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Join "the Footsoldiers"

"The Footsoldiers" is a free club (not a clan) where its members get free stuff. New members get a free T-shirt and dog tag, and you can get more free stuff if you choose to recruit new members (like me). Why is this club free? It's just another way for HEAT to advertise, and show people just how cool it is!

tswhite.jpg (3508 bytes)     <---back of the T-shirt (sorry for the low resolution)

To get your free T-shirt and dog tag, follow these instructions: (Please press CTRL + D to bookmark this site)


Step 1 (If you are already registered with HEAT, skip this step)

Register for HEAT here:

After you register, you'll have a username (Example: ElvenPrince)


Step 2

Compose an E-mail to including the following:

Your HEAT username

Your real name

Your mailing address

Mention that ElvenPrince recruited you.




Subject: Joining footsoldiers


my Heat username is: Ogre23

my Real name is: John Doe

my Address is: 35 Dixon Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 5H2, Canada

ElvenPrince recruited me!

If you don't have an E-mail account, get one for free here:

That's it! Your free T-shirt and dog tag will arrive by UPS within a week or two. All you should do in return is spread the word about HEAT!

Examples of other stuff you can earn for free in the Footsoldiers:

Special combat headgear, a Footsoldier's medal, a personalized ID bracelet, two free SegaSoft games, an official HEAT sweatshirt, a HEAT watch, Captain's Bars, a HEAT key chain, a free game from the Black Market, a HEAT Footsoldiers backpack, Major cluster pins, a HEAT calculator, a Colonel's embroidered field jacket decorated with Colonel Bird pins, a HEAT Footsoldiers mousepad, a HEAT bomber jacket with General stars on the collar, free SegaSoft games for the rest of your life, vacations, paintball, and a whole lot more!

Visit the official footsoldiers site