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The Good Guys

This is my Chrono Trigger Good Guys Photo Gallary

Here's the Team (in order of appearance)

Crono - The hero of this game. An excellent swordsman with control of lightning magic.

.Marle - Really Princess Nadia, Marle escapes from the castle for a day of fun. She bumps into Crono and then starts a beautiful relationship. She is an archer, skilled with a crossbow and controls ice and recovery magics.

.Lucca - Inventor and close friend of Crono. Her telepod machines starts this whole mess. She uses a gun and fire magic.

.Frog - A valiant knight named Glenn was turned into a frog by the evil Magus. Frog is the protector of Queen Leene. He is also out to revenge Cyrus' death in the hands of Magus. He is a swordsman with control of water.

Robo - A robot found in the Proto Dome in 2300 A.D., R-66Y (Robo) becomes a trusted ally, skilled with special arms and techs. He cannot use magic since he has no soul, but his laser weapons do shadow type magic damage.

Ayla - A cavewoman from the prehistoric era. She is the leader of a tribe who is fighting the reptites. She uses her fists but no magic, since she was born before magic.

Magus - In 12000 B.C., a catastrophic incident send the Three Gurus and a small boy named Janus into the future. Janus is found by Ozzie and becomes the evil Magus. He will become your ally if you let him. He is skilled with a scythe and uses powerful shadow magic.

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