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I recently received a message from a person living in
Spain. I will not give the details as I wish that he
is free to explore what he found on his farm when he
was 9.

from Gregorio:
It is curious Gavin,
>> >>     thank you very much for your emails,
>> very
>> >> nice to know we are not crazy.
>> >>
>> >>     From very young ( 9 years old more or
less) I
>> >> found an old cave on my farm, this farm was
>> founded
>> >> by Franciscanos ( religious catholic order
>> >> spain), and they made stairs and roof so it
>> be
>> >> easily accessed.
>> >>
>> >>     Few weeks ago I found a way to get in
>> >> other tunnel, and I found stairs going
>> >> down, I got down for at least 45 minutes,
>> >> wondering for the  batteries I came back
>> >>
>> >> I have very nice feelings when I get in,
>> >> wondering how could I contact its
inhabitantas I
>> >> write you these lines...

> Hello Greg,
>> I'm glad is interesting for you too.
>> Spain, an area with neolitic settlements at
>> the cave goes down more
>> than 2500 yards
>> through irregular steps, and also goes up as
>> crosses the sides of the
>> valley, as it should have another entrance
>> unfound at the upper part
>> of one side of the Valley. A old tale names
>> passages as 'passage of
>> the monks', as it is beleived that some monks
use to
>> used it to move around.
>> I am sure that the outter part is made by
them, but
>> as soon as the irregular
>> steps appear the aspect of the cave changes.
It is
>> funny as it looks older
>> but it will last longer... how to explain the
>> endurance and deep of the
>> feeling.
>> I wonder if I would have to stay at the cave
>> my eyes get more used to
>> the low amount of light and turn off the
>> battery-light. But this would take
>> more than a weekend, who knows if I could do

from me:
I spoke with the psychic Eric Kourganis yesterday on
the phone who lives presently in Miami, Florida.
I gave him the details of the cavern area.
He said that the area is quite large with many tunnels
leading into other caverns. That at one time there was
a society that dwelled in that region underground.
Also that the people there have blocked off entrances
that lead hundreds of miles into the ground into the
Hollow Earth. But it would be impossible to access
these areas as the people inside would send negative
energy to thwart entry.
He said that there is no danger in exploring the
deeper areas, but you would make certain to have a
rope/strings as becoming lost is a possibilty.
It does appear that the monks were in contact and
could go deeper inside, much deeper. And that the
cavern entrances to the Hollow Earth places were
blocked off in the 1500's or before.
He also said there are probably many artifacts still
around. So it may be a good find for you in that way.
Keep me informed on any adventures you may have.

Greg Gavin
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