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On top of the Chuska mountains on the Navajo Reservation is a giant FAA radar that tracks all flying planes from Denver to San Diego. I visited the site 10 years ago and saw the radar screen.
As a child of the Cold War, my dad worked for the phone company and took me many times to Perrin AFB by Denison, TX. I am very familiar with radar and what it can do. The Chuska radar is so powerful that you can see cars and trucks on the highway between Shiprock and Gallup. Also, you can see cars and trucks on I-40 west of Gallup.
The phenomenon I witnessed is two very large, cigar shaped objects east of the Monti-LaSalle mountain, by Moab. The FAA employee told me that the anomoly was probably minerals reflecting the beams. When you consider all the mineralized deposits from Denver to San Diego that do not show up, I did not accept the answer given me. The scale of the shapes made them 2 miles wide by 20 miles long. I had cars and trucks as a refernce to my estimate of scale. A theory presented to me of late, is these are alien ships that were in another dimension and were waiting for something.
I have been to Nucla Colorado many times and studied the mountain through binoculars. I have not seen anything unusual, other than the east face of the mountain.
I have many freinds in Pagosa Springs and they have related stories of hunting on Archuleta mesa. They have seen stainless steel pipes sticking out of the ground in the middle of no where. They have been suprised by armed men in black, with black ski masks and were ordered to leave the area immediately.
None of my Jicarilla freinds have ever said anything about the UFO's or other occurances in or around their reservation. 
Just thought I would share my knowledge, since I discovered your site.
Tony J. Tucker