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Bob Quotes!!

These are some quotes from the mouth of the most fab Bob Moffatt!!

"Actually, Scott, Clint, and I, we all play the guitar. We are freaks on the guitar. As a matter of fact, I'm the BEST guitar player!"

"Just give me the camera. Hand it over and nobody gets hurt."

"I rrrock! Am I cool? Cooler than him?"

"It's only in the other's eyes that we're famous and we don't see ourselves as stars. Stars only come out at night."

"My brother was supposed to help me back up, but instead the moron dropped his microphone on my head." About Scott from Moffatt Madness.

"Yeah baby!"

"You'll usually see Dave walking with the grandmas. That's his speed."

"That's why we're so smart about sports!" Moffatt Madness

"We think our brother, Clint sings great country. He sounds a lot like George Strait.... on helium!!"

"I think I like girl that have a good personality and if they're a Dallas Cowboys fan, that's a bonus!"

"I am more intelectual than you, and I'm smarter.... cause I'm younger!" to Scott

"We were singing, but it wasn't on key." About when they were younger.

"Well...if I have to."

"It's dead, it's dead, it's really really dead!"


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