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Subject: Devil's Hole
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 11:43:34 -0700

I follow your work and Thank You for your bravery.  I have had a very interesting thing happen that I thought you may be interested in.  It may be nothing, but may be something so... 
I have prepared a sort of 'article' explaining what has occurred with me.  I DO have photos but NO SCANNER so I am presently looking for one so that I might show photos to those interested in seeing them...   Anyway, if you have a few moments and are so inclined, here is what happened:

Thursday, May 13, 2004 - 8:55 AM

Around the date of April 12, 2004, I made a decision to go to what is called Devil’s Hole national monument. This is located in Ash Meadows Wildlife Conservation Area in Pahrump Nevada. The General location is actually between Pahrump and Amargosa / Death Valley Junction California on what I know as Bell Vista Highway.

Devil’s Hole is the opening to a large underground cavern system which holds a very saline body of water. There are several openings to these caverns. The walls of the caverns are veined with calcite and the depth of the water is ’unknown’. What is known is that the water level seems to rise and fall with the ’tides’. Also, there lives within this body of water a very small fish called a Pup Fish. These fish do not appear anywhere else in the WORLD and are not only endangered but are presumed to be practically prehistoric. At least this is what is said about Devil’s Hole. It is said that two young boys once fell into the water and drowned there. Frogmen were sent into the water but the boys bodies were never found. It was said by the Frogmen that the water was so deep in places that they could not distinguish a bottom. Also that some areas were so deep that the water actually flowed downward!

The several openings to the caverns are enclosed by chain link fencing. The public is allowed to look through the fencing but not go beyond it. About 500 yards or so away from this main area, to the left, is another opening in which a steel cage of sorts has been welded together and placed over the opening. When you come upon the chain link you will notice that there have been great pains taken to ‘protect’ this entire area. One sees only a rather small sign stating that the area is protected because of the very rare Pup Fish which exists ONLY in this body of water. Or rather that this particular area of the water’s natural containment system is the actual breeding ground for these fishes. This same body of water flows and feeds this entire area all the way to Death Valley. Just about a mile from Devil’s Hole at another location in Ash Meadows there is a natural flowing brook of this same water. In this brook you see the endangered Pup Fish swimming freely. The only ’protection’ they have here is “NO SWIMMING” signs. There are no fences or other obvious means of protection.

There is obvious equipment installed on the side wall of the cavern. This is surely to gauge such as temperature, water levels etc. But there is also a telephone type pole with two small solar panels on top. At the rear of the chain link fencing area, which goes up a slope of sharp volcanic type rock, there is what has the appearance of a ‘cell phone’ tower or pole? The fencing is ‘barbed’ at the top and the ‘gate’ has a very strong, perhaps electronic, lock on it. You can readily see that a very large quantity of some sort of black electrical cord or flimsy cable is run from somewhere up the slope and lays in a sort of heap semi secluded behind a bush. This seems like entirely too much effort just to protect an endangered fish which swims freely ‘unprotected’ about a mile away. I have also seen these fish at Furnace Creek Ranch Resort down in Death Valley. They are not ‘protected’ in any way in that area either? If these fish are so very endangered than why are they not completely contained and ALL protected?

It is said among some in the Conspiracy Theory and even Spiritualist genre that this is much more than just the home of the endangered Pup Fish. It is said that this may very well be an ‘entrance’ to tunnels which are deep within the ground and may well be inhabited by those entities called ‘Reptilians’ and that this area is protected with the help of certain groups of Humans. Just supposition, of course. It is also said that many energy vortexes exist in the entire area. This is why I decided to purchase 35 mm film (Fuji 400 speed) and go with my Olympus SuperZoom 3000 camera to take photos of the area. I wanted to capture the many ‘protective’ measures that are in place for the Pup Fish as well as see if I could capture any possible energetic ‘anomalies’.

Upon arrival it is noticed that the actual ‘Hole’ is quite a way off of the road and you must hike up to it. I’d say it is about a block at most. I had my good ole hiking type boots, my thermos of water, a big straw hat and my camera on me. As I exited my old model Ford Explorer there were a couple of older individuals returning to their Truck which had an attached travel trailer. I greeted them by saying Hi and they politely responded. As I was walking up to the hole, they drove off, presumably making their way to the next ’site’ of the day. By the time I arrived at the hole itself I was alone there. I began snapping photos not only of the hole’s openings but also of some of the beautiful flowering cactus in the area. I walked all the way around the chain link enclosure which took me up a sharp jagged black rock slope. I snapped pictures at many angles. I than proceeded to the other opening which is to the left as your facing the chain link area. This is about 500 yards or so away. I stayed there also for awhile and snapped photos.

Up until this time I had been watching the horizon because I was now very much alone in the Desert. My cell phone was useless to me because the mountain range between Pahrump and Devil’s Hole blocked my reception entirely. I am somewhat fearless but not entirely. I, at last, felt as if I’d taken enough photos. I was beginning to feel antsy for some reason. As I looked over to see my Explorer which was about a block away, I noticed that a white recreational type truck had arrived suddenly and was parked just several hundred feet from my Explorer. I immediately located the largest, sharpest looking rock I could find and picked it up for possible protection. I kept my eye on this white truck as I made my way back to my Explorer. As I was nearing the bottom of the slope in which I was traversing, I saw a man who seemed to be of medium build wearing a white shirt and dark pants and wearing dark glasses. He was coming back to his truck. He seemed to have been around the Chain Link area. But I only saw him coming from that direction. He actually did not seem to have been that close to the hole at all. It felt as if he was just ‘following me’ back to my car. He almost seemed to be avoiding my glance, as if he wanted to appear nonchalant.

I was very unnerved because I had been watching the horizon off and on and had not noticed his arrival in the least. I noticed as I got close enough to this white truck that it had Forestry Tags, as if this man were a Park Ranger. As I arrived back at my Explorer I tossed the rock aside and jumped up into the vehicle seat. I placed the keys in the ignition and was ready to start up and get going. But I wanted to see what this man was going to do. I was actually being a smart aleck and I just sat there. I drank some water, looked at a book I had with me, stared off over the hills on the horizon. I just sat there to see what this other man was going to do. He had the door to the truck open but the windows were tinted so dark that I could not see him at all. I finally decided to pull out and leave the area. I watched in my rear view mirror and the white truck did not pull away until I was well on my way down the road. When it did pull off it went straight toward California which was the opposite way from my exit.

On Monday, May 10, 2004, I took 5 rolls of film in to Wal-Mart for 2 day developing. This film consisted of 4 rolls from one box of Fuji 400 speed film and one roll of a generic brand of 35 mm film. Yesterday, Wednesday May 12, 2004, I went to pick up the film to see what I had captured. The very first roll of film which was from the 4 pac of Fuji 400 speed film, was the roll in which I took the photos of Devil’s Hole. The first 2 photos taken on that roll of film were not taken at Devil’s Hole but were taken just up the road from my residence. The very first photo is of a big black Buzzard type of bird sitting on the ground. This photo is perfect. As the bird flew away I took another shot of it. On this photo can be seen an anomaly. There is the appearance of a pale orange type column of something on either side of the bird. The very next photos were taken at the Hole and most of them are exhibiting major anomalies. A bright red blotch, sometimes accompanied by yellow. A few of them, mind you, are perfect, but the rest are a mess! This is the ONLY roll of film with these anomalies. None of the other photos from the other rolls exhibit any anomalies at all.

I have been told by one person who has had some photography in College that this looks like the film may have been magnetized because there are a few photos that turned out perfectly. This is a very good possibility. But since I leave NOTHING to pure chance I find it extremely ODD that the only roll of film that has been thusly magnetized is the very roll in which I was attempting to possibly catch energetic anomalies on? I do not have a scanner to scan the photos but I will attempt to somehow get them online to show those who I might share this information with.

If interested I will try my best to show you copies of these photos. I have shown them to a couple of persons around the area here.  They find them odd.  I do not recall doing anything to have magnetized this film myself?

Have a great day and God Bless!!

Teri Hayes