Sandia security managers recorded workers' calls
Wednesday, October 5, 2005

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - Federal investigators say Sandia National
Laboratories security managers routinely recorded telephone and
radio conversations of security workers at Sandia.
A U-S Department of Energy investigation has found that the
conversations were recorded for at least two years.
The Albuquerque Journal reports today in a copyright story that
conversations with people outside Sandia also were recorded without
their knowledge.
Investigators with the Office of Inspector General found no
national security justification for the recording.
The recording stopped in May after the office issued a formal
management alert to the lab.
A Sandia spokesman, John German, declines comment, saying
management is reviewing the report.
The following is from "Purple", who got it from "Bre: :

"(quote:) the absence of evidence will be made as important as the
evidence itself.   Raven : 
That is exactly how they will attack."

Bill and team members:

Pay attention to this quote. It's imperative you seek to prove what is
your chance opportunity. What you believe to be real and provable.
Pursue that and that only. There is no importance defending that what
is easily singled out as looking like a depicted hoax. Even when it
isn't. A misdirection used purposely to waste time, energy and money.
Endless arguing over nothing.

Let me share with you an experience that taught me more wisdom to the
disclosure opposition. How serious the chambers are shut to peeking

When I lived in Sonora, Calif., a friend of mine, living in Sonora at
the time, had a cousin (past tense) who lived in Albuquerque, New
Mexico. Harold, my friend worked at the dumps. An older and a very nice
man to meet. He mentioned to me one day about a problem he had with his
missing cousin and family. They all went missing over a weekend.

His cousin was a professional welder and was offered a job by a
government security employee. He was asked if he good handle working
with a top security clearance? He had stated he believed he'd have no
problem with that. He took the job.

Well, he had to drive about 20 miles outside of Albuquerque to a
rendezvous point where him and other hired workers would leave their
vehicles and run through a search routine that consisted of removing
any items from their possession, including the wick inside of lighters,
before there boarding a deuce and a half military truck with blacked
out canvas windows. This was an every day routine. He finally gave up
bringing along his lighter to work.  Well, everyone on board took about
a hour to a hour and half ride of winding roads that of which, of
course, was suspect as not really a necessary route but was used to
disorientate the workers inside from knowing where they headed.

Where they ended up was inside an underground Sandia mountain range
base with the largest hanger doors and a landing strip inside that
could support 3 jets abreast or a b-29. He said (the cousin) he had
never seen a landing strip that big before. Not even on land.

Well, it worked out for awhile... until, this cousin found some free
time and got curious about the base and some of the strange going on's
he became aware of. The cousin wondered into a restricted area and
witnessed something that disturbed greatly.

Harold took a vacation trip and wound up dropping by to visit his
cousin. Harold learned something was bothering him. The cousin had been
warned not to discuss what he had seen previously by the security that
became alerted of the cousins violation. Harold's cousin was afraid for
his family. During Harold's visit the cousin after being warned not to
talk about it, wanted Harold to advise him as to what he should do
about this thing that bothered him. He told Harold there were whole
colonies of people living inside this mountain range base and he
believed he had witnessed what people call 'alien' and 'UFO's' parked
in that restricted area. Harold suggested that since it was a good job
he had, paid well enough, it would be wise for him to keep his nose
clean and to try and forget about the matter that disturbed him. Harold
went back to Calif.

Too late, security was listening. The weekend that came up after Harold
went home, the cousin and family (I think he had 3 children) went to a
near-by lake park and enjoyed a weekend outing. They disappeared that
weekend. Car included.

Harold tried getting back to his cousin and found they couldn't be
reached. After awhile Harold became very worried about them and took a
trip back to New Mexico to find out what happened to them.

Police, of course, had been notified to their disappearance.

The investigators could find no record of Harold's cousin and family
ever having lived in the house they lived in. In fact, the police could
not uncover any information about the family even being a family. There
was no record of the children anywhere either.

All information about them had been carefully removed. Hard to believe?

Harold was upset when telling me about these events. He told me that in
a few months he'll be travelling back to Oklahoma to visit his Aunt,
his cousin's Mother. He wanted some answers.

When he came back from the Oklahoma trip, he gave me a call. We sat in
a Denny's restaurant in Sonora and talked about what he was able to
find on the disappearance of his cousin and family.  He was cautious
telling me. He said his Aunt at first denied knowing anything about it
and was unable to help. After awhile, of long, lengthily discussions,
she finally, felt the need to relinquish was she knew. She asked Harold
how much did he know? Harold told her. She said to him, since you know
that much, I'll tell you what I know...She said that he was ok and that
the family and cousin were living in the base or in another base. All
records of his existence and family had been erased and that she now
could never again acknowledge that she had had a son by that name. That
was her agreement to them to keep them safe.

She said her son dropped by once to let her know they were all right.
She said to Harold did you know these ships can travel into space in
seconds? Her son was now traveling into space aboard very fast ships.
She advised Harold to drop pursuing the case because these people
involved are a people you want nothing to do with. Their dangerous.

Harold at first wasn't inclined to tell me where this base was. He,
eventually, acknowledged where it was.

I made a mistake..I called Paul Benniwitz, of Albuquerque, and told him
what I knew, except who my contact was.

Paul said he had a good idea where the base was.

There had been a lot of reports of men in black and black helicopters
near this base.

Apparently, the phones were monitored.

Harold had been trying to get a hold of me over the weekend. He had
something serious to tell me.

We talked. He said he was being followed by a white Cadillac from work
one day and kept a close eye on it in the rear view mirror. In his
younger days he had an eagles eye for the highway patrol because he
liked racing and had a lead foot on the roadways.

He said while watching this car as he approached the Malone bridge, the
Cadillac behind him vanished off the highway. Blink.. it was gone. Like
he had seen a flash of light just before it disappeared. He said he
turned around and went back to where it happened, to make sure what
happened happened the way he thought he saw it...there were no turn
offs anywhere near by. He asked me what I thought happen to the car? I
told him something I learned from Paul.. there may have been an
hovering ship (invisible to our eye sight) above the car and teleported
it aboard. It was an exciting thing for him to see. He said later I'd
gotten a phone call by an unidentified person telling me I'd better
keep my mouth shut if I knew what was good for me.

Harold asked who this person was? and what are you talking about?

The person simply know what I'm talking about and if you
don't keep your mouth shut we'll make you and your wife disappear too.

He said I was the only one he had told this too. Harold was tracked.

I apologized to him for having talked about his cousin's demise over
the phone with Paul and then realized what a big mistake that was.

I adhered to my promise to him for years not to disclose where the base
was and some of the other tidbits of information to help keep Harold
and his wife safe. Not long after that threatening phone call Harold's
wife developed strange heart problems. They subsided had
always seemed to me and to Harold it was a warning, for the both of us,
to ensure that Harold and I keep from talking about his and his
cousin's experience.

I have Questions:

Why take a welder into space? Where did he go? The Moon? Mars? Colony
building. The Alternative three scenario. What has his and his family's
life become now for them? I guess we'll never know. I tell this story
because it too can never be proven. Never substantiated but hopefully,
never forgotten. You'll just have to take my word for it. All I ask is
let it help you build a better picture of how some things have been
dealt to us with attempting to disclose 'classified' projects
information. We're really up against a lot!!! These are reason's why
there are still 'many' more secrets out there yet to be uncovered. I
have a few.