Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 22:18:07 -0700
Subject: UNDERGROUND TUNNELS Under the Villa of Livia


Under the Villa of Livia

The Villa of Livia is situated on a tufa-plateau above the junction between the ancient Via Flaminia and Via Tiberina by the modern Romansuburb of Prima Porta approximately fifteen kilometres north of Rome.

This spot has been used for habitation and agriculture probably since the midddle of the first millennium B.C.

Below the Villa of Livia lies an intricate net of tunnels that ramifies in different directions. These have been cut through the easily worked tufa bedrock, known as cappellaccio, and reveals a system of, at some places, three different levels. Some apparently served as passage ways for the houshold personel, while some are cuniculi for the drainage, connected to outlets from the impluvium and other places. Due to heavy siltation and their moderate dimensions, many of these underground tunnels still awaits proper exploration.

The Department of Archaeology and Ancient History