Subject: Re: The seven cities...
Date: Thu 06/29/06 01:48 PM

Bruce! Here's the translation that is supposedly an accurate translation of the 1797 codice written (or inscribed) on the leather pages found in the cave on (or in) Victorio Peak, along with other artifacts, much MUCH ! treasure, human skeletal remains, etc. and then subsequently buried (after the translation was performed obviously), in a Wells Fargo strongbox, somewhere in the nearby desert. Here goes!

"In 7 languages in 7 foreign countries (or seven tribal nations of North America, acording to some sources - Branton), look for the 7 cities of gold. 70 miles (kilometers?) North of El Paso Del Norte (the present day El Paso-Juarez area), in the 7th peak "Soledad". These cities have 7 sealed doors; 3 sealed towards the the rising of the Sun; 3 sealed towards the setting of the Sun; one deep within the "Cueva de Oro" at high noon. Recieve health, wealth and honor" - Signed by Pope Pius 3rd.

Well buddy that's it. No-one has ever found (or admitted finding) the origional codices and who knows if this translation is anywhere near accurate or correct but there it is. Very few of the sites treating of Victorio Peak contain this translation although most of them mention the document. It is a mystery indeed. Doc Noss was shot in the head by a perspective business partner, split up with his wife some years after the origional discovery of the cavern and apparently had little opportunity to spend even what little of the treasure he was able to retrieve from the cavern, so the blessing written at the end of the translation certainly didn't apply to him.

Greed, as you know my brother, is a poison to the soul. Perhaps if some other, more spiritually eveolved or focused individual (or individuals) had discovered the treasure, Pope Leo's good wishes may have been realized but not in the case of Doc Noss or his wife. Apparently the government, after becoming aware of it, subsequent to Doc Noss' claim filing as well as word of mouth, took over posession as well as excavation of the site and removed most, if not all, of the gold, using the most advanced excavavtion equiptment available at the time.

The gold as you probably know, was apparently secretly shuttled out of the area in planes, to LBJ's ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico... the state that is just south of the New Mexico and Texas international border with Mexico and subsequently used to finance CIA black ops in various parts of the world (Southeast Asia in particular I believe) thus avoiding the normal administrative governmental channels for funding of such operations (Air America! ever seen that flick with Mel Gibson? It'll explain a lot about CIA covert operations in general and in Southeast Asia in particular). Anyway, hopefully the powers of good have been, are, or will be equally funded for the cause of Truth, Light and Love and that for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction, thus guaranteeing funding for efforts that promote the truth, the Light of Christ and the Love of Our Creator for all His creation.

Blessings! Markos