Bonne Terre, Missouri, is home to the World's Largest Underground Lake. The Bonne Terre Lead Mine (1867-1962) is the actual home to the lake. The Mine lies 365 feet below the town, and it's tunnels, caverns, and yes, the lake snake it's way under most of the small town itself. The Underground Lake is remarkably clear, with 100 feet plus visibility, and remains a constant 58 degrees, while the mine stays at 62 degrees. There is approximately 80 sq. miles for the 5 levels of the mine, and 17 miles of underground shoreline. The Underground Lake is a popular attraction to scuba divers who say it is "truly a remarkable and unusual place to dive, offering new experiences even for the been there done that diver."     Submitted by "A Loyal Citizen of the Small Town of Bonne Terre" (10-2002)