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>To: All
>Subj: Hypotherapist on Abductee Brainwashing
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>This is a response to the people who have posted inquiries to the letter
>written by the hypnotherapist in Santa Barbara who wrote on abductee
>brainwashing. I'm the hypnotherapist and I'd like to introduce myself to you
>and give you some background information. I originally wrote the letter to a
>group of abductees on AOL. It was a private letter to about 40 or so people,
>asking for their input and experience with regards to a new pattern I was
>seeing. A recipient of my letter then sent it around to other boards and I
>understand it ended up on ParaNet. Although I had no idea that my letter
>would travel to other BBSes, I'm not at all displeased because I do feel that
>what I have to say needs to be read by people who have had abduction
>experiences and who are suddenly undergoing a drastic change in their
>attitude towards the abduction scene. I was not writing as a professional
>hypnotherapist when I wrote that letter, I was writing from a gut reaction to
>what I had witnessed in my own group and the "programmed" way the two people
>mentioned in the letter had responded. I should mention that although it is
>a support group and I do work with hypnosis and abductees, not one person in
>that support group had felt that they were ready to pursue their experiences
>through hypnosis at the time I wrote that letter. They all had waking
>memories that were traumatizing them and that is why they had come to my
>group. The support group consists of a group of people who need each other
>for open talk and support, and at each meeting I present a talk on a
>different aspect of abduction or a UFO-related phenomenon (last meeting was a
>talk on MIB). At one recent meeting I presented Ann Druffel's work on how to
>stop an abduction before it gets fully started. Ann has worked for years in
>Los Angeles and has come up with several ways that *sometimes* are successful
>in stopping the abductors. I do personally feel that what I and other
>researchers are seeing is a little frightening. People are suddenly falling
>into what Karla Turner calls "love your abductor" behavior. I had read a
>little about this and I know about the Stockholm Syndrome (aka Hostage
>Syndrome) and I had assumed that this is what was happening to people. After
>witnessing what happened in my own group, I no longer think that is the case
>in every instance. It may still account for a few people but there is
>something else operating here, too.
>Anyway, just in case my full letter didn't make it to the board, I have
>attached my original letter below. I just want people to use their heads,
>that's all. I'm not trying to sway anyone to
>how I'm feeling about this whole thing. I just don't think some people have
>carefully and logically thought out what *abduction* means.
>I certainly welcome any further discussion/comments anyone would like to make
>to me. I'm not trying to be some kind of
>behind-the-scenes expert here. I'm just reporting my strong gut feeling
>about abduction and saying why I think so.
>(Original letter to abductees on AOL)
>Date: Sun, Feb 12, 1995
>Subj: Abductee brainwashing?
>To: (A large group of abductees)
>Hi everyone,
>As most of you know, I'm a hypnotherapist in Santa Barbara. I
>have a support group here with 15 people in it. I am very
>disturbed by a new pattern that I see occurring. When I check
>with other researchers, they are seeing the same pattern. I want
>to tell you what I see is going on and ask that each of you tell
>me honestly how you feel about it and what your own experience is
>(if any) with this occurrence.
>We are noticing that abductees who have a history of being taken
>against their will, being physically examined and violated, and
>being studied in many ways, had been saying that abduction is
>wrong. That being taken out of one's bed or car against their
>will, sometimes experiencing awful, painful procedures, being
>lied to and given screen memories, being paralyzed and
>manipulated and controlled was offensive to them and frightening
>--- they are NOW suddenly changing their tune. What we are all
>hearing is that the abductors are showing them how everything
>happening to the abductees is for their own good and that the
>abductors are very advanced spiritual beings.
>What this information does to an abductee (whether told to him in
>words or shown to him in pictures) is to make him give up seeking
>to end his abduction experiences and instead start to welcome
>them. Instead of the abductee coming into a sense of his/her own
>power as a spiritual being and one who does not need to give up
>his/her free will to anyone, what we are now seeing is a group of
>submissive, controlled abductees who are passively letting the
>abductors do as they want with them, all in the name of spiritual
>progress. This is very frightening.
>First let me make something very clear. I DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE
>MOMENT that technological advancement equals spiritual
>advancement (it may, but it is NOT a given). Also, anything that
>makes a person give up his own personal power and integrity is
>definitely not spiritual. In my mind, anything that keeps a
>person in ignorance, from progressing spiritually, from learning
>the truth, and from taking responsibility for his own growth and
>awakening to his true nature as a spiritual being in his own
>right, is wrong and bad. Anything that allows the person his free
>will, responsibility for his own spiritual progress, and aids in
>the process of discovering his true unbounded spiritual nature is
>good. I have noticed that just when a number of abductees are
>fed up with being toyed with and are ready to learn to fight
>back, it is as if a switch goes off in their heads and they
>suddenly start saying how spiritual their abductors are, and they
>give up wanting to be personally powerful and instead just let
>the abductors tell them anything and they go along with it.
>I certainly believe that there are wonderful spiritual beings in
>our midst who are guiding and aiding us in more ways than we can
>imagine. BUT, I also believe that we have some very devious
>entities in our midst who lie, use screen memories, manipulate an
>abductee's emotions with virtual reality scenerios, and in
>general are totally into control and power. How can an abductor
>who has been abusive and controlling suddenly be seen to be
>advanced spiritually, unless the abductee's own mind has been
>lied to and toyed with in some way. I agree that truth is almost
>impossible to find in this maze of experiences that abductees are
>going through. But a manipulative control monger doesn't
>SUDDENLY become an advanced spiritual being.
>I'm sure there are people who have had contact with spiritual
>entities who impart information and simply aid in the spiritual
>process, I feel that I have encountered that type in my past. I
>have no doubt that there are dozens of very kind, helpful groups
>of entities here with us. BUT, there are also the other ones
>here, and we have to be VERY CAREFUL to analyze why we are
>believing what we are being told by anyone who would come and
>kidnap us and do whatever they want. All I guess I'm saying to
>anyone who feels that they are in this boat, is PLEASE don't
>immediately believe everything you are told/shown by these guys.
>Many abductees have been shown nurseries which seemingly house
>containers with hybrid babies in them. Sometimes the abductee is
>asked to hold a hybrid infant, as if the point was to bond with
>it for the baby's sake. I have to seriously question the motives
>of these aliens. One would think that they had only caring and
>concern for the hybrids, but there are reports (not being given
>out much by researchers because of their negative impact on
>people) where an abductee is taken into the nursery and then
>asked to watch as the abductors systematically break open the
>containers and kill the babies. I'm not making this up. A
>number of researchers know this is true. What then is the motive
>and agenda of these beings, if they can do such things? Can the
>whole hybrid thing be a great cover for some other agenda that we
>don't even have a clue about? All I'm saying is that things are
>not to be taken at face value and these beings certainly should
>not be believed just because they say something or show someone
>something. If they can (and we know they can) manipulate a
>person's mind with screen memories and virtual reality scenes,
>then they can easily have that person believing that they are
>wonderful spiritual beings. Just be careful and don't
>necessarily believe what you are told outright. We presently
>have no way to know the truth about what is really going on.
>Many abductees feel strongly that they really do know what is
>going on. I'm saying that we don't have any way to know that
>anything they show us or tell us is true. Be careful and be
>smart and don't be so trusting that you get led off in a
>direction that looks promising and one that you believe, just
>because it is nice and easy to believe in. I feel that we
>haven't even begun to get to the bottom of what is going on.
>The worst thing you can do for yourself is to believe something
>just because it fits nicely with the picture you would like to
>see happening to this world in the future. I know that it takes
>great strength and courage to put aside a glowing, positive
>picture and admit that you really just don't know for sure. We
>would all like to believe the wonderful reports of the aliens
>doing DNA studies on you and raising hybrids so they can somehow
>save our planet or theirs, but I don't think that is going on at
>all. I think we aren't seeing clearly.
>Anyway, I think you have a good idea of where I'm coming from.
>I personally watched two people in my support group (two people
>who had terrible experiences for years and whose lives were
>thrown upside down by their abductions) walk into the meeting
>last Wednesday and tell everyone that they had been wrong all
>this time. That they were now shown that it was all for their
>own good and that they should care deeply about these
>"spiritually advanced" beings. Their lives are a wreck, their
>marriages have ended, their children are a wreck, they are as far
>from happy and content as anybody can be -- and they say it is a
>spiritual being their are working with. I say - no way. But we
>are gullible human beings and we do like to buy what is easy and
>makes our world view easy to accept. Just think about it ....
>what would a truly spiritual being be like and what would he do
>to help a person grow? Not terrorize him, surely. Anyway, I
>really do want to hear back from anyone who will be kind enough
>to respond. And I truly apologize if I have hurt anyone's
>feelings here, that is certainly not my intention. I just don't
>want us all being sheep, brainwashed by those less-than-honest
>groups who want to control us. Be discerning and be careful with
>what you accept as your truth. Thanks for your time. My warmest
>regards to you all. Donna