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World Of Rannma 1/2

What is Ranma 1/2?

One day, Soun Tendo calls his three daughters in and tells them that one of the three sisters is going to be ‘iinazuke’ or fiancee to Ranma, the son of his best friend. Soun faints when Ranma arrives and turns out to be a ‘girl’. It soon turns out that Ranma is really a boy, but has a curse where he turns to a girl when cold water is splashed on him. Hot water, in the mean time, returns him to normal. Nabiki and Kasumi immediately elect Akane as iinazuke because "she hates boys and Ranma is only half a boy." Ranma, for his part does not like Akane because she's violent and uncute. Akane is miffed at Ranma when he beat her in martial-arts (Ranma was a girl then) and shows her feelings by crushing Ranma with a table. A wonderful start to a beautiful relationship...

Where did it originate?

Ranma 1/2 started off as a t.v. series airing in japan in 1992. Before that it was introduced to them as manga (japenese word for comics) before the series. So far there are 3 series of Ranma 1/2. The first series has a lot of emphasis on the appearance of characters and sort of stories based on "how I came to be...." (If anyone could help me out with this part, I myself haven't seen much of the first series yet, e-mail me). The second along with the third series is more confusing to new viewers. It can be a turn off, since most people haven't seen the first series (me, for instance) and and are having trouble what is going on. As usual, new characters are introduced and it just keeps getting more confusing. For more info about characters click on one of the links on the other frame.

Ranma 1/2 is one of the most popular anime series around right now. It has great turnout with the viewers in Japan and America. Even though US viewers can only purchase video tapes, (topping over 56 episodes now!!!), it's still going to be #1 on the charts.

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