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"As the Tiger we are strong, as the lepard we are fast, as the dragon we are flexible, as the snake we are cunning, as the crane we are agile, and as the elf we are all of these, we will stand with our brothers and sisters, destroy the forces of evil"

--- notice, by popular demand the clan has seperated into three houses, tryouts for the leaders of those houses will be on the night of August 25-26 at 11 pm pacific, 12 midnight moutain standard, 1 am. centeral , 2 am, east coast , if you can't be their this time you can challenge the leaders ONCE for their leadership. Also we will be having ranks with tornaments in our clan later, thank you ---
WE NEED PICTURES OF ELVES please send them to me here or send them to me via ICQ, my number is; 16102033, thanks a lot.
Each house will have their own section on the clan page when they have leaders

"The Elves of Shannara"

"The Elves of Quel'thalas"

"The Elves of Arborlon"

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