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Ellora and the Ajanta caverns entrances to the Hollow Earth ?
   In the book, "The Hollow Earth" by Eric Norman
(aka Warren Smith; Brad Steiger and his real name before he change it.... Eugene Olsen)
He tells of an ancient legend among the Hindus of India that tells of a civilisation of immense beauty beneath central Asia.  Tunnel entrances are said to be in Ellora and the Ajanta in the Chandore Mountain range of India.
Ajanta Caves and the Cave Temples of Ellora
The caves of Ajanta,
located in the middle of a crescent valley in the Deccan Plateau, consists
of 30 rock-hewn Buddhist caves cut vertically in the volcanic basalt
rock from 200 BC - 200 AD.  The valley that contains Ajanta Caves, was not
discovered until 1819, when a British hunter happened upon it.
The Cave Temples of Ellora consists of 34
magnificent Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves, hewn out of the solid rock
of Charandari hill from 600 - 1000 AD.
 Open your Minds eye and SEE if you find CLUES in the PHOTOS at
 Outside cave 29, the
Bodhisattva Avalkteshwara, is
seated on the Lotus. The
stalk of the Lotus is being
held by the Naga people.
There is a legend, the nga were a reptilian race of beings. In Tibet, the nga was equated with the klu (pronounced lu), spirits that dwell in lakes or underground streams and guard treasure.
At the Ajanta Caves is an imahe of Lord Siva, sittingnext to his wife, Parvithy...behind him is the Seven-Headed Nga serpents LIKE those depicted in statues on Cambodian temples, such as Angkor Wat, (these represent the seven races within Nga society).
   Varuna, the Vedic god "Sky God" and god of the UNDERWORLD, is viewed as the King of the ngas. Ngas live in Ptla, the seventh of the "nether" dimensions or realms.
Side Note : In ancient times Mammals and Reptiles had a common ancestor. There are mammalian humanoids and Reptilian Humanoids(REPTOIDS).  The REPTOIDS are said to protect the 7 GATES (or Tunnel Entrances, inside the Earth), that lead to the HOLLOW EARTH.  It is said that the humans lacked the wisdom of the Naga people.  
Was There a War Between the Els (Human Giants) and The Reptilian Civilizations of Long Ago ? 
Some Believe that There was a conflict of this kind in Ancient Times which drove the Reptilian Civilization deep into the Inner Earth and into Space...Alpha Draconis.  This conflict or war was a
Species War between the Evadamic Seed and the "Serpent/Draconian" Seed.   Some believe that the Giants were closely allied with a race of Pre-Scandinavian Nordics who live within the Earth, in what is mythologically known as Agharti or 'Shambhala'.  The Giants are defined as 'Els' based on the mythed 'EL-der Race.  The "Sky God" Drac are said to be returning to their "home world"(EARTH) in 2012.
CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES - A legendary underground city, is said to lie below the Los Angeles Public Library and surrounding areas. Patterned after the shape of a lizard, the city is said to be connected to Mt. Shasta, and was built by an ancient REPTILIAN HUMANOID race.    Parts of the ancient city have become flooded. source: QUEST FOR THE LOST CITY, article by Sanford M. Cleveland in AMAZING STORIES magazine, July 1947; see also THE LIZARD PEOPLE UNDER LOS ANGELES
Reptilian-Sauroid vs Human
Conflict Locations :
Entrances to Subterranean Tunnels "Underground Alien Bases"