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Subject: Saudi Arabian CAVES and the DJINNS
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 14:10:14 -0800

Saudi Arabia
Ancient CAVERNS, And Those Invited Through The Portals
   "Them"..... Whether they are called angels and demons, good and bad aliens, gods of mythology, Djinns, or multidimensional unknowns, history is replete with records of super intelligent beings interacting with the process of human development. 
  A Thousand and One Nights....
Aladdin and the CAVE of Tresures
   Desert Caves of Saudi Arabia :
Saudi Arabia, 'The Cave of Djinns' :  The dark cave of djinns remain off-limits.
Islam strongly believes in angels as good spiritual beings, and in djinns as evil spiritual beings. Notice that Allah's messages were sent to Mohammed via the angel Gabriel, who appears in the Old Testament (Daniel 8:16) and New Testament (Luke 1:11).
The Cave Hira in the Mount Hira in Mecca city of Saudi Arabia......pilgrims climb to the mount to enter the cave.     Before the Prophet Muhammad was charged with the prophethood by Allah  he would go for spiritual retreats to the cave in this mount.

Mohammed grew up and we find him marrying a rich 40-year-old widow when he was 25. he began to visit a cave outside Mecca, where he would meditate for weeks and months alone. One night, in the cave, he claimed to be visited by the angel Gabriel, who told him that Mohammed was a prophet of God. A voice was then heard, which Mohammed said was the voice of Allah, who was the local Moon god. Mohammed visited this cave repeatedly and heard the voice again. Mohammed then repeated what he heard as sermons to a growing group of followers. These sermons became the text of the Koran.

In 622 A.D., Mohammed made a key mistake. In Mecca since ancient times there was a building called the Kaaba. In this building was a meteorite. Also kept in the building were dozens of idols to many different gods. Mohammed proclaimed that Allah was the only god. He was then driven out of Mecca and fled for his life to the town of Medina. This is the Hijra, and the Islamic lunar calendar dates from that day.

In Medina, Mohammed attracted a large following. He then returned to Mecca as leader of a large group of "missionaries" (armed with swords) and conquered - eh - converted the populace that had previously chased him out.

 Out in the Blue and the collection of early Arabian photographs artfully displayed at thanks to Tim Barger, amazing son of one of those amazing geologists.
Islam has over three dozen sects. A few of the most interesting are discussed below:
  • Sunni - This is the dominant form of Islam. Sunni Moslems are found across North Africa, and in Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, UAE, Turkey, Central Asia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia. Sunni's are less intense than other sects and are seen as moderate, tolerant, peaceful people. Sunni Moslems countries are most likely to have secular governments.

  • Shia - This form of Islam is strong in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan. Shiites differ from Sunni in a dispute which occured early in Islamic history. A succession dispute resulted in the murder of one of the candidates. This caused the initial split and later on there were disputes over the interpretation of the Koran. Shias are seen as more radical, intense people, and are more likely to become militant to promote Islam.

  • Sufis - Sufis are a sect of Islam found in Pakistan, Iran, and India. Sufism emphasizes trance-like states and the mystical side of Islam.

  • Wahhabi - This is the dominant sect of Islam in Saudi Arabia. This sect is considered to be a conservative sect, with strict interpretation of Islamic legal principles. Wahhabi's are seen to be rather legalistic, but are straightforward and honest. However, they are rather intolerant of those who break their laws.
********************************In the NEWS :

Today, Islamic Countries can be roughly classified into four types of states:

  1. Secular : Secular Islamic countries include Indonesia, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, the Central Asian Republics, Iraq, Tunesia, Algeria, Mali, etc.
  2. Islamic Kingdoms : The Islamic kingdoms and Sheikdoms of Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Yemen, Morocco, etc. are ruled by generally pro-Western, but distinctly religious rulers.
  3. Radical Islamic Countries : Iran, Sudan, and until recently Afghanistan are countries where religion and government are combined with a dislike of the West. These countries are anti-Christian and anti-Western and are not safe places for Westerners or Christians.
  4. Minority Islam Countries : Several countries are known for having large or growing minority Islamic populations. Among these are India with over 100 million Moslems, China with an estimated 20 to 50 million Moslems, France with 5 million Moslems, the USA with 3-5 million Moslems, and Britain with 1-2 million Moslems. In these countries, the substantial Moslem populations create a political issue which will become more important over the next few years.

    It should be noted that Arabs represent a very small portion of Moslems worldwide. In fact, the countries which contain the most Moslems are Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, and Iran. Most American Moslems come from Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan.

****** You would do well to remember the above Info.

 Espionage, geopolitics, religion and fantasy....these are All mixed up into what is going on today.

  There ARE Sacred CAVERNS under North Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, IRAQ, Iran, Afghanistan, TIBET, ETC.

The JINN from the INNER EARTH, are Manipulating the Surface Population!   Compiled by J.B. III  



Dajjal, the Dark Messiah :

There are three aspects of Dajjal:

1. The individual

2. A world wide social and cultural phenomenon

3. An unseen force. 


Stargates, Ancient Rituals, And Those Invited Through The Portal (Pt. 7)

Metaphysical nonsense, or high-tech mechanisms built by "the gods"?

By Thomas Horn
author of
The Ahriman Gate :


Flying Serpent Gods Over Cities? 

Ahriman--enemy of Ahura Mazda. According to Persian religion, Ahriman was the Death-dealer--the powerful and self-existing evil spirit, from whom war and all other evils had their origin. He was the chief of the cacodaemons, or fallen angels, expelled from heaven for their sins. After their expulsion, the cacodaemons took up their abode in the space between heaven and earth and there established their domain called Ahriman-abad. From this location, the cacodaemons could intrude upon and attempt to corrupt humans below.

In Daniel, this same negative influence is described as "the prince of the kingdom of Persia (Iraq/Iran).

Babylon/Babel--means... the "Gate of the god".   * SOME GATES SHOULD NOT BE OPENED

The "lying wonders" of 2 Thessalonians are, according to one theory, end-time flying saucers that will be piloted by creatures who appear to be advanced humanoids but who are in fact evil supernaturalism on a quest to conquer and destroy the creation of God.

John Keel, who wrote UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse and other books on the subject, comes to the same conclusion: 'The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."