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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 18:19:20 -0600

Dear Alan- hope you are well and not suffering with the nasty croup !!!
Thanks for your quick reply, - I will keep in touch with you regarding the exploration and research that
I am doing about the Burley -Idaho mystery shaft.
As I mentioned I have done  considerable research on this shaft and I hope to begin
exploring the area in May 2004.
The information which I have been able to collect off the internet so far is apparently true and correct.
I know the location of the sealed entrance.
My daughter and friends of hers followed my directions on the phone when I
called them from Omaha and got fairly close to the location.
Once there a person whom they asked had heard of the shaft and gave them further directions.
They found the buried entrance. My daughter told me on the phone, that they found a good sized circle
of small metal plates with strange inscriptions  inserted in the ground where the bulldozers had
closed the entrance. ( presumably above the entrance ).
I know the name and have the adress of the brother of the man that sent the article to the Amazing Stories
magazine in 1947. He told my daughter that his brother had written the article and had once found an old
watch in the shaft which he had given to him before he ended up dead.
He said noone knew how his brother had been killed  at the time.
He knew that his brother had been warned off by somebody to cease further investigation of the shaft.
My daughter and her friends arrived at the buried entrance at twilight and it was cold  and they had to leave
after a short look-around. She said the place is in the middle of nowhere in a depression in the sand and sagebrush
about 6 miles from Burley on the way to Milner Dam.
Why would the BLM go to the trouble to seal the entrance so far from human habitation,- this has me
wondering ??
She also described the creepy , spooked feelings they all felt near the sealed entrance and she assured me that they all heard
a very muted  distant sound of some sort of engine running somewhere and they all thought  it appeared to
seep up from below somewhere.
They left shortly thereafter and she said they will only help me explore the place in the daylight, that is if I can
somehow dig my way in?
The Wind  caves which are mentioned in one of the articles that I printed off are apparently 14 miles or so
away from this strange underground shaft.
I have other information as well but  will use that when I get there in the spring.
Your idea of GPR sounds great, except  for the fact that I dont have this type of equipment or acces to it.
If you know of anything else or hear something please let me know, I will certainly keep in touch with you.
Any sort of help you or your friends might be able to offer is of course greatly appreciated.
Take care of yourself
Carl  J Steiger
11617 South,35 th St
Bellevue ,NE 68123   
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Hi Carl;
I am sorry, but what I wrote on the Burley, Idaho shaft is ablut all of the info I have on it.  I would suggest maybe using GPR (Ground Penatrating Rader) to trace the tunnels, if possible.  I really would like to hear from you, though, if anything new turns up about this.
Please check out my website (below).
Take care;

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Hello- I enjoyed browsing your site. Do you have anymore information
or can you tell me where I could find more information on the anomalous
underground structure near Burley,Idaho ???
I have done considerable research on this supposed airshaft and have even found the
entrance to it. The entrance has been bulldozed shut supposedly by the BLM ( Bureau of Landmanagement)
I have talked to the surviving brother of the man who sent the original article to the Amazing Stories magazine in 1947.
He had some information on the tunnel  and had even gone into it a short way.
Local people have  heard of the place but had not much helpful information.
They claim the tunnel has been closed by the BLM. They in turn know nothing of it ???
Asides from the oft quoted article not much information  has  surfaced.
Do you have any leads or maybe an organization who I could contact ??
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you