and passages..."

Although this might seem to be just a "legend", there are alleged accounts such as the one relayed above of actual encounters with paraphysical (part supernatural, part physical) "demonic" creatures such as the satyres, centuars, and Minotaurs, etc.. which have been described in Greek mythology. Such encounters often involve paraphysical "poltergeist-like" phenomena and manipulation of mind and matter. According to some sources, a race of beings possessing a combination of humanoid, angelic and animal-like characteristics pre-dated Adamic civilization and were involved in the original rebellion and conspiracy against the Creator. The creatures mentioned in the 9th chapter of the book of Revelation "may" be this type of demonic or fallen entity. These were apparently distinct from the purely spiritual angelic and fallen angelic beings.