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Subject: Damanhur's UNDERGROUND Halls
Damanhur's Underground Halls
Learn more about the UNDERGROUND TEMPLES :
The Temples of Humankind, built
in the heart of the mountain,
are a series of underground Halls
where art and beauty become a
means of communication with the
Divine.  The rooms are connected
to each other on different levels
in a pathway that is liked to the
journey that every human being
undertakes from birth to death
and again at rebirth: the Temples
of Humankind for those who enter
represent a real initiate path.

Excerpt :
                    In the Temples of Humankind every architectural element
                    and detail follows a precise code of form and proportions
                    according to an ancient language thousands of years old.
                    Every room is devoted to a specific magic function, and the
                    whole complex represents the application of 23 years of
                    spiritual search. The Temples are a three-dimensional book
                    that can be read by those with the knowledge to read it, just
                    like the Pyramids and the Gothic Cathedrals.

                    The Temples, built underground for over 18 years
                    supervised by artists and technical specialists - but initiated
                    without professional help - consist of different halls on six
                    different levels connected by hundreds of meters of

                    The space totals around 6.000 cubic meters and measures
                    70 meters from the highest point to the lowest . Formed
                    entirely by the Halls it is the equivalent of an eleven-storey

                    The work was carried out totally by hand, with picks and
                    shovels, the only mechanical tool used over the past few
                    years has been a pneumatic hammer. Digging inside the
                    mountain is synonymous with digging deep inside oneself.
                    Humanity has an important role to play, being part of both
                    the spirit and material worlds. Humanity is a bridge between
                    these different realities and the Temples are a bridge
                    between higher Forces and the Earth, the Earth and its
                    inhabitants and the inhabitants themselves, connected one
                    to another through the Synchronic Lines.

                    The group of artists who have created the interior
                    decorations of the Temples' structure have used many
                    techniques that were used widely in the past but have since
                    almost disappeared; such as mosaic in glass and stone,
                    cold and 'Grisaille' painted glass, Cathedral and colored
                    glass, fresco, wood inlay, embossed copper and sculpture
                    in marble and stone. The overall painted surface area
                    amounts to over 800 square meters, the mosaics cover over
                    450 square meters of walls and floors.

                    The Temples are an alchemical laboratory and a place for
                    meditation; they are a collective work, a metaphor for the
                    way in which Damanhur builds itself. The Temples contain
                    the elaboration of the symbols and the spiritual pathways of
                    every epoch and of all worlds. The Temples are a
                    demonstration of what can be realized by the creativity of a
                    human group animated by a common ideal.
On the walls of the HALL of WATER selfic schemes are painted
                  (Selfica is the study of the interaction between metals, spirals
                  and the energetic fields that encircle the Earth).
Photo :
                  The Hall is a genuine, authentic library, containing written texts in
                  twelve extremely ancient alphabets.  Serpent-dragons executed
                  in gold leaf indicate the flow of the Synchronic lines in the Hall.

Photo :

The BLUE ROOM :  In the carefully made mosaic there is
   hidden trap door that on opening descends and forms a staircase; the steps are
   covered in the same mosaic.

Photos taken in the EARTH TEMPLE :

Damanhur was founded by Oberto Airaudi (1950 -)
  in 1975.   It is
  "the largest communal group in the ancient
  wisdom-magical tradition."
Airaudi and his supporters purchased property in the
  Italian Alps, in a region of Piedmont less than 30
  miles north of the city of Turin.
* It was named
  Damanhur after an Egyptian city, located 100 miles
  "northwest of Cairo in the middle of the western
  Delta. It was once the site of the city of Tmn-Hor,
  dedicated to Horus."
Damanhur is a unique spiritual and religious
group whose beliefs are derived from several
ancient sources: Celtic Paganism, Celtic
Christianity, Egyptian and Greek Pagan religion.
Influences from Gnosticism, the New Age and
Theosophy are also present.
The community is said to have 850 members.
* Running the sand spiral.....
* ......the Rite of the Oracle,
   the first anniversary of the
   completion of the Triad Operation
   and the anniversary of the
   re-awakening of the Goddess.
One of the
goals of Damanhur is to help individuals return to
what they call the original "subtler" pre-fall state.

In common with many New Age and occultic believers,
they regard the earth as a living entity. They believe
that a series of synchronic lines traverse its surface.
The community located their site at what they believe
is a point of convergence of three such lines. These
"rivers of energy surround the earth and link it to
the universe."

They believe that a major ecological disaster may
occur in the near future. They view one of their
major tasks as attempting to reintegrate the Earth
and prevent the catastrophe.
Citizens abandon the use of their family names and adopt two
new names when they join the community. The first is the name
of an animal species, the second is of a plant.

Unique to Damanhur is "selfic"
science -- the study of spiral-like forms.

TIME TRAVELER :....the THEORY OF TIME according to the Esoteric Physics elaborated by Damanhur's Philosophical School, is based upon the teachings of Oberto Airaudi.

Esoteric Physics contemplates and explains how time and space travel is possible.

The underground Temple of Man:

  This is a unique underground building carved out of solid
rock inside a small mountain.
                     Its existence only became known
to the outside world in 1992, after a disgruntled leader,
Filippo Cerutti, sued the community. After an investigation,
the City of Vidracco ordered the destruction of the temple.
It had been constructed without building permits, and was in
violation of various zoning regulations. However, public
opinion and support from cultural and scientific sources has
stalled the enforcement of the order. The community has
since resumed construction, and expects to continue for
decades into the future. [...]


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Quote: "... [C]oncept of Complexity to link it to
       that of temporal sea. Complexity normally
       grows in a past/future direction. Inside
       whirlpools, vortexes, loops and all anomalous
       areas, though, periods of great complexity
       can develop, even if they are in points of
       time which are past for us. In the past there
       can therefore be civilizations more evolved
       than ours, moments in which Humanity has
       reached high peaks in the arts, sciences,
       technology and spirituality."

Sounds like they derived some notions during their
visit with David Deutsch 7 years ago in London...
what they call the "Temporal Sea" could parallel
Deutsch's Many Worlds' Multiverse:
Excerpt from :


                 Also in the case of time travel with the consciousness, the Temponaut, after months
                 of intense preparation, enters the Cabin and concentrates on his/her mission.

                 Outside the Cabin the operators turn on all the complex travel and control devices.
                 After a while, a Time Door appears in front of the Temponaut. Usually it looks like a
                 jagged window of light on another reality.

                 The Temponaut, following the instructions received during the training, goes beyond
                 the window with his/her thoughts and will and finds him/herself at another point in the
                 fabric of time. In this case, however, in order to move the Temponaut needs to use
                 the body of a living being of the time in which he/she has arrived. The Temponaut's
                 consciousness aligns with that of the person in whom he/she has to 'enter' and for a
                 short period of time there are two in the same body.
* Consciousness can be transferred not only inside other human beings, but also
                  inside animals: so it becomes possible to see through the eyes of a hawk, to hear
                  with the hearing of a fox, to smell with the senses of a dog.

All above info THANKS to "MT".

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